Grandmother Took Her For a Radical Haircut Without Mom’s Permission And Won’t Even Apologize

In search of advice, one mother reached out to a parenting forum after her mother-in-law took her teenage daughter for a radical haircut.

Broken Trust

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She had trusted her mother-in-law’s judgment to help the girl make good choices. Instead, the older woman allowed the teenager to pick out a “highly unsuitable” haircut that sent the mother into a spiral of worry.

With Grandma

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While staying with her grandparents for a week during summer break, the 15-year-old girl went to the hairdressers with her grandma.

Weird Haircut

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The teenager then requested a haircut that the mother could only later describe as a mullet, allegedly “shaved right up the sides, very short on top and thick in the back.”

School Is Starting Soon

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The mother’s real issue with the mullet—aside from its polarizing appearance—was that her teenage daughter starts school in September.

Fear Of Bullying

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“Not only is the hair highly unsuitable for school, I am hugely concerned she will be bullied for it, and her hair grows very slowly,” the mother fretted in her post. 

Mom Was Furious

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Although the mother expressed disappointment in her daughter for “not having the sense to choose something more sensible”, she described feeling “furious” with her husband’s parents for not preventing the haircut in the first place.

They Should Be In Charge

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“In my opinion, it’s literally a 15-year-old’s job to make stupid decisions,” the mother reasoned.

“But in my absence, surely it’s their [job] to stop her from doing so—not actively facilitate it by taking her to the hairdressers and paying for it.”

There Was No Apology

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Moreover, as a further insult to the upset mother, the grandmother had not reached out to apologize for the current predicament—a situation that she directly enabled. 

“Apparently, my husband told her [the mother-in-law] to give me time to calm down,” the mother shared.

Mom Feels Disrespected

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“The longer it has gone on, the more I am feeling disrespected, and at the point where I no longer feel [that] I can make a logical decision.”

Seeking Help And Advice

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Conflicted, she ventured to the Internet to ask: “I don’t know what to do. I have my own thoughts, but am curious [as to] what you’d all do?”

Unanimous Response

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In the comment section, the response to the mother was almost unanimous: her 15-year-old was definitely old enough to get a mullet if she pleased.

Whether the grandmother had crossed a boundary was debatable, but an overwhelming majority of users expressed their support for the daughter.

Commenters’ Opinions

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“At 15, I feel your daughter should be allowed to make her own decisions about her hair. This isn’t worth a battle. Not with anyone,” advised one commenter.

Is It Breaking School Policies?

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Another user wondered if the haircut broke any school policies… And if not, what was the harm?

They wrote: “I thought you were going to say she was a toddler. She’s 15! She can decide what she likes about her hair, and as long as it doesn’t break any school rules, where’s the harm? It’s not a wacky color.”

She’s Old Enough

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“I’d be cross at [your mother-in-law], and she should apologize for having stepped over your boundary.

However, [your daughter] is old enough to have weighed up whether she’ll be teased or not and to have her own style (even if her parents hate it, lol),” interjected a fellow parent, who also suggested the teenager was strategic in her timing,

“She maybe badgered your mother-in-law for it, because she knew that your mother-in-law would support her style choice.”

The Thing About Mullets

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Until recently, mullets were synonymous in pop culture with the 1980s. Popularized by musicians, actors, and athletes alike, the controversial hairstyle was seen on famous faces such as David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Billy Ray Cyrus, Andre Agassi, John Stamos, and even Ellen DeGeneres. 

Mullet Comeback

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However, during the dark days of the COVID-19 lockdown, the mullet experienced a surprising comeback among today’s teenagers.

The online craze for the haircut prompted i-D magazine to proclaim: “2020 is the year of the mullet.”

Internet’s Influence

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The mullet’s increasing popularity may be attributed to the trend of DIY haircuts throughout quarantine, as well as its prevalence among TikTok users—a video-sharing social media platform popular among teens and young adults.

Teenage Hairdos

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Many commenters agreed terrible hairdos were just a teenage rite of passage.

“I went to the hairdresser’s by myself at 15 and came out with pink and black hair…” recalled another user.

“It’s just a thing. Never understand why people get so upset about haircuts, it does grow back.”

Take It Lightly

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“Take lots of pictures and try to laugh it off,” wisely counseled one user. “She’ll be mortified in a few years’ time.”

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