Man Gifts Girlfriend DNA Test for Christmas, Accidently Exposing Family Secret Hidden For 30 Years

It started with a simple gift. A boyfriend shared in a social media post how he may have inadvertently blown up his girlfriend’s entire family.

A Christmas Gift

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Last Christmas, after scouring the internet for ideas, he decided to gift his girlfriend a DNA test.

What’s in a DNA Test Kit?

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Tests like 23andMe and AncestryDNA have risen in popularity in recent years.

These tests offer access to potential disease factors that can guide people toward healthier choices.

They also provide genealogy information that connects long-lost relatives all across the globe.

It Was Supposed To Be A Great Gift

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It’s the latter that proved the problem.

“Today I f***ed up by getting my [girlfriend] a DNA test for Christmas,” the original poster (OP) started his post. “Her mom and dad thought it was a great gift.”

Everything Looked Good At First

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A few months ago, OP’s girlfriend finally got around to using the gift.

These tests require mailing the DNA sample, usually saliva, to a processing lab before receiving the results.

The Results Were Okay, Except for One Thing

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“When she finally got the results, she was looking through the health section first. Everything looked good.”

Things got a little weird in the genealogy section.

They Began To Worry

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To understand how OP’s gift threatened the fabric of his girlfriend’s family, it is important to understand how the family section of these tests works.

According to the 23andMe website, its Family Tree feature will be “automatically built from your DNA relationships.”

The more people in a family that use the kit, the larger the family tree. The service will help you “discover people who share your DNA.”

An Unexpected Relative

said too much

As OP’s girlfriend reviewed the family section, she spotted familiar names. “Grandma, check. Grandpa, check. Mom, check. Half-sister, check—wait, what?!”

She definitely would have recalled having a half-sister. What was happening?

The Search Begins

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The girlfriend looked up her half-sister and didn’t recognize the girl at all. However, she noticed a few familiar names within the half-sister’s circle.

She looked up the girl’s father and jotted his name down.

An Awkward Conversation

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OP’s girlfriend did what any logical person with a surprise sibling might do: she called her mom. “Mom, do I have a half-sister?”

Her mother laughed at the ridiculous question. “Why would you have a half-sister, honey?”

Then came the bombshell question.

“Do You Know A John Smith?”

woman on phone arguing

The line went eerily quiet. After several long, awkward moments of silence, the girlfriend’s mother said, “What about him?” Her tone had changed entirely. The phone call was no longer funny and lighthearted.

Another Long Silence

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The girlfriend explained that she was on the 23andMe website and shared the results with her mother. Another dreadfully long silence followed.

“Have You Said Anything To Your Father?”

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Her mother’s question was not at all the response the girlfriend expected. After assuring her mother that she hadn’t told anyone, she launched into the story.

What Went On One Weekend

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OP listened to the call. “Apparently, her mom and dad had ‘taken a break’ for a weekend.”

During that break, the mom “hooked up” with an ex-boyfriend. Days later, she and the dad got back together.

The Truth Comes Out

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The mom found out she was pregnant and, based on the possible time frame, suspected it was the ex-boyfriend’s child.

She kept that secret for thirty years and now needs her daughter to do the same.

A New Sibling, A New Dad, And A Lot Of New Questions

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OP’s girlfriend is at a crossroads. She’s learned her father isn’t her father and has no clue what to do with this information.

Figuring out her feelings is hard enough without the added pressure of secrecy.

Will she contact her newly discovered family? Should she tell her “dad” the truth?

She Followed Her Mom

top secret

Despite many comments encouraging the girlfriend to tell the truth, OP says the family is currently “sweeping it under the rug.”

She hopes to move away from her family and their “small town” mindset one day—and leave behind all the drama.

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