No Even Split: Family Feud Erupts Over Sister’s Larger Inheritance

Wealth can either unite or divide families. It often appears that the greater the family’s wealth, the more likely they are to have conflicts. In this case, a son’s inheritance led to a family feud.

Talks About The Inheritance

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The four adult children gathered to hear how their parents would divide the money. The son and his two brothers expected an even split: one-quarter of the total for each of them. His parents had a different plan.

Times of Hardship

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When the son was growing up, the family experienced a period of hardship. “In our childhood, my father’s business partner screwed him over, so there was a period where we were broke and in debt,” he wrote.

The Family Dynamic Changed

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Both parents were forced to take on extra jobs and work longer hours just to put food on the table. While they worked, the three brothers were taken care of by their sister—who was older than the son by ten years.

A Sister’s Responsibility

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According to the son, the sister did not do much. Her babysitting job was easy. “All she had to do was feed us and keep an eye on us. We were pretty calm kids, so all we did was play games and do our homework. It probably wasn’t thrilling, but not exactly a tremendous hardship.”

The surprising Split

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The parents, it seemed, disagreed.

When the family met up to discuss the will, the parents announced that the money would be split five ways—not four. Which lucky child got the extra portion? The sister.

How the Brothers reacted

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From the parents’ perspective, the sister sacrificed her childhood to keep the family together and deserved proper compensation for that sacrifice.

All three brothers were annoyed with the decision. The youngest son especially. “I complained to my parents along with my brothers, that it’s insane they want to give my sister 2/5 of the inheritance over that, especially since she’s financially the best off out of all of us.”

Is She Really Worth That Much?

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The parents’ tried to make a point that the sister cooked and cleaned for them and kept them safe. While as adults, those boys might feel they were easy to care for.

They told their sons they were disappointed in them. “[Our parents] said we needed to reflect on ourselves.”

She Fights Back

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The sister was none too pleased either. She didn’t speak during the parents’ discussion but texted her brothers afterward. She told her brothers she “had zero intention of taking 2/5 but [they] were all a***oles.”

Reactions from Social Media

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The internet agreed. “Not many parents are willing to acknowledge that they ‘parentified’ a child,” one social media user wrote.

“Your sister sacrificed her teenage years to help your parents take care of you. There may not have been any inheritance at all for you to quibble over, if not for her unpaid labor back then.”

Is He Ingrateful?

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Many called the son incredibly ungrateful and entitled. “F—ing hell, you’re getting 20% of the inheritance instead of 25%. You’re not angry that you’re getting less, just that she’s getting more. And she f—ing raised you.”

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What Do You Think?

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It can be easy to underestimate the impact of a robbed childhood. Some users speculated that the sister, who is childless, perhaps chose not to have kids after spending her teenage years raising three boys.

Either way, it is incredible for the parents to honor their daughter and give her the recognition she deserves. Many parentified children never get that sort of thanks. Perhaps the comments under his post will open the son’s eyes and change his attitude.

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