A Review of Lingoda (2023): Receive up to 100% Cashback

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As an online English language tutor, I am always interested to know the latest language companies and what they can offer students. Lingoda is a European online language-learning platform that has recently caught my attention.

Choosing to learn a language online can significantly improve your speaking, reading, writing, listening and pronunciation skills. It is also more convenient and flexible than traditional in-person classes.

One interesting language hack I’ve found with Lingoda is that you can receive up to 100% cashback on the language classes you have taken, which is an incredible opportunity for students and a highly motivating approach to learning.

This review explains Lingoda as a whole. It will help you decide if taking these online classes is the best option for you. Visit Lingoda here to review the class options available.

Lingoda Review Summary For Students

Lingoda offers group and private one-on-one classes for adults, with many course types to choose from. Lingoda offers a structured approach to learning using the CEFR lesson material, the international standard for language learning.

Lingoda offers English, Spanish, French, and German courses with different levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced. Lingoda also offers business English courses for those who want to learn the language for work purposes.

I think Lingoda is a good option for students looking for an online platform to learn a language. The classes are reasonably priced, and the quality of the teaching is usually good, as they only hire certified teachers with +2 years of experience.

Lingoda has been extensively reviewed and serves an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars from over four thousand reviews.

Lingoda Pros and Cons

A summary of the pros and cons of Lingoda, based on reviews:

Pros of LingodaCons of Lingoda
Live classes with native teachersMany teachers and styles of teaching
Reasonably priced coursesThe courses are only available in four languages
Downloadable lesson materialLess speaking time in larger groups (Sprint and Marathon)
They only hire certified teachers with +2 years of experienceYou can’t choose your teacher
Structured CEFR learning approach It takes up to 3 months to receive cashback
A variety of learning programs (Sprint, Marathon, etc.)You can only cancel a lesson 7 days in advance to receive a full credit refund
Schedule your classes at any time
Fun incentives like cashback for not missing a class
Customized, personal feedback and correction from a teacher
Recognized certification for CEFR level completion
7-day free trial

In-Depth Review of Lingoda

In this review of Lingoda, we will discuss more detail about the courses offered, pricing, how it compares to other online classes and more student reviews to give a true perspective of what’s involved.

What is Lingoda?

Lingoda is a German online language learning platform that offers many language learning classes. Classes are private, one-on-one, or in groups.

Lingoda celebrates diversity, languages, and culture. Founded in 2013, they now have over two hundred employees, spanning thirty countries and speaking over forty languages. They hire over 1500 native-speaking teachers, which means that the lessons are available at any time.

Lingoda offers English, Spanish, French, and German courses with different levels, from beginner to advanced. Lingoda also offers business English courses for those who want to learn the language for work purposes.

The company has won PCMag Editors’ Choice award for language learning and has been featured in top publications such as Yahoo News, Business Insider, Tech Crunch and New York Post.

Lingoda Teaching Methodology

  • Conversation topics relevant to students’ interests and lives
  • Vocabulary, grammar, conversation, reading, and writing exercises
  • Learn from a variety of teachers and a range of accents

Lingoda Pricing

Lingoda can cost anywhere from $0 per class (if you complete all the Super Sprint classes) to $42 per class (private one-on-one Business English classes). Lingoda offers discounts for longer subscriptions, so you save more by signing up for a longer duration.

If you complete all your classes in the Lingoda Super Sprint, you are entitled to up to a 100% cash refund. There are other cashback opportunities available in their Marathon program.

Lingoda Reviews 

Lingoda has been extensively reviewed by thousands of individuals and serves an average rating of 4.3/5 stars across multiple platforms, including Trustpilot and Google Reviews.

Trustpilot3,391 reviews4.3
Google Reviews837 reviews4.3
Total Rating4,228 reviews4.3
google review 2

The majority of reviewers found the teachers patient and helpful. Still, if they were not satisfied for any reason, they could rate the teacher 1/5 ‘Smiley Face Points, ‘ which automatically blocks the teacher from picking up their future classes.

The main complaints were that the class sizes could be too large at times and people who didn’t carefully read the rules for the Sprint and Marathon (and therefore were not entitled to their cashback).

