Wife Reveals “Crazy” College Story Leaving Boyfriend Very Upset and Regretful When He Heard It

Universities usually get depicted in media as the epicenter of debauchery. Movies and television shows glorify crazy parties, underage drinking, and questionable relationships. Perhaps it can be taken too far?

The College Experience

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To varying degrees, these are all part of the experience—the result of throwing a bunch of young people together with minimal supervision. What happens when wild college stories bleed into married life? One man posted how he learned the hard way that some things should remain in the past.

They Met With Some Friends

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The original poster (OP) hosted a hangout with his wife and a few of their friends. The group was having a good time, joking with each other, and sharing stories of their past.

Having a Laugh

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One of the attendees was a former university friend of his wife. The friend, named Sarah, asked him if he’d heard a particular college story. “Has your wife ever told you about how she made two guys have a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) match?”

His Wife Did Not Want to Tell The Story

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OP’s wife immediately tried to shut the story down. “OMG, shut up!” she said. Sarah and the wife went back and forth; Sarah argued in favor of the story, while OP’s wife argued the opposite.

When OP chimed in, saying he wanted to hear it, his wife attempted again to dissuade him. She told OP, “it’s so dumb,” and warned him he would hate it.

He Wanted to Know More

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“I’m too curious at this point,” OP told users. He insisted his wife share the story. Sighing, his wife gave up and agreed to tell him. Here’s where things got dicey for OP.

Two Men Fought For Her Attention at a Party

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His wife told him it took place at a party. Throughout the evening, two men were “hitting on [her] hard.” The two men slowly became competitive as the night progressed. The wife described their behavior as aggressive towards one another.

At one point during the party, OP’s wife had declared boldly that if the two men fought one on one, she would go home with the winner.

They Were Getting Great Enjoyment From The Story

spilling the tea gossip

The present-day friend group found this hilarious. They started howling with laughter, but OP felt uncomfortable. Sarah, who OP described as a “dumba–” due to his rising irritation, said, “Don’t forget to tell him how you made them fight in their underwear, hahaha!”

He Was Not Expected Such a Ridiculous Story

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OP was shocked and appalled. He asked his wife if she actually went through with her part of the deal. “You mean did I sleep with the winner?”

The wife clarified, “Yes, to be honest.” Upon seeing how stunned her husband was, she reminded him that he had begged to hear the story. She had been reluctant and warned him he wouldn’t like it.

I Can’t Believe You Would Do This…

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Back at home that evening, OP told his wife how disappointed he was in her. “That was a gross story, and she shouldn’t be laughing about it or telling anybody,” he told her.

The Couple Began to Argue

annoyed couple

Once again, she repeated that OP had wanted to hear the story. He replied that he had expected a “normal crazy college story. Not… whatever the f— that was.”

The couple argued about it for half an hour. He demanded an apology, but his wife refused.

He Had Enough

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Seeing that things wouldn’t go his way, OP decided to sleep in the guest room.

“That story was trashy; I thought I deserved an apology for having to hear it,” he explained to users, “They [Sarah and his wife] shouldn’t be joking about it.”

Social Media Reacted to His Post

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The response to his post was not at all what OP expected. Far from agreeing with him, most comments considered him an a***ole.

“I get that this may have been a shocking story to you, but you did ask repeatedly to hear it,” a user wrote. The same user also called OP out for referring to his wife as trashy, saying that sort of language and disdain would ultimately lead to divorce court.

“You wanted to hear it. Your wife doesn’t owe you an apology for something she did in her past,” another comment read.

She Doesn’t Need to Apologize to You

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One user simplified it in the hopes that OP would see his mistakes, outlining the essence of what OP shared: “I insist she tells me about this…. I deserved an apology for having to hear it.”

That user added that if anyone should be apologizing, it was OP. Many pointed out that he wanted a “normal crazy college story” and got exactly that. Everyone has a past, and getting upset about his wife’s choices years before the pair met was unacceptable to most users.

Social Media Users Overwhelmingly Sided With The Wife

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OP and his wife have some murky waters to navigate. Hopefully, the couple can move on from this bump in the road. Perhaps they should embrace Vegas rules for their past: what happened in college stays in college.

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