Loom Review: How to Use Loom for Teaching

Loom is a powerful way to create content as an online teacher. Loom will take your visual content to the next level; the best part is that it is free! You can share a video of yourself, your screen, or both! Please note that I am not affiliated with Loom, I just think they provide an excellent service worth sharing.

Loom is an example of asynchronous communication, meaning that viewers can watch and respond in their own time. It doesn’t require any scheduling like a phone call. You simply create the video and share the link with your students. 

Loom Recording Overview

You can use Loom to screencast or share your screen as you speak in the recording. You can even record yourself while you are giving information. 

Here is an example of what it looks like:

using loom

As you can see, I am recording my camera and screen. You can see my face in the bubble, which can be moved around the screen and made bigger or smaller according to preference. 

How to Use Loom to Record

  • Sign up for Loom here (it’s free)
  • Download the desktop app and/or their chrome extension
  • Start recording and share your screen, camera or both
  • Stop the Recording and allow it to process
  • Send the recording to your students via a shared link or download it.

When you record the video, you can send it to anyone; simply copy the link and share it with your students. The video will be stored in the Loom library, and the students can view it with the shared link. Alternatively, you can download the video and share it another way. It’s that straightforward!

How Can You Record a Loom Video?

You can record with Loom using these three options: screen and cam, the screen only, or cam only.

loom screen and cam

Screen + Cam Function

Record yourself and your screen at the same time. You can also select to record your full screen, a window, or a custom size.

loom screen only 1

Screen Only Function

Record your screen only. You can also select to record your full screen, a window, or a custom size.

loom cam only 1

Cam Only Function

Record yourself using Loom; no screen selected. If you want to record in HD, you can upgrade to Loom Pro (free for teachers and students).

Loom Functions for Teachers

Loom can be used in many different ways. Consider the following ways that teachers and students can use Loom for a better learning experience:

1. Flipped Classroom Experience

If you cannot get through all the work in class, Loom is an innovative way to study the rest of the material at home.

Traditionally, teachers provide the students with all the information and material needed in the classroom, and the student goes home and complete homework to consolidate what they have learned.

Now you don’t even have to be in the same room as your students, and you can make a recording with all the classroom material, send it to your students, and your students can watch it when they have time. 

2. Record Homework Assignments

Maybe you haven’t had time to explain to the class how to do the homework, or you want to provide greater clarity. You can even get your students to make a recording using Loom and send it as a homework assignment.

If you wanted to make a presentation in front of people, you could record it with Loom instead or use it to practice your presentation skills at home by recording yourself going through the material.

Teach English Online

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3. Provide Feedback

If you want to provide student or parent feedback, you could make a recording to make it more memorable and personal with the visual video component.

Students may also be more receptive to your feedback. You can also use it to update parents.

Loom will even notify you when your video is being watched so you will know when they get it. Videos can be left on private mode, so only individuals with the link can view.

The Benefits of Using Loom

How can teachers and students make the most of what Loom offers? Loom is a simple and free tool that has the following advantages:

  • Effective means of communication
  • Recap on lessons learned
  • Share with multiple students
  • Reuse the loom recordings
  • Easily store and access in Loom library
  • Free up class time
  • Pro version is free for teachers and students

Effective Means of Communication

Compared to written messages, video messages are a much more powerful way to grab your students’ attention and spark their interest to listen and learn.

We all know that video has transformed communication. Here is a way of keeping your message more modern and meaningful to your students. As it includes a visual component, the student is more likely to remember what they see and hear instead of just reading text.

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Free Up Class Time

If you don’t want to waste precious class time, you can always record the class and share it with your students. Students can watch it outside of class and provide additional information they need to complete assignments or understand concepts.

Recap on Lessons Learned

Loom can be used to recap the main points or lessons learned from a particular class. The tool can be implemented to summarise details, review materials, and consolidate learning. You can even take this a step further and ask the students to record a lesson for you, recalling what they’ve learned in class.

This is an excellent way to reinforce what they have learned. Parents will be impressed by how you’ve gone the extra mile to ensure students receive the best educational experience.

Reuse the Recordings

You can reuse the recordings, which is a great time-saver should you decide to use the recordings again. The students can also watch the video unlimited times, so long as they have the link. If they don’t understand something, they can rewind and take notes. 

Free to Use For Teachers and Students

You can record your screen and camera completely for free. You will also be able to provide students with a shareable link to your recording and track comments, reactions, and viewer insights.

If you want to use the pro features, which include advanced recording and editing tools such as the drawing tool and a call-to-action, you will have to verify that you are a teacher via school email.

After you verify that you are a teacher or student, you can get all the pro features for free.

Loom Review

Capterra gives Loom a solid 4.8/5 stars.

Pros of Using Loom

From the many glowing reviews, the following advantages were noted:

  • Great time saver
  • Easily share and explain your work
  • Free of charge, and teachers can get the pro features for free
  • The Loom Chrome Extension makes it even easier to record and share videos
  • Mitigates the risk of text-based conversations

Cons of Using Loom

As a teacher, there aren’t really any disadvantages. This may not be the best software for you if you want advanced software with more features.

  • For advanced users and video editors, Loom may seem too simplistic as there are few editing options
  • Sometimes there are bugs, or it crashes


Video messaging is an innovative, creative way to communicate your point and consolidate learning. Loom is a great e-learning tool that can be availed in your classroom completely for free.

Are you using Loom for your lessons? Again, I am here to provide helpful information, and I am not affiliated with Loom in any way. If you want to download Loom to make recordings and screencast, try Loom here.

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How to Use Loom

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