Her’s or Hers? Which is Correct (With Examples)

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A common question many people have when writing in English is whether to use hers or her’s when talking about a person.

We learned growing up to add an apostrophe and ‘s’ to show possession. However, hers is a pronoun, and the same rules don’t apply. Her’s is actually an incorrect word.

Let’s take a look at what each word means and how they should be used.

Possessive Pronouns: mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs

Possessive Adjectives: my, your, his, her, its, our, their

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Hers means something belonging to her.

Hers is a possessive pronoun that is used to show ownership. This avoids repetition by replacing the noun.

Example Sentences with Hers

  • That book is hers. (hers= her book)
  • This dress is hers. (hers= her dress)
  • The cat is hers. (hers= her cat)
  • This house is hers. (hers= her house)
  • The job is hers. (hers= her job)
  • My bill came yesterday; she should get hers in the mail. (hers= her bill)
  • Lucy is a friend of hers. ( hers= her friend)
  • I found a wallet. Is it hers? (hers= her wallet)
  • That is my ticket. That one is hers (hers= her ticket)


Her’s is not a word. It is a common mistake to think that it is the possessive form of “her.” This is an incorrect spelling.

As we have seen already, we can form the possessive pronoun by adding an ‘s’ to the pronoun. We do not need to add an apostrophe.

Hers is a possessive pronoun and does not need an apostrophe and ‘s.’


As we said above, hers is a possessive pronoun and does not need an apostrophe and ‘s.’ Similarly, hers’ would be incorrect as well.


“Her” is a pronoun that can be used in two ways.

It can be used to indicate possession or belonging. It can also be used as a personal object pronoun to replace the names or nouns in a sentence.

Example Sentences with Her

  • She is the doctor who will help you. Her name is Dr. Smith.
  • I asked her what she wanted for lunch.
  • Do you see her over there?
  • I was talking to her on the phone yesterday.
  • I will introduce you to her.
  • That is her phone.
  • Mark gave her a present.
  • I love her outfit.
  • I want to take a picture with her.
  • Alice was talking to her yesterday.
  • That is her cat.

Hers Vs. Her

Hers and her can both be used to indicate possession.

Her is a possessive adjective (her bag, her bed, her car, her kids). It can also be used as an object pronoun (give it to her, fight her, say to her, etc.).

Hers is a possessive pronoun (it is hers, the book is hers).

Examples of Sentences with Hers and Her

Each example sentence provides a different context and shows how we can use her and hers in a sentence:

Example One:

  • “That is her book.” (replaces the name of the person with “her” while showing possession)
  • “The book is hers.” (hers= her book)

Example Two:

  • “They are her keys.” (replaces the name of the person with “her” while showing possession)
  • “They are hers.” (hers= her keys)

Example Three:

  • “The cat is sleeping on her bed.” (it is the cat’s bed)
  • “The cat is on the bed. It’s hers.” (hers= her bed)

Example Four:

  • “My essay is better than her essay.” (replaces the name while showing possession)
  • “My essay is better than hers.” (hers= her essay)

“Hers” can stand alone in the sentence to replace the noun. It avoids repetition. “Her” is an adjective pronoun that cannot stand alone. It needs to follow a noun.

Other Example Sentences with Possessive Pronouns

Possessive Pronouns: mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs

  • This book is mine. (mine = my book)
  • There is a cat at the front door. Is it yours? (yours = your cat)
  • Whose keys are these? Are they his? (his = his keys)
  • There is some perfume left in the bathroom. Do you think it’s hers? (hers = her phone)
  • That bag is ours. Where did you find it? (ours = our bag)
  • I saw a dog running down the street. Was it theirs? (theirs = their dog)
  • They can’t find their house keys. Have you seen theirs? (theirs = their keys)

Short Quiz: Hers, Her or Her’s

1. The book is _____

2. I will introduce you to _____

3. Do you see _____ over there?

4. That is _____ book.

5. I was talking to _____ on the phone yesterday.

6. The basketball is _____

Answers: 1. Hers 2. Her 3. Her 4. Her 5. Her 6. Hers

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In Conclusion

Thus, we can see that “hers” is a possessive pronoun and “her” is a possessive adjective or object pronoun. “Her’s” and “hers'” do not exist.

We hope this clears up any confusion you may have had about these two words.

If you found this helpful, be sure to share it with your friends. To help retain what you have learned, make a sentence with the pronouns in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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