Identifying as a “Therian”: A Mother’s Disbelief to Her Daughter’s Revelation Sparks Debate

How would you react if one day your daughter decides to be brave enough to tell you that she is a “Therian”? 

A mother has been put in hot water after an exchange with her daughter, Micaela, over WhatsApp.

Apparently, after confessing to her that she identified as Therian, the mother could do nothing but show bewilderment and responded in a way that some people on social media disapproved of.

What is a Therian?

Therians belong to the ‘otherkin’ subculture, which are people who identify partially or completely as non-human animals.

Some Therians believe that they are animals reincarnated as humans, so they are just trying to be themselves.

She Identifies As A Cat

In short, we are talking about people like Micaela, who has come to the conclusion that she is not completely human and her real identity is that of a cat.

The revelation seems to have come after much reflection and also, after obtaining a result of 94% in different personality ‘tests’ on the Internet.

Her Mother Thought It Was Funny

However, when Micaela confessed her finding to her mother, her response deeply disappointed her.

“Lol, I cannot”, began the response Micaela received from her mother via WhatsApp. “Do you really feel that way? Are you sure that it’s not just that you love animals?”

Fellow Therians Are Equally Disappointed

This conversation has been captured on Tiktok by @walkin_on_cat_paws, another Therian who was equally disappointed to perceive the mother’s mockery and discomfort.

“We’re not doing this,” one can read among the mother’s responses, “Absolutely not. You’re not a cat.”

The Post gained Mixed Reactions

The video quickly caught the attention of hundreds of users. Some managed to sympathize with Micaela’s case, but not all opinions were favorable. 

“As a therian, you can’t take a quiz to know if you’re a therian or not,” responded one user, which was widely supported by the Therian community.

Their criticism stemmed from several tenets of this subculture. The most important of these is that Therians feel like animals in a spiritual or psychological way. Therefore, no test is necessary to confirm what they feel inside or how they wish to project their identity.

It Can Get Extreme

However, some Therians do not limit themselves to this being a purely mental or spiritual matter.

Cases like Toco’s exemplify this quite clearly. This Japanese YouTuber invested close to $15,000 to manufacture a custom-made collie suit in order to completely transform his appearance.

His is not an exceptional case. Within this community, there are many ways to express the Therian identity, although some are more striking than others.

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Her Mother Was Not Convinced

Micaela’s mother’s alarm bells went off. “I don’t want people to make fun of you,” the mother confessed after explaining that she herself had bullied her peers during her adolescence.

“Find something else to like,” she suggested.

“So you’re not going to accept me?” Micaela asked fearfully.

“This isn’t the time for this.”, her mother warned.

Social Media Users Weigh In

Although the response deeply affected Micaela, many people on social media agreed with the mother. 

“No way I’d be much meaner if my kid said this; your mom’s an angel.” one TikTok user assured him.

“I love your mum.”, replied another.

Most people agree that this is a tough situation and that the mother did the best she could. However, it does not seem to have been enough to keep her daughter from feeling hurt.

Despite all this, the debate is still raging and has made many parents think about how they would react in this situation. Of course, none have known what to answer.


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