She Wants to Give Her Son An Unconventional Name But Her Sister Tries To Convince Her Otherwise

A concerned relative’s Reddit post, titled “AITA for Suggesting My Sister Choose a Baby Name That Considers Her Child’s Future Rather Than Opting for a ‘Cool’ Name?” gained traction on the r/AmITheA***ole subreddit. The post received an impressive 18,100 upvotes and garnered 4,000 comments.

Sophia’s* sister was a big fan of the show Yellowstone and wanted to name her baby Cowboy. Her husband, “willing to do anything to make her happy,” was going along with it.

Despite knowing it wasn’t her place to say anything, Sophia felt obligated to tell her sister to think about how the name would affect the child in the long run.

She Knew What It Felt Like To Have a Strange Name

Sophia knew that if they did, the child would face a lot of ridicule and teasing as he grew up.

Sophia admitted that she has the name “Danger,” inspired by a movie her parents had seen. However, she was grateful that it wasn’t her first name, as her parents had chosen to use it as her middle name instead.

Her Sister Didn’t Want to Hear It

As expected, her sister didn’t heed her advice to give her baby a different name and thought Sophia was an a***ole.

However, Sophia believed she was trying to spare the child from a life of bullying until he could legally change his name. Is she an a***ole for speaking out?

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Reactions From Social Media

Many users replied with “NTA” (Not The A**hole) to Sophia, saying that the name Cowboy qualifies as a tragedy in itself and that she was trying to protect her nephew’s future.

One person shared an interesting stat. “Women with weird names are treated the same as women with normal names, but boys with weird names are treated as ‘less than,’ meaning that they make less money and get fewer jobs than boys with classic names. Don’t mess up your boys— Give them normal names.” 

“Not the a***ole (NTA). That name qualifies as a ‘tragedeigh,'” one person said. A tragedeigh is defined as a deliberate misspelling of a name in order to be cool and unique.

“As a veteran teacher, I thought I had heard all the awful names. Nope, this one makes it to the top 5,” one person commented. “Tell your sister that a teacher, who will have to call out that name at school every day, is telling her it is a terrible idea.”

“I’m surprised she didn’t want to throw some flair on the spelling… Maybe like Khaowbhoy,” one person joked. 

One person admitted that they had been bullied for their name. “Preteen girls will decimate a girl with an unusual name. Evidence is myself. I lived through it. I, to this day, hate my name.”

Should Sophia give input on her sister’s choice for a baby name, or is it not her place to do so? *Names are changed for privacy reasons.


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