Groom Publicly Humiliated Bride On Wedding Day, Having Her Debate Divorce Hours Later

Most girls have dreamt of a sparkling wedding day when true love is memorialized, and everything is perfect. The reality for one bride has been drastically different.

It Was A Great Walk Down The Aisle

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When this unnamed bride walked down the aisle to her now-husband, everything was as it should be.

Hours later, midway through the reception dinner, she was thinking of divorce.

An Immature Groom: Endearing or Alarming?

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Introducing her post by saying that she and her husband had been together for three years, the bride then told her audience that yes, at rare times, he had shown signs of immaturity or selfishness. 

An Immature Groom: Endearing or Alarming?

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“These problems arose when those stupid cake-smashing videos got popular,” she wrote, saying that her husband found the videos hilarious. “I’ve never thought they were funny,” she said. “He knows that.”

A Bad History of Cake Smashing

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The bride continued to explain that she had a bad experience when it came to cake smashing.

“My 17th birthday,” she recollects, “I pleaded with my mom to not do it. She promised and I trusted her. I had my hair and makeup done up all nice and right as I blew out my candles, my mom pushed my head into the cake and one of the decorations on the cake ended up slicing my forehead.”

The Bride Wasn’t Taken Seriously

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The bride says her husband knew this story. “I told him if he ever did something like that to me I’d leave him. He started laughing but I was being for real.” She continues, saying he wasn’t really taking her seriously. 

The Wedding Day Was Perfect…To Start

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She moves forward to her wedding day. “Everything was perfect, I was happy, he was happy.” Ideal, right? The bride says that she felt like a princess in her expensive dress and makeup.

Where It All Went Wrong

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“We get to the cake-cutting part and as I turn to him, he scoops up a huge chunk of our wedding cake and smashes it all over my face.”

In response, the bride explains that her new husband laughed at her, saying “you should see your face,” before laughing again along with their guests.

A Cinderella Situation

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The bride made an immediate decision, leaving her own wedding, whereupon she packed a bag at home and went to a hotel.

“My family and his family have been blowing up my phone for days,” she writes, explaining that they are calling her ‘childish’ for her actions. 

Was She Just Being ‘Emotional?’

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“My husband has been calling me off the hook telling me to please come home, and he wants to talk.”

The bride admits that her husband says he’s sorry, though he caveats his apology by saying he didn’t think she’d get so ‘emotional.’

Responses Are Positive

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Though the bride’s original post has been removed, recaps have sprouted online with no shortage of supportive commenters. 

“Poor girl,” one person said, “I hope she finds a caring man who wouldn’t dream of embarrassing her like that.” Another reply said, “You go, girl, you deserve better!”

Groom Has Track Record of Selfishness

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The bride continued in her post, describing her new husband’s faults, including that she had been required to cook second dinners for him before because he would not eat her first attempt.

“He cheated on me,” she also noted, a fact that had readers seething. 

Abuse Can Blind a Victim

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“How did she not know she was being abused?” Asked one commenter, with others saying, “You can’t see properly when it’s happening to you.”

Another person said, “The stuff from her mom is so illuminating; no wonder she didn’t see the red flags on this guy; she’s been living with red flags her whole life.”

A Difference Between Immaturity and Abuse

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Most commenters believed the groom’s behavior was unacceptable, many claiming it was abusive.

Though some discussed the justification of an immature sense of humor, others refuted that this was such a case.

“Farts and butts are funny,” one commenter said, “publicly humiliating my wife is not.”

Moving On For the Better

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Since her original post, the bride has updated the internet with a final – satisfying – conclusion. 

“I’m leaving him,” she wrote, explaining that she was going no contact with both her own family and his.

Moving On For the Better

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“I think I’ll try therapy,” she writes, “and wait a few years before attempting to date anybody.”

Until then, the internet bride is calling quits on her old life, explaining how she plans to collect her things and go it alone. 

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