How This 23-Year-Old Graduate “Breaks The System” And Finds an Excellent Job

It’s the perfect happily-ever-after college graduate story. A young man elicited more than 35,000 “upvotes” and over 3,500 comments on social media for how he came from humble beginnings to making it big.

At 23 years old, the original poster (OP) managed to “break the system,” as it were. With absolutely no student loan debt, he now has a job that pays him an impressive 100k plus bonuses and is working remotely from his small town in the Midwest as a software engineer.

After all expenses, including his mortgage of $900, he will be left with at least $2,000 a month to spend how he pleases.

Coming from a poor family with three other siblings, 50k was already a huge fortune to him. Now it felt like he had won the lottery, except that with inflation, his newfound wealth won’t be as significant as it seemed.

His first priority is to build up an emergency fund and then switch focus on home improvement, appliances, and investing. No matter how he felt, though, he was determined to be conservative with his funds.

After taxes and deduction for healthcare, he will only have $6,000 in take-home pay every month, and there are still other expenses, such as utilities, car payments, insurance, medical bill payments, etc., to consider— leaving him with only $2,500 remaining, after all, was said and done.

Though it is not actual ‘richness,’ it still feels that way to him, and he plans to enjoy every bit of it.

According to OP, he feels bad about his earnings, “but I want everyone to have what I have. I’ll make sure to take care of my family and do what I can to move my country in a better direction.”

Looking to Follow OP’s Footsteps? Here is How He Did it

If you’re looking to replicate OP’s success and land a job with a $100,000 salary, then it’s possible. According to OP, you’ll need a bachelor’s in computer science or math with some experience in mobile app development.

If you’ve got coding skills, you can show your enthusiasm for learning, and if you have created some iOS or Android apps, you’ll be in a strong position to score a great job. OP himself found his job on, so that’s something worth considering when looking for your own dream job.

“Coming across as smart and excited is HUGE,” one person said. “I hire guys like you sometimes and often pass over people who have a really reserved vibe because I’m not sure if they have vision and urgency.”

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Reactions on Social Media Were Congratulatory

“So you’re the person CNBC based their pie chart on,” one person said, receiving more than 5,100 upvotes for their comment.

“Congrats! Safety fund is a great first step. After safety fund and home improvements, consider investments,” advised another. “If you get a financial advisor, get one that has your fiduciary interests prioritized.”

‘Congrats OP, you’re better off than a lot of people now,” one person said.

“Dude, I’m almost 40 and make $13 per hour. I would think I was rich as well. Enjoy it, and congratulations,” another said.

There is nothing like a positive story from time to time. Have you any advice to give this 23-year-old?

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