The Instructor Touched and Scolded Her Son, So She Took Matters into Her Own Hands

A horse-riding instructor received significant attention online for her story about scolding a boy who wouldn’t behave at lessons, only to get on the bad side of his parents.

The Unruly Child

woman patting horse

An argument with the mother of a misbehaving student prompted a 25-year-old riding instructor to request advice from the Internet on her difficult situation.

Every Saturday morning, she teaches a ninety-minute beginner class for children (ages 6 to 8). Per the instructor’s account of events, the first lesson is always safety guidelines.

She Asked Them to Follow The Safety Guidelines

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“I teach them the first three rules that must be followed at all times,” she explained in her online post. “1. No running in the stables [or] around the horses 2. No screaming in the stables 3. Never ever walk up [or] stand behind a horse.”

It Should Be Straightforward

horse with child

Most students generally follow her guidelines. And, if a child misbehaves in class, then their parent will usually intervene.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with a specific seven-year-old who has struggled to adhere to the rules since his first lesson.

“I have this one boy who’s been a problem since day one,” the instructor wrote. “He’s loud, he runs, and he’s very disruptive.”

She Tried to Get The Parent Involved

child horse riding

Originally, the riding instructor asked the mother to calm the boy down and intervene whenever he broke the stable rules.

“I guess she didn’t listen, as last week we had the same issues,” the teacher revealed. “This [second] time, I told him that if he didn’t listen to me, he would not get to ride the horses. He threw a tantrum; she didn’t help.”

Asking For Trouble

children horse riding

By the third lesson, the riding instructor’s patience for her student was wearing thin. Despite her warnings, the boy’s behavior only worsened throughout the class: “At one point, he’s bolting full speed ahead towards a horse facing away from him.” 

The Instructor Attempted To Stop The Boy From Causing Trouble

unruly child

To avoid tragedy, the riding instructor seized the young boy by the arm and stopped him in his tracks. Since the boy yelled in protest, the mother came over to retrieve her son and berated the instructor for touching the child.

If He Dies, It Will Be On Her

woman arms folded frowning

Frustrated with the other woman’s parenting, the riding instructor declared that the boy was “a danger to himself and others,” which his mother denied.

“At this point, I’m fed up and tell her that if he dies in this stable because he scares a horse, it would be on her,” the instructor wrote. 

The Mother Was Livid

woman shocked

The mother later called the stable after their dispute to demand a refund for the lessons.

The stable manager denied this request and informed the upset woman that her son was not welcome back due to his dangerous behavior.

“The mom went batsh** and yelled a bunch of obscenities before hanging up,” the instructor wrote.

All Hell Broke Loose

horses in stables

“A calm two weeks followed before s*** hit the fan,” the instructor revealed in her update.

One morning, staff arrived at the stable and discovered the ponies had escaped their fenced pasture overnight. They were found grazing in nearby woods. Although they “didn’t think much about it” at the moment, this changed a week later.

A Terrifying Call

annoyed by

In the middle of the night, the riding instructor received a call informing her that the outhouse where the ponies usually slept had been set on fire. “Thankfully, they were not in the house when this happened, but someone wanted to hurt them,” she wrote.

What Was Going On?

police officer

The police dismissed it as a prank by some mischief-making local kids, but stable management installed cameras and set up a temporary night shift. “Nothing really happened for a week and a half, so we stopped staying there,” recalled the instructor.

The Drama Escalated

horse riding

A morning soon after, the young woman arrived at the stable and observed cuts on some of the horses.

After calling her colleagues, she reported her discovery to the police. “When we watched the camera footage, there was a man seen entering and exiting the stable. Guess what? It was the husband of the crazy mom!”

It Led To His Arrest

horse humping

In the end, the man was arrested. “Hopefully, they both get what’s coming to them,” the riding instructor’s update concluded. “But I’m okay, and the horses are on their way to okay now as well.”

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