Top 10 Irish Baby Boy Names And Their Hidden Meanings

Irish babies have the most unique names. Let us unveil the top 10 most popular Irish names of the year, steeped in rich tradition and modern charm.

Irish Baby Names

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To solve the baby naming problems, here are the most popular Irish baby names in 2022-2023.

1. Rían

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The most popular Irish name for boys is Rían, a Gaelic name with royal connotations. Rían means “king”—a title associated with nobility, power, and confidence.

Unlike Ryan, the Anglicized version of the name, Rían is properly pronounced “REE-in.” 

1. Rían

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Famous bearers of the moniker include Rian Johnson, the filmmaker behind Knives Out and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Rian Dawson, drummer for the American pop punk band All Time Low.

2. Oisín

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A close runner-up to the top spot is the name Oisín, which ranked sixth overall in the country. Meaning “little deer”, the moniker is alternatively pronounced “USH-een” or “ush-EEN.”

2. Oisín

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In Irish mythology, the name is associated with Oisín. He was a warrior hero and poet, demigod son of the fabled Fionn mac Cumhaill, and narrator of his father’s exploits in historical poems.

3. Tadhg

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Correctly pronounced “TIEG”, the name might be more familiar to English speakers in its Anglicized versions: Taig or Teague. The most widely accepted meanings for Tadhg are “poet” or “storyteller.”

3. Tadhg

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According to legend, the name belonged to the grandfather of Fionn mac Cumhaill—as well as a succession of medieval kings, beginning in the 11th century.

4. Liam

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Most English speakers are familiar with the name Liam and its pronunciation (“LEE-um”). However, they may not know that Liam is a shortened version of the Irish name Uilliam, which comes from the old Germanic name William.

4. Liam

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Celebrities with the name include Liam Neeson, an Irish actor known for the Taken film series; Liam Payne, from the British-Irish boy band One Direction; and Liam Gallagher, lead vocalist of English rock band Oasis.

5. Cillian

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Keen-eyed moviegoers might recognize the name Cillian from this summer’s blockbuster hit Oppenheimer, starring Irish actor Cillian Murphy in the lead role. Pronounced “KILL-ee-un”, the moniker has its origins in the Gaelic word for “church” and most likely means “little church.”

5. Cillian

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Before Murphy achieved mainstream fame in films and TV shows like Peaky Blinders, the name was better known in reference to a 6th-century Irish saint who was martyred in Würzburg, Germany.

6. Fionn

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This Irish name and its equally popular variant, Finn, have deep roots in history and mythology. According to legends, the name’s most illustrious bearer, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, first earned the moniker because of his light-colored hair—the name means “white” or “fair-haired.”

6. Fionn

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Fionn mac Cumhaill is a hero in Irish folklore who led a band of warriors called the Fianna and whose adventures are narrated in a collection of poems known as the Fenian Cycle.

7. Conor

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Americans will be familiar with the name Conor (also spelled Connor), which reached its peak popularity in the U.S. in 2004.

7. Conor

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The moniker means “lover of hounds” and has its roots in the Old Irish names “Conchobhar” and “Conaire.” Although more commonly chosen as a boy’s name, Conor and its variants can be used as a unisex name for girls.

8. Darragh

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Pronounced “DARA”, this boys’ name is derived from the Old Irish word for oak (“daire”). Variations of this name include Dáire, Dara, and Daragh. Moreover, Darragh is a given name that doubles as a surname. 

9. Seán

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One of the most recognizable Irish boy names on this list, many readers will already know that Seán is correctly pronounced “SHAWN.” It is an Irish form of John, which has origins in the Biblical Hebrew name Yohanan.

9. Seán

Most Popular Baby Boy Names

A child named Seán will find their namesakes in Sean Connery (the first James Bond on the big screen), Sean Penn (an Academy Award-winning actor), and Sean Combs (an American rapper better known as P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, or some variation thereof).

10. Cian

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Rounding out the top ten list, the name Cian comes in the final spot. Pronounced “KEE-an” or “KEEN”, this is the perfect moniker for those who want to bestow the gifts of patience and tolerance upon their child. Cian means “the enduring one.”

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