He Hates His Wife’s New Job, as He Is Stuck With the Chores and Childcare

While most husbands encourage their wives to pursue career development, a recent case has taken a contradictory turn.

For one man, the reality of his wife’s career move has profoundly impacted their home and family life. This has created challenges that he finds difficult to ignore despite his wife’s opposing perspective.

In a viral social media post, a husband dejectedly turned to the internet for advice and to ask if he was wrong for telling his wife that he hates her new job. 

Wife Works from Home…and That Works for Everybody

Succinctly explaining his home situation, the man explains that in their late thirties, his wife and he have three children, aged 10, eight, and six.

His wife had been able to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed her to balance more home responsibilities, like picking up children from school and general housework.

Though his wife was never required to return to work, the man reveals that she jumped at the opportunity when a recruiter called her about a new job.

“It would be a nice step up in her career path as well as a boost in pay,” he writes.

The drawback? Working from home was not an option; the commute would take 45 minutes.

New Job, New Demands: Husband is far From Enthusiastic

“I expressed my concerns about how this would impact our daily lives,” the man said, adding that he didn’t think the bump in pay was worth the major change to their daily lives.

Working full-time himself, he felt that the new demand for his wife’s time would negatively affect the little time they have together as a family.

Assuring her husband that the family would soon adjust to the change, the wife was hopeful about the new role. 

“I told her that I would never tell her not to take the job,” the man admits. “Ultimately, the decision was hers.”

The wife then went on to accept the position.

Changes are Hard on the Family

After 10 weeks in the new job, the husband tiredly shares his displeasure at the changes they have had to make.

“To say it has been an adjustment is an understatement. She wakes up and leaves before the kids even get up. She’ll help get a few things ready for them before she goes, but the entire morning kid routine is on me.”

The husband adds that he is now responsible for both dropping off and picking up their children instead of his previous chore of drop-offs alone.

“Evenings have been a huge mess because I get home and try to get the kids distracted while I start dinner.” He also writes that his wife, upon returning home, needs 15 minutes of peace to calm down after a stressful commute home. 

“I Hate It So Far.” Husband is Unimpressed

He notes that his wife now eats dinner alone before going to bed. 

“I told her that I feel her new job has put an unfair amount of household and childcare duties on me and that she is being far less present in our lives when she’s home,” the man says.

After sharing his feelings, his wife told him that he just needed more time to adjust to the changes.

“I told her that 10 weeks is a pretty good adjustment period, and I hate it so far,” the husband says bluntly.

His wife responded to his sentiment simply by saying he was an unsupportive jerk.

Responses are Divided

The internet appears divided in response as they digest the information included in the Reddit post.

“I was ready to say you’re an a–hole until I read through the whole thing,” one user commented. Curiously, almost 500 people agree with the statement. 

“The dynamic is not working,” another user says.

Yet one more adds, “Prior to this job, the wife WAS present in the home and doing these things. It’s the sudden lack of help and/or brand new responsibilities that OP is struggling with.”

Nobody Wins Here

Though the debate was consistent in the post’s comment section, the ultimate conclusion was the term ‘everyone sucks,’ indicating that neither party was coming off well.

“You two are talking past each other,” one person summarized. “You say you wanted to come up with solutions, and you don’t suggest any actual solutions. She was dismissive of your concerns and also didn’t suggest any solutions.”

The final suggestion of help was that home help be outsourced with the wife’s now-increased salary. While many agreed with the solution, the original poster has not yet confirmed if they will explore this option. 


This article was produced by TPR Teaching. Original Source. 

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