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Magic Ears is an online ESL company that enables teachers to work from home while earning an income. Magic Ears provides educational services to millions of children aged between 4-12 years old across China.

In this article, we discuss the Magic Ears pay in 2021, which can help you reach your financial goals and determine the number of hours you need to work every month.

Basically, different factors determine an individual’s pay; the base pay and the bonus pay. The bonuses are easily attainable, so teachers should be able to earn a $19 USD minimum per hour and a maximum of $24 USD per hour.

Teach at Magic Ears

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Pay Structure

This is what makes up the Magic Ears pay structure:

  • base pay
  • participation bonus
  • peak-time bonus

Base Pay

The base pay is divided into three tiers: bronze, gold and platinum. The base pay is $7.50-$10 USD per class. Remember, each class is twenty-five minutes. This rate is determined by an applicant’s credentials, not the demo.

Bronze: $7.50

If you meet all the basic requirements, your base rate will be $7.50 per class. This is the equivalent of $15 USD per hour before bonuses.

Teach English Online

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Silver: $8.50

If you have taught three thousand classes with other online teaching companies, you will be rewarded the gold tier. This is the equivalent of $17 USD per hour before bonuses.

Platinum: $10

If you have taught five thousand online classes with other ESL companies and hold a BA or higher in English language teaching, early childhood education, or special education, you are entitled to this pay rate. This is the equivalent of $20 USD per hour before bonuses.

Participation Bonus

If you arrive at least one minute early to each class and teach the lesson as scheduled, you are eligible to receive a $1 USD bonus per class. This means teachers can earn an extra $2 USD per hour.

You may also cancel less than 21 classes per month within the twenty-four timeframe before class begins.

Peak Time Bonus

If you open more than sixty classes in peak hours per month, you are eligible to receive $1 USD for each class you teach. This means that teachers can easily earn an extra $2 per hour.

Participation Bonus+Peak Time Bonus

Therefore, with the low-hanging bonuses, teachers should be able to earn $4 USD on top of their base pay, bringing their income to approximately $19-$24 per hour. Not bad!

Teaching Standby Classes

Teachers who are willing to take classes at the last minute can I apply to teach the standby classes. If teachers sign up for standby classes, it means that if another teacher cancelled their schedule they will be given their classes.

Standby teachers are entitled to a $2 bonus per class, but this is not in addition to the peak-time bonus and the participation bonus.

If teachers are not booked for their standby hours, Magic Ears will pay the teachers $5 for making themselves available during that time period.

Some common questions about Magic Ears pay answered!

How Much Does Magic Ears Pay?

$7.50-$12 USD per class
$15-$24 USD per hour

Magic Ears pay up to $26 per hour. You will want to consider your base rate and bonus rate when calculating what kind of income to expect every hour.

How Do I Handle My Taxes?

Magic Ears teachers are considered independent contractors. This means that teachers are responsible for their own taxes. Magic Ears doesn’t provide tax documents, and taxes depend on the taxpayer’s state and federal law.

How Often Does Magic Ears Pay?

Magic Ears pays once per month, around the 10th of each month. Payslips have to be signed and submitted by at least the 8th of the month to receive your payment. If you earn $50 or less, your pay is combined with next month’s earnings.

How Does Magic Ears Pay?

Magic Ears pays via Paypal. You have to earn at least $51 in the month to receive a payout. Otherwise, the payment roles over to the next month.

When Can You Get a Pay Raise?

Teachers can get a pay raise upon contract renewal.

The pay raise is determined according to rank. There are four ranks at Magic Ears: sophomore, junior, senior, and magic master. All teachers start at the lowest rank when they first start at Magic Ears but can quickly work their way up.

The Magic Ears ranking system is determined by the number of hours worked and teacher performance.

When the teacher has been working at Magic Ears long enough, they are eligible to receive a pay raise and take secondary positions in the organization.

Other Ways to Earn at Magic Ears

  • Exchange carrots for cash rewards
  • Refer other teachers

Teachers earn “carrots” for completing classes and teaching at popular timeslots. When the time comes to receive a raise, a certain number of carrots is sometimes required to earn the raise.

If there are any carrots left, the teachers are entitled to exchange these carrots for cash. This can rack up quite a bit of cash overtime, especially by teaching at the peak hours as determined by Magic Ears.

Some teachers refer others to teach at Magic Ears. This can actually be very worthwhile and is paid along with the monthly pay. If the applicant gets hired and starts teaching, the teacher can earn a very good bonus, usually $100 USD or more.

In Conclusion

Magic Ears is a legitimate way to earn money online. There is a high earning potential and 2021 looks just as promising.

There is no reason why teachers can’t make a minimum of $19 per hour teaching online with Magic Ears. If you have plenty of experience teaching ESL online already, you should be able to strive for $21 per hour.

If you haven’t already, check my Magic Ears Review to learn more about what is involved working at Magic Ears.

Teach at Magic Ears

New to Magic Ears? Apply to Magic Ears here. Email to confirm your application and for additional help and guidance to ensure you are hired!

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