How To Make Nouns More Gender Inclusive

In today’s diverse and inclusive world, language plays a crucial role in reflecting respect and equality for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity.

Gender-Inclusive Nouns

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Springfield College, a private university in Massachusetts, shared its stance on gender identity in an article discussing the basic dos and don’ts of addressing an individual in today’s generation.

They released a list of gender-inclusive nouns one can use in everyday conversation.


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Gendered noun: mankind

Gender-inclusive noun: people, human beings, humanity


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Gendered noun: freshman

Gender-inclusive noun: first-year student


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Gendered noun: man-made

Gender-inclusive noun: machine-made, synthetic, artificial


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Gendered noun: chairman

Gender-inclusive noun: chair, chairperson, coordinator, head


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Gendered noun: mailman/postman

Gender-inclusive noun: mail carrier, letter carrier, postal worker


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Gendered noun: policeman

Gender-inclusive noun: police officer


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Gendered noun: fireman

Gender-inclusive noun: firefighter


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Gendered noun: sister/brother

Gender-inclusive noun: sibling


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Gendered noun: salesman

Gender-inclusive noun: salesperson, sales associate


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Gendered noun: steward, stewardess

Gender-inclusive noun: flight attendant


Have a Good Evening Alternatives

Gendered noun: waiter, waitress

Gender-inclusive noun: server


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Gendered noun: congressman

Gender-inclusive noun: legislator, congressional representative


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Gendered noun: boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife

Gender-inclusive noun: partner, spouse, significant other


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Gendered noun: mother/father

Gender-inclusive noun: parent


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Gendered noun: son/daughter

Gender-inclusive noun: child, kid

Springfield College’s Goal

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Presenting the alternatives that can be utilized for gender-inclusivity, Springfield College expressed its goal through a statement in its study.

“Springfield College is committed to valuing and validating the gender identity and expression of members of the campus community.”

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