An added bonus is the downloadable lesson material. The lesson material can be downloaded (with answers available), so you will be able to adequately prepare before the class.

lingoda review 2
lingoda review
lingoda review 5
lingoda review 4

Lingoda Learning Programs

Lingoda offers the Lingoda Sprint, the Lingoda Marathon, and month-to-month scheduling.

The Lingoda Sprint

The Lingoda Sprint is a three-month course that offers the opportunity to improve language skills significantly. It is available in two different intensities and offers a cashback incentive to complete the course without missing a class.

If you choose the Lingoda Sprint, you have the opportunity of earning 50% cashback if you complete the course without missing a class. If you choose their Super Sprint, you have the same flexibility and will receive 100% cashback if you complete it without missing a class!

When you push yourself with the Lingoda Sprint, you can expect more dramatic results in your language learning!


  • Sprint: $220 per month for English, French, or Spanish ($7.33 for x30 classes)
  • Sprint: $240 per month for German or Business English ($8.00 for x30 classes)

The Lingoda Marathon

The Lingoda Marathon is a learning program that takes you from beginner to advanced* in a fixed period of time. You can choose the duration of the program and the frequency of your classes to fit your busy schedule. 

A marathon lasts a minimum of 3 months but can take up to 12 months. This will allow you to develop your language learning habits over a longer period of time.

The Marathon offers measurable results after completing the program. You’ll either complete one full learning module or progress one or two levels. A “level” is a significant upgrade in your language skills, for example, from “B1” to “B2” on the CEFR scale.

As an incentive, you can earn up to $400 in cashback if you attend 90% of your classes!

*They currently offer German and English from A1 to C1 level. They offer French, Spanish, and Business English from A1 – B2.


  • Super Sprint: $370 per month for English, French, or Spanish ($6.17 for x60 classes)
  • Super Sprint: $430 per month for Business English or German ($7.17 for x60 classes)

Month-to-Month Scheduling

Month-to-month scheduling with Lingoda allows students to choose how many classes they want to take each month. This is a flexible option for people with busy lives, as they can choose to take as few as four classes per month. Classes are available in small groups of 2-4 students or 1-on-1 settings, and prices start at just $8 per class.

There is no cashback incentive offered with this program, so students don’t have to worry about promotional terms and conditions.

Pricing for Group Classes

  • $59 per month for English, French, or Spanish ($15×4 classes per month)
  • $149 per month for English, French, or Spanish ($12×12 classes per month)
  • $79 per month for Business English or German ($20×4 classes per month)
  • $199 per month for English, French, or Spanish ($17×12 classes per month)

Pricing for One-on-One Classes

  • $139 per month for English, French, or Spanish ($35×4 classes per month)
  • $329 per month for English, French, or Spanish ($27×12 classes per month)
  • $169 per month for Business English or German ($42×4 classes per month)
  • $399 per month for English, French, or Spanish ($33×12 classes per month)

How to Use Lingoda

Step 1

Choose your language of interest on their website here.

Step 2

Take a placement test to determine the level.

Step 3

Choose your learning approach: Sprint, Marathon, or month-by-month learning.

Step 4

Choose classes at any time of the day that fits your schedule.

Step 5

Before your lesson, download the PDF material in advance to review it if possible.

Step 6

After your classes, complete a short quiz and download any exercises available.

What You Need to Attend Lingoda Classes

If you don’t have a stable internet connection around your home, consider purchasing an ethernet cable that can connect to your laptop. This will give you a more reliable connection for your classes.

A webcam is optional but recommended so your teachers can see you and ask you questions. Enabling video helps the teacher understand how students find the material through the body and facial expressions and allows for more personal interaction.

CEFR Lesson Learning Materials

Lingoda offers courses for all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced. Assessing the level of the student is very important because it ensures that the student is able to understand the material and progress in their learning.

Lingoda offers a structured approach to learning using the CEFR approach to learning, which is the international standard for language learning. The CEFR system has three levels: A, B, and C. Each level is divided into two sublevels, so there are six levels in total.

‘A’ level is considered beginner, ‘B’ level is considered intermediate, and ‘C’ level is considered advanced.

The three levels are further divided into two sublevels: low and high. So, A1 is the lowest level for beginners, while C2 is the highest (master) level for advanced learners.

Your “placement test” will determine your level, and your classes will be decided from there.

