Landi English Review, Pay and Requirements (2022)

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Landi English is an online education company that provides Chinese children with native English teachers.

If you are from the U.S. or Canada and you are looking for an online ESL company, this may be the one for you!

In this Landi English review, we will discuss the following:

What is Landi

Unfortunately, we’ve just received word that Landi classes are coming to a close.
There is no point in signing up at this time.
Check out Cambly or our other online teaching opportunities here.

Teach English Online

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Landi English is an educational company based in China. It is one of the leading educational companies for young students in China.

Landi English was awarded “The Great Brand” by China Central Television. They collaborate with Oxford University Press to develop suitable content for young language learners.

Landi is built on an instructional strategy called peer instruction. Peer learning is when students interact with each other to attain educational goals.

It is found that peer study is more effective than one-on-one classes and class-wide discussions. This is why Landi English adopts a 1-on-2 classroom model.

Landi Requirements

  • TPR Teaching is currently recruiting U.S. and Canadian teachers for the role
  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • An ESL certificate, such as a TEFL, a TESOL or CELTA
  • A trainable applicant
  • 18-hour weekly commitment
  • No teaching experience required

While Landi does hire from other native-speaking countries, they are currently looking for more US and Canadian teachers to fill their teaching roles. If you are eligible to work in the US or Canada and speak English at an idiomatic level, Landi is looking to hire you!

teach online course

A TEFL is not required in the interview. However, it is required before you start teaching. Therefore, it might be a good idea to get your TEFL certificate before you apply, as it might improve your starting rate.

If you are looking for a quick course to complete, The International Open Academy can be completed within a short time. Get your discount here.

Alternatively, if you are thinking about teaching as a long-term career or you are hoping to teach abroad, I highly suggest the TEFL Academy’s government-regulated level 5 course. This course will provide you with all the preparation and knowledge you need as an ESL teacher.

Technical Requirements

Landi Pay

  • Teachers earn up to $18 USD per hour
  • $13-$15 base salary
  • Bonuses and incentives available

Teachers typically earn up to $18 per hour. This includes a base rate and some bonuses and incentives provided that the

While Landi’s pay is not the most competitive, it helps that there is at least a 90% booking rate!

Classes and Scheduling

  • Teach on Landi’s platform
  • Students are between 4 to 12 years old
  • Each class is 25 minutes
  • Up to two students in each class
  • All lesson material provided
  • Classes between 6pm-9pm BJT
  • 18 hours per week minimum

Teachers don’t have to plan any lessons. Landi have their own platform and lesson materials for the teachers.

Classes are typically between 6pm-9pm (GMT+8) Sunday to Friday. Teachers must work a minimum of eighteen hours per week. Use the time converter to check the time in your country!

Classes are usually one-on-two and only twenty-five minutes long. The teacher is required to give feedback to the students after class.

Landi Application

Application Process

Landi is currently looking for ESL teachers from the US and Canada. They even give teachers a second chance to pass the hiring process if they feel they have the potential to pass.

Steps to apply to Landi:

  1. Fill out the application form here
  2. Have an interview (self-introduction and demo)
  3. Receive offer
  4. Complete the online training (self-study and assessment)
  5. Create a Landi profile
  6. Mock lesson will be conducted on the platform with student consultant

Make sure you make a good impression at the demo and self-introduction as this will determine your starting pay.

A NC briefing-Nesting coach is Landi support staff member who is assigned to help you with the process and supports you through your teaching period at Landi.

Probation is up to six weeks and the contracts are one year long.

Landi Reviews: The Pros and the Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of building your ESL teaching profile at Landi.

The Pros 

  • No lesson planning
  • A stable schedule
  • Students are fixed to the teacher
  • Helpful team with supportive Nesting Coach

Teachers enjoy seeing the same faces each week. Landi is an ideal position for those who want to earn an income while travelling, and it is considered an “easy” way to earn an income.

The class sizes are small, and the support system is there for you should you have any issues.

The Cons 

  • No advancement
  • Get up early
  • You need to be available 6 days per week

There is not much flexibility in this job, considering that teachers work six days per week. Absence or lateness may result in teachers losing bonuses.

Many teachers are unhappy with the pay, as Landi cut the pay during the pandemic.


As an independent contractor, you are responsible for paying your own taxes.


Landi English is a suitable opportunity for new or experienced teachers who wish to work online. The teacher will need to be able to dedicate at least eighteen hours per week to the role.

Teachers will be able to bond with students as they have regulars each week and therefore have more predictable hours and salaries.

If you can accept these conditions, then by all means, apply and start teaching online!

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