She Mocked Her Single, Aging Colleague, Crossing The Thin Line Between Banter And Bullying

She made fun of her coworker for being single and 42 years old during a heated discussion regarding how she should be taking care of her husband. Was she wrong?

Making Fun of a Single Person in Their Forties

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Is a single person entitled to an opinion on another person’s marriage?

Usually, certain questions in marriage are decisions best left to the happy couple. However, this young woman was at odds with her husband’s coworker over unsolicited advice.

Her Husband Took Her Surname

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According to the online retelling of the incident, the conflict began when this woman’s husband notified his workplace of his decision to take his wife’s surname.

Once the husband’s colleagues discovered the change, the group was divided in opinion. Although some found it hilarious, there was also a group who was mortally offended by the affront to tradition. 

Some Workers Found it Distasteful

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Enter Brenda, her husband’s coworker. Per the social media user’s account, Brenda made it abundantly clear to everyone that she disapproved of the husband’s choice of surname.

The extent of Brenda’s disapproval became readily apparent throughout all her interactions with the wife, especially in the husband’s workplace group chat.

The Workers Had an Active Group Chat

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For workers had an active group chat. The group chat was a convenient way to contact other coworkers directly and organize rides when necessary. “Multiple spouses are in the chat for the same reasons,” the wife explained.

“It is very helpful to us, so we can’t leave the chat,” she wrote, and added, “Since he changed his name, my husband and I have been dealing with a lot of dumb jokes in the chat, which we have been mostly ignoring.”

They Posted in The Group Chat

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However, tensions between Brenda and the online user quickly boiled over after the wife requested a ride for her husband in the group chat.

“I messaged the group asking if someone could take my husband home since I wouldn’t be back from work until late and needed the car,” she recalled.

After another coworker agreed to the favor, the wife did not think more about the matter.

Brenda Had a Snide Remark

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On the other hand, Brenda decided to reply in the group chat: “Maybe if you spent less time at work and more time being a wife, your husband wouldn’t come to work with dirty shirts.” 

At first, the online user chose to take the comment as a bad joke. Her husband was a rural mail carrier, and his shirts looked like they were “worn by someone in 90-degree heat on dusty roads.”

“I do wash them, but there’s only so much to be done,” she clarified in her online post.

To Brenda’s text message, the wife replied: “I could make cleaning those shirts my full-time job, and it wouldn’t do much, lol [laughing out loud].”

Brenda Wouldn’t Back Down

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Undeterred, Brenda doubled down in her following response: “You won’t be married very long if you keep trying to be the man in the relationship. I’d be embarrassed as a wife if I did so little for my husband.”

At this criticism, the wife snapped back: “Well, I work more hours and pay the bills, so I think he can Oxyclean his own shirts if it’s so important.”

The Spat Continued

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Brenda only reiterated her previous sentiments in the group chat: “Maybe you should learn to take proper care of your husband, or you’ll find yourself divorced.”

Fed up with Brenda’s unsolicited advice, the wife dealt the final blow: “I’ll let you know when I need relationship advice from someone who is 42 and single.”

Brenda Was Upset After the Incident

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After this uncomfortable text exchange, Brenda allegedly complained at the office that she had been “mocked” for being partnerless in her forties.

“I don’t care if someone is single in their 40s,” the wife defended herself, “but I think it’s absolute b******* that she can call me a bad wife, but I can’t point out she has no frame of reference.”

Social Media Responds to The Incident

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In her Reddit post, public opinion soon came to a unanimous consensus: “What the heck, Brenda? Mind your own single business,” reads the top-voted comment.

Others accused Brenda of an ulterior motive: “It sounds like Brenda wants to be the one who starches OP’s husband’s collars.”

Another user joked in reply: “Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”

One Redditor recommended: “For the future, don’t engage. Simply say something like, ‘Your remarks are inappropriate. I will not lower myself and respond to such comments.’” When the wife responded that she had tried, others insisted: “You have to keep doing it. Train her out of that a***ole behavior like you’d train a pet.”

Non-Traditional Surname Changes Can Be a Pain

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Fellow spouses also commiserated over the logistics of non-traditional surname changes: “I took my wife’s last name back in 2017. 3.5 years on, she gets letters from the bank addressed to ‘Mrs. Mylastname’. We’ve clarified twice that she never changed her name, but it still happens.”

In The End

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Guilt assuaged by the public’s overwhelming support, the wife provided final updates.

For those concerned about her husband’s feelings over the confrontation, she revealed, “After reading the exchange, he sent me a text saying, “Sometimes I forget you’re a hard little b**** who takes no prisoners. I’m so proud, lol.” 

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