Have a Great Weekend or Have a Nice Weekend?

No matter if you have plans to have a quiet weekend at home, or if you’re looking forward to spending the next few days with friends and family, have a great time!

The standard phrase people use for wishing someone have a nice weekend is “have a nice weekend.”

However, “have a great weekend” is also an acceptable form of wishing someone have a nice weekend.

Have a great time” is another phrase that can be used to wish someone have a great or nice weekend.

So it’s certainly possible to say have a great/good time and have a nice/great/good weekend interchangeably.

Alternative Ways to Say Have a Great Weekend

“Have a good time” is generally used for shorter periods of time. For example, “have a good time tonight” or “have a nice time” can be used if you want to wish someone enjoys a certain event.

“Have a great/fantastic/wonderful weekend” can be used to wish someone have a wonderful weekend.

In addition, “have fun” might be more appropriate to use when wishing someone have a great weekend.

Thus “have a great weekend” or “have a nice weekend” is correct when wishing someone well for the weekend.

How to Wish Someone a Great Weekend

The following are some nice alternatives to say have a great weekend, have a nice weekend. You might wish someone a great weekend on a Friday afternoon via text message or in-person:

  • “Sounds like you have lovely plans for the weekend–have fun and enjoy it.”
  • “Have a lovely weekend! Just have fun and have a good time.”
  • “I hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead.”
  • “Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll see you first thing on Monday.”
  • “Enjoy this weekend–catch up on your sleep. You worked hard this week!”
  • Put the screens aside this weekend and get some fresh air! I heard it is going to be good weather!”
  • “Have a nice weekend, my friend! Great to get the break.”
  • “Have a great weekend. Take some time to enjoy yourself. You deserve it!”
  • “Enjoy your weekend. It’s a break from the day-to-day, have fun!”
  • “Have a great weekend–I hope you have some relaxing time.”
  • “Hope you have a relaxing weekend!”

Have a Great Weekend Reply

You might respond to the “have a great weekend” wishes like this:

  • “Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!”
  • “Have a great weekend as well.”
  • “Same to you.”
  • “Have a terrific Friday and have a great weekend!”
  • “Hope you have an awesome Saturday and Sunday too.”
  • “I hope you have a lovely weekend.”
  • “Have a wonderful time tomorrow.”
  • “Thank you, you as well.”
  • “Have a great weekend also.”
  • “Enjoy the weekend!”
  • “Hope you have fun this weekend.”
  • “I wish you the same!”
  • “Have a great weekend ahead too.”
  • “You too. Have a great weekend!”
  • “Wishing you have an awesome day tomorrow, have a great time on the weekend.”
  • “Thank you, and have a good weekend.”
Have a Great Weekend

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I say “have a great weekend” in a business email?

Yes, “have a great weekend” is fine to use in an email at the very end of a conversation. It’s a way of letting the person know you don’t need them for anything else and you are wishing them well for the weekend to come.

Which is correct- have a great weekend everyone or everybody?

You can say everyone or everybody, both words can be used interchangeably. Most people think that “everybody” is less formal than “everyone” which you might want to keep in mind before you use one of these phrases.

Is it ok to say “have a great weekend ahead?”

Yes, have a great weekend ahead is correct. Ahead is an unnecessary word, therefore you don’t have to include it in your speech if you don’t want to. “Ahead” just means the upcoming weekend.

Have a great weekend too or have a great weekend to?

We say “have a great weekend too” or “have a great weekend to you too!” We can alternatively say “as well” instead of “too.”

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Have a Great Weekend in Other Languages

The phrase “have a great weekend” in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Japanese:

Spanish¡ Qué tengas un gran fin de semana! 
FrenchBon Weekend
ItalianBuon fine settimana
GermanSchönes Wochenende!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

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