“How Can We Have a Good Life?” Gen Z Expressed Their Fears on Social Media

“How can we survive and have a good life? Everything is so expensive, and wages are too low.” These were spoken in true Gen Z fashion, coping with today’s challenges.

Expensive Cost of Living

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It’s no secret that we live in a world where everything seems to be getting more expensive by the day. From housing and education to healthcare and even necessities like groceries and gas, the cost of living is skyrocketing. 

Today’s Reality Triggers Their Anxiety

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With such a bleak and stressful reality, it’s no wonder that many members of Gen Z are feeling lost and uncertain about how they’ll survive and build a good life for themselves in the years to come.

But fear not, Gen Z-ers, for there are still ways to thrive in this crazy world. Social media users got together to share their tips, tricks, and occasional despair over the future.

1. Vote

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The most frequent comment encouraged young people to get out there and vote—no matter how bleak things look.

“There is a concerted effort to disillusion young voters from politics and keep them disengaged.

The trolls [say] every politician is bought and paid for, that the future is hopeless, that things will never change, and that everyone in politics is just as bad as the next person and there are no good options,” one person said.

Taking Things As They Are

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“They want you to give up, and they want you to turn cynical as well and repeat those same talking points to help discourage more people.

It worked in 2016; a lot of people bought the notion that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were equally bad.

Yet if just a slightly larger margin of voters had picked Clinton as the lesser of two evils, there would likely be a 6-3 progressive majority on the Supreme Court right now, and the political landscape of the US would be vastly different,” they added.

2. Save, Save, Save

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The second biggest talking point involves money. Saving for retirement and avoiding unnecessary expenses were equally touted as ways to thrive.

“It’s easier at the beginning of life to avoid big spending than it is to make more money. You don’t need a new car, expensive travel, a place without roommates, etc.”

Live Below Your Means

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“People set up their lives with a car payment, a rent payment, and some credit card debt and expect to get a salary that covers it.

Don’t expect it. Set up your life like a poor person, and if you make more money, you’re ahead. But if you don’t, you’re at least not drowning,” said another.

3. Entertain Yourself for Less

Journies or Journeys

Cheap hobbies can be the holy grail of entertainment in a crumbling economy. Hiking, podcasts, and running were all suggested by users as sources of fun on the cheap.

4. Hustle

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Perhaps the obvious route, but working and building a career is the best guarantee for success.

“The best advice I can give to a young adult is that the world views constantly shoved down your throat are often not as dire as they are presented. Focus on building professional skills around general skills you enjoy now (computers, socializing, etc.),” one commenter said.

But Don’t Let Employers Take Over Your Life

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“There’s a plethora of resources on the internet that will teach you or at least give you direction. Do not let employers act like they are doing you a favor. It’s fine to be polite, but read labor laws around things like PTO, overtime, etc. Keep looking for your next job if the current job is a dead end.”

“You are going to feel like you’ve been pushed into a corner, and it’s never going to get better, but it will. You’ve got to learn when to leave a bad situation,” the commenter added.

5. At the End of the Day, Keep the Faith

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The world is scary right now, but giving up never saved anyone.

“Don’t indulge the doomers. I’m Gen Z at 26 and work a decent job, but still live at home. I have hobbies I enjoy, good friends, and a supportive family.

[I’ve] also been prioritizing my health through the gym and diet. Make the best of what you have and give life some time. Yeah, we’re coming up in a different situation from those before us, but we’ll make it out fine.

Light At The End of The Tunnel

playing golf

All of my coworkers are in their mid to late 30s, and they all tell me how they used to think [the worst]. At the same time, they’ve managed to become homeowners, maintain expensive hobbies and work/life balance, and enjoy long-term relationships.”

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