He Ruined His High School Teacher’s Career and Got Her Fired in the Greatest Way Possible

A poster on the r/ProRevenge subreddit tells a story called “The time I ruined my high school teacher’s career and got her fired in the greatest way possible.” Names are changed for the purposes of this story.

John, our protagonist and the original poster (OP), had endured a long year of feeling powerless under Mrs. Franks’ critical gaze in his high school class; she’d routinely humiliate him in front of everyone else, making him feel inadequate.

John was a fairly average high school senior student. He averaged a C grade in every class and admitted he wasn’t the brightest student in his year. However, he never got in trouble and had a good record with every teacher except Ms. Franks.

Ms. Franks was a teacher at the school for more than ten years and was known among the students for her petty belittling behavior. She taught algebra which John struggled to understand, as it was his worst subject. John asked questions frequently to ensure he understood what was going on in the lesson.

Most of the time, when someone asks a seemingly silly question, it is disregarded; however, in Mrs. Franks’s classroom, he was made to feel embarrassed and belittled by her words such as “And here comes the slow boy again,” “wow surprise surprise you don’t understand it again,” or “We have to go extra slow for you today don’t we?”

Whenever he asked questions, she would make him feel like an inferior presence compared to everyone else.

John tried going to the administration to complain about the problem, but his words fell on deaf ears. She was the perfect model teacher, according to the administration, the “golden child” who couldn’t do anything wrong.

Nevertheless, they sent someone in to inspect the class and ensure everything was going ok. Mrs. Franks showed kindness and respect that day, only to revert back to her old behavior the next. This went on for about half a year until John had enough.

Determined to vindicate himself, John visited the local radioshack and purchased a recorder. Once in class, he then proceeded to capture Mrs. Franks’s verbal assaults clandestinely— sometimes even provoking her in order to get recordings of her indignant outbursts —allowing him to have evidence of his mistreatment.

One vivid memory that etched John’s mind occurred when he asked Mrs. Frank his final question at the end of the year. Her response was: “I’ve been teaching here for over ten years, and that was the single dumbest question I’ve ever heard come from anyone’s mouth.”

She continued the lesson as if nothing had ever happened. In a composed manner, John packed up his things and walked out of the class towards the nurse’s office; since he was already 18 years old, dismissing himself from school became an option.

John went home and got to work. He compiled all the terrible recordings into one tape and handed it to the administration the next day.

The principal listened to it briefly before stopping it moments later. He wanted to have more witnesses present. They agreed to meet the following day so he could show Mrs. Franks, along with the rest of the administrators, the tape.

John felt extremely nervous showing up the next day of school. As he opened the door to school and stepped into the hallway, his heart raced with more nervousness than ever before.

His feet carried him towards my destination— an office filled with board directors, a police officer, a principal, a vice-principal, and Mrs. Franks awaiting his arrival.

What ensued were several of the most memorable minutes John had ever experienced. The administrators present visibly went from bored at being in another fruitless meeting to outraged and speechless; jaws dropped with disbelief.

Mrs. Frank, who had entered the room with an aura of assurance and superiority, was now clearly in a state of distress.

When the tape ended, the administrators looked around in shock, and the principal immediately turned to John and said: “I think we have heard everything we need to; thank you.” John was quietly dismissed from the room.

John looked at Mrs. Frank one final time as he left the room. He gave her a wicked smile while she looked back at him, tears in her eyes.

Mrs. Franks was dismissed from her job, and the students quickly realized she had been removed as a teacher. John became a hero and felt great satisfaction after successfully ending her teaching career. She no longer had any power over him.

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Reactions From Social Media

The comments on the story had mixed opinions.

“Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them,” one user said.

“That’s a great presence of mind for an 18 year old. I would probably have sworn about her and my friends and gone on with my day. Kudos to you!” another said.

“Good on you. Clearly, she wasn’t going to learn any other way,” one user said.

“I doubt she learned this way. She probably is still blaming all her problems “on that stupid kid for getting me unjustly fired. After all, I did to try and help him,” someone replied.

“This is kind of extreme. There are already enough reasons to not want to be a teacher,” another user commented.

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Technology Planet
Technology Planet
10 months ago

Wow… Amazing this article

T Jones
T Jones
10 months ago

As having been the object of teacher bullying, I’m glad this student was able give this woman her comeuppance.
But the picture and the lead in are cheap click bait.
The picture indicates this was a racially motivated incident against this student. A white woman appearantly screaming at a child of color. One has to read the whole story to see that race had nothing to do with the teacher’s bullying towards the student. It doesnt even mention the race of the teacher or the student. Furthermore, the picture does not show a high-school student. That kid is obviously not of high-school age.
Shame on you for this dishonesty just to get readership.