A Guide on How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

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Writing essays is an integral part of every learning journey. Many students wonder how to improve their essay-writing skills. 

Writing, like other skills, is something that we can improve with time, energy, and practice.

There are many reasons why your essay can be boring. Here are some excellent tips on how to improve your writing skills.

Improve Your Focus

When writing an essay, it is important to focus on one idea. But often, it can be hard to focus our attention and get into the rhythm of our essay. We might also go off-topic and waste more time on other things that are not important.

If you lack focus, each task will take longer to finish and may even lead to unsatisfactory results. Concentration is key, but sometimes it can feel impossible with all the distractions around us.

To focus on your writing, you can do a few things:

  • Take breaks throughout your essay writing sessions.
  • Use mind-training meditation and relaxation techniques to help with concentration.
  • Make sure to get enough sleep each day.
  • Break down the task into smaller parts that are easier to concentrate on.
  • Make sure the writing environment is comfortable and quiet.

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Add a Hook

A hook sentence is a statement that grabs the reader’s attention and encourages them to keep reading. It helps to keep the reader’s interest in your essay.

A good hook may intrigue the reader and create a thirst for knowledge. You can use an interesting quote, statistic, or anecdote as a starting point for your essay.

This hook should reflect the topic of your essay. You can start with a fact, statistic, or personal anecdote relevant to your topic. A hook sentence will help draw your reader’s attention and motivate them to continue reading.

Add Emotions

When writing essays, many students forget to add emotions. Text without emotion is dry and boring to read.

To add emotions to your essay, think about the topic and try to picture it in your mind. Imagine how the situation looks or feels like, what people think when they experience it, or the details of the situation.

Once you have a vivid mental image of your topic, try to use descriptive words that help readers feel the same emotions. To ensure your essay is full of emotion and feeling, read it aloud to check if it sounds right.

To truly bring life to your essay, make sure to add examples and stories that evoke powerful emotions in the reader. While knowledge is important, creating a personal connection with your audience is valuable. Even the most fascinating facts won’t have as strong an impact without emotion!

Four main ways to help emotionally color text:

  1. Punctuation
  2. The construction of sentences
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Interjections and auxiliary words

Add Personality

To make your essay more engaging, use your own style and voice. Your essay should stand out from the crowd, which is only possible with your personality.

To showcase your voice, use unique words and phrases, metaphors, and similes to give it a personal touch. Also, when writing an essay, try not to be too structured. Your readers will feel like they are talking to a real person, not an AI writing tool.

The tone of voice is the brand’s visiting card. It is the voice that settles in the head. Not only do companies have their style, but every writer also has their style. It forms images of the writer and the emotional attitude toward him.

Make it Valuable and Relevant

How do you get better at writing essays if your text does not have value or does not offer a solution?

Reveal the topic. Write what you say you are going to write about. Recheck your title at the end and make sure it is not misleading.

Every time you write text, try to make it interesting, helpful, and consistent. Always research the topic. Use only trusted resources. If you need clarification on some information, try to find another source.

You can use online tools like Grammarly to check grammar and spelling mistakes when your essay is finished.

Vary Your Sentence Structure

When you improve essay writing, try to create a simple and logical structure. Start with picking a topic. Then, brainstorm ideas that are related to this topic.

Outline the essay, and keep track of all sources you used while writing it. Plan your essay before you start writing it, and try to avoid long sentences and paragraphs.

When writing an essay, use transitions between different paragraphs or sections, such as moreover, next, and in addition. Transitions make it easier for the reader to digest the text and follow your thought process more efficiently.

An essay usually has an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each part should be logically connected and build up to the main idea you want to express. You can use the Hemingway App to make your essay more readable.

Use Synonyms

When you write an essay, do not use the same words. 

Synonyms are words that sound different but have a common basic lexical meaning. Try to find the synonyms. It will help to make your essay more colorful and alive. 

Also, do not use too many words like “very,” “good,” or “bad” as your essay will look boring. Try to find more sophisticated words and constructions.

Writing essays is an art form, and it takes time to master them. However, with practice and dedication, you can achieve great results.

Read Often

The best way to learn how to write better is to read as much as possible. Start with different kinds of essays and try to observe the structure and writing style.

You will be able to recognize more sophisticated words and gain a better understanding of different topics. Extensive reading inspires you to come up with fresh ideas for your essay.

Reading other people’s essays can also help you learn how to avoid common mistakes and improve your work’s quality. You learn from the skills of other writers!

Add Engaging Images

Incorporating multimedia content that ties in with your essay can make it stand out even more. It also helps to divide the text into parts.

You can use pictures, charts, diagrams, or videos as attachments to your essay. It will help to explain complex topics in a simple way, and the essay will be more interesting for your readers.

When using pictures, pay attention to copyright. Use pictures from free, accessible sources such as Pixabay, Pexels, or Unsplash.

Remember to Proofread

When you finish writing your essay, you always think: “Is it enough?”

The truth is, you may need to do a lot more!

Do not forget about proofreading and editing! This will help you catch typos, grammar mistakes, and repetitive sentences. Check if your essay is logically connected and consistent throughout your work. You can use online tools like Grammarly to check your text.

Have a family member or friend read over your work, as a fresh pair of eyes always helps! Reread the text a couple of times to ensure it flows smoothly.


Essay writing requires good knowledge of the topic and strong organizational skills. Improving your essay writing skills can take time, but you can achieve great results with some dedication and practice.

Research the topic thoroughly, use only trusted resources, and check grammar mistakes before submitting it. Create a logical structure for your essay, and make sure to include transitions between paragraphs. Finally, use multimedia content so that your essay is more interesting and engaging.

Good luck with improving your writing skills!

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