As a teacher, I heavily rely on the CEFR to determine the content that is suitable for learners. For learners, it gives you a sense of achievement when you move up the levels while providing a structured approach to learning without causing overwhelm.

cefr levels

Lingoda Subscription Model

The subscription terms and conditions caught some reviewers off guard. Once the subscription is canceled, the credits can be used up until the day the next payment is due. Support can extend this time period if needed, but you will have to reach out to them first.

Reviewers have also noted that once the program ends and you have canceled any recurring subscription, the lesson material is no longer accessible. It is recommended to download all the lesson material PDFs before your subscription ends.

If you plan on completing the Sprint or Marathon, be sure to read the terms and conditions of your subscription carefully before you begin; otherwise, you may not be entitled to the full cashback refund.

Lingoda Free Trial

Lingoda offers a free trial period, which means you can choose three group classes or one private class for free. This is an excellent opportunity to try Lingoda and see if it is a good fit for you.

Try Lingoda’s 7-Day Free Trial Here.

Learning English with Lingoda?

Lingoda has partnered with Cambridge Assessment English to enable language learners to complete the Linguaskill from Cambridge test.

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Why Learn a Language Online?

In today’s globalized world, learning a new language has become more important than ever before. Communicating with people from all over the world is a valuable skill that can open up many doors, both professionally and personally.

Here are some reasons to consider learning a language online than a traditional method:

  • A convenient and effective way to learn a language
  • Online classes offer flexibility and allow you to learn at your own pace. 
  • Choose from a wide range of courses that cater to your specific needs and interests.
  • Online courses are often more affordable than traditional language classes.
  • You can learn from the comfort of your own home. 
  • You have the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world.
  • Save fuel and travel time by taking classes online.

Learning from an App Vs. Learning from Live Online Classes

While many language learning apps are available, such as Elsa Speak and Duolingo, taking live online classes offers several advantages.

When you learn from an app, you miss out on the opportunity to interact with a real person and practice your speaking skills. You also don’t get personalized feedback or attention from a qualified teacher. Depending on AI alone, learning a language can be repetitive and not accurately correct your mistakes.

Live online classes give you the opportunity to:

  • Interact with a real person in real-time
  • Get personalized feedback from your teacher
  • Benefit from qualified teachers with years of experience teaching language learners like yourself.

Lingoda Vs. iTalki

Now that we’ve gone over what Lingoda offers, let’s compare it to one of its main competitors: iTalki.

iTalki is another popular online language learning platform offering classes in over 130 languages. It mainly offers one-on-one classes, and you can select any tutor you wish.

A key difference is that Lingoda offers structured courses with specific goals and deadlines, whereas at iTalki depends on its tutors to prepare their own material for the class and teach what they see fit for the student.

This makes Lingoda a better option for students who need more structure and motivation to stay on track with their language learning goals. iTalki may better meet more specific needs as the lessons can be more personalized.

iTalki offers a big price range as tutors charge for their services at different rates. You can select the tutor that best fits your budget. Lingoda also has a range of classes and prices that are generally cheaper. They also have a cashback system that encourages students to attend more classes by offering them money back.

There are also many more languages and courses to learn on iTalki versus Lingoda. iTalki offers language learning for over 130 languages, while Lingoda focuses on just four.

Both Lingoda and iTalki have very different offerings to consider. It really depends on your needs as a student and what you’re looking for in a language-learning platform.

In Conclusion

Lingoda offers many advantages for language learners, especially if you are looking to improve your skills quickly. The courses are reasonably priced, they only hire certified and experienced teachers, and their unique Sprint program offers an incentive for students to complete the course without missing a class.

However, some drawbacks include the lack of available languages and the fact that some students may feel like they don’t have enough speaking time in large group classes.

Overall, Lingoda is a great option for those looking to learn or improve their skills in a foreign language! If you’re interested in trying Lingoda, be sure to check out their free trial period. You can learn more about their features and services and see if Lingoda is the right fit for you.

Thanks for reading! We hope this review was helpful. Have you tried Lingoda or another speaking platform? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

Caitriona Maria is an education writer and founder of TPR Teaching, crafting inspiring pieces that promote the importance of developing new skills. For 7 years, she has been committed to providing students with the best learning opportunities possible, both domestically and abroad. Dedicated to unlocking students' potential, Caitriona has taught English in several countries and continues to explore new cultures through her travels.

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