Feel the Irish Charm: 10 Captivating Girl Names And Their Hidden Meanings

Ireland, with its long history, rich culture, and musical language, is undoubtedly a popular source for rare and different baby names.

The Beauty Of Irish Names

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Whether you’re searching to reconnect with your heritage or feeling inspired by the beauty of Irish names, read on to learn which are the top Irish girl’s names of 2023.

1. Fiadh

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The top Irish girl’s name is an ideal choice for parents who want to raise free spirits. Fiadh is thought to originate from the words for “deer” and “wild”, and the correct pronunciation of the moniker is “FEE-uh.”

1. Fiadh

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Although Fiadh is the highest-ranked Irish name on this year’s list (and third overall), its meteoric rise in popularity is relatively recent.

Only three Fiadhs were registered in 2002, versus nearly 400 girls named Fiadh in 2022—figures which certify the transition from hipster trend to mainstream popularity.

2. Éabha

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While some English speakers might find the spelling of Éabha mystifying, the pronunciation of this girl’s name is much simpler than they might expect.

An Irish version of Eve, Éabha is pronounced “EH-vah.”

2. Éabha

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The Biblical moniker originally comes from the Hebrew name Chawwah, meaning “to breathe” or “to live.”

In the Old Testament, Eve and her husband, Adam, were the first humans created by God, who are exiled from the Garden of Eden after Eve succumbs to the temptation of eating a forbidden fruit.

3. Saoirse

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Correctly pronounced “SEER-shuh”, this Irish name means “freedom.”

Saoirse first emerged as a given name in the 1920s, coinciding with the Irish War of Independence and the foundation of the Republic of Ireland.

3. Saoirse

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A noteworthy bearer of the name Saoirse is Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, known for her leading roles in Oscar-nominated films like Little Women, Lady Bird, and Brooklyn.

4. Caoimhe

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Any Americans stumped by the pronunciation of Caoimhe should know by now that the answer is always less complicated than one might assume.

This Irish girl’s name is pronounced “KWEE-vah.”

4. Caoimhe

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Caoimhe has its roots in the word caomh, which means “dear” or “noble.”

The male equivalent for this moniker is Caoimhín, also known as the name Kevin in English.

5. Aoife

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Derived from the Gaelic word aoibh, Aoife is pronounced “EE-fah” and means “beauty” or “radiant.”

A modern version of the Old Irish Aífe, it features in mythology as the name of a great warrior princess in the Ulster Cycle and the name of the sea god Lir’s second wife, who turned her step-children into swans.

5. Aoife

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However, some Americans might be more familiar with their own Aoife:

Grammy award-winning folk rock singer and lead vocalist of the band Crooked Still, Aoife O’Donovan.

6. Róisín

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Flower names are always a popular option for girls, such as Lily, Iris, Viola, and even the old-fashioned Florence.

6. Róisín

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Expectant parents who want to stray from the beaten path and pick a rarer floral moniker for their little girl might consider Róisín as an alternative to the plain English Rose.

Meaning “little rose”, the Irish name has the added bonus of being easily pronounced, “ro-SHEEN.”

7. Sadhbh

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The sight of five consonants and only one vowel might seem confusing to an English speaker but never fear.

This name is pronounced “SIVE”—like the word sigh but with an added letter ‘v’ at the end.

7. Sadhbh

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In Irish mythology, Sadhbh was the mother of the great poet Oisín, a demigod son of the legendary warrior Fionn mac Cumhail.

8. Erin

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An Anglicized form of Éireann, which translates to “of Ireland.” The moniker is particularly popular with communities of Irish heritage outside of Ireland, in places such as Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

8. Erin

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Famous Americans who bear the name include Erin Andrews, a Fox Sports newscaster and former Dancing with the Stars co-host, and Erin Brokovich, an environmental activist who was the subject of an Oscar-winning film starring Julia Roberts.

9. Croía

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An Irish name that proves the effect of celebrity influence, Croía is pronounced “KREE-ah.”

It climbed the ranks of baby name lists after Conor McGregor, an Irish professional mixed martial artist, chose the moniker for his daughter in 2019.

Roughly translated, the name means “of the heart” or “little heart.”

10. Clodagh

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Also, the name of a river in Ireland, the use of Clodagh (“KLAW-dah”) as a given name dates back to the 18th century.

The 5th Marquess of Waterford named his daughter Lady Clodagh Beresford after the river flowing through his estate.

10. Clodagh

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Lady Clodagh’s daughter, named after her mother, later remarked on the decision to continue using the name: “She called me Clodagh too and hoped, in vain, that we’d be the only two.”

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