Manycam Review – is Manycam Worth it in 2022?

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Want smooth live-stream video calls? As an ESL teacher, I found that using Manycam was a great way to conduct lessons online.

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What is Manycam?

Manycam is downloadable software suitable for live-streaming conferencing, teaching and consulting. You can share files, add video effects and share your screen for an amazing online experience.

For teachers, It offers a unique way to teach online. It is a professional way to enhance student learning experience so you can produce quality ESL lessons, therefore putting yourself ahead of the teaching competition.

Is Manycam Legit?

The short answer is YES, Manycam is legit. It has been downloaded over 80 million times worldwide and has acquired 12 interface languages. Manycam is one of the most popular live streaming software available.

What can you use Manycam for?

There are over 10,000 effects and digital assets available on Manycam. It may take a little preparation to adjust to the new features. If you are an online teacher, you can use these instead of props. Try adding some of these features:

1. Color Adjustment

You can change the brightness, contrast and saturation of your webcam.

You cna also change the color balance for reds, greens and blues.

This allows you to add more light when it is dark inside, or less light if you should feel the need.

Because I sit beside the window and I look quite pale, I have to adjust the brightness to look better on screen during class time.

Webcam Color Adjustment

2. Add Awesome Effects

One of the main benefits for ESL teachers is that they can add cool effects to their webcam livestream, photos and videos.

Manycam adds real-time effects that can make the class even more enjoyable for the student. You can find pictures for almost every topic, from emojis, to animals, to gifs. These effects can be used to elicit understanding, expand on a topic or make the students laugh.

You can add some of the built-in effects or you can find new effects to add to the classroom.  You can find any picture effect in an instant by simply using the search bar.

Gifs and Pictures

You can pull up pictures and moving gifs using the effects feature. Simply search what you are looking for, or click into the individual folders.

I uploaded a picture of myself from Bitmoji app. I got the other pictures from a simple search.

Adding pictures like this is useful when you are trying to explain something or keep the little kids’ attention. That being said, it can also be used for adults. You can find all kinds of picture effects.

Virtual Gifs and Pictures

Face Masks

I know there is a debate in the ESL world about entertaining versus teaching students online. Some argue that as teachers, they shouldn’t have to entertain students.

While I agree that you should teach with your own style, I think there are ways to make the class even more fun without much effort at all. The face masks add an entertaining factor to the class.

Even if you were the unfunniest person in the world, I guarantee you, even YOU can make the students laugh by using these face masks.

You can use it to teach vocabulary or add suspense and spontaneity.

Virtual Face Masks

Face Accessories

Like face masks, the face accessories add an entertaining factor. Dress up for an important event, show off your style, play around.

You don’t have to over-utilise these effects in class, but they can be used to add some drama. Maybe today you are role-playing as Ms. Williams in the pink hat.

Virtual Accessories for Webcam

Download More Effects

You can find virtually everything you need from the Manycam library.

  • Click the download button, which is the downwards arrow in the picture below.
  • A new window will pop up that will allow you to search for whatever you are looking for.
  • This can be done quite quickly, even in the middle of class. Hover over the image you want and click download.
  • The image will automatically be added to your camera.
  • The plus (+) button is used to add files from your computer. Favorite your best pictures, so you can easily find them.
  • They can be found by clicking the heart, which is found to the right of the magic wand.
Manycam Most Popular Effects

3. Add Backgrounds

You can download various backgrounds and use them in class. This is good for showing students a picture that you might want to ask them questions about.

You can also create your own backgrounds and upload them.

You might like to have a goodbye slide or standby slide before your class begins. You can easily switch between slides using the slider marked in red below.

Manycam Background

3. Add More Media

Time to get very creative! If you right click the slides below, you have the option to add media files, URLs or share your screen. Maybe you want to pull up homework or review an old slide. Or you are going freelance and you want to create unique lessons for your students. This is certainly one way to do it!

Manycam Add Media

Download Manycam

4. Drawing

Using Manycam’s drawing feature, you can draw on your screen. You can choose the size and colour of your drawing tool. You can basically use your Manycam as a personal whiteboard. Add effects or whatever you like to your virtual whiteboard.

Manycam Drawing

5. Text

You can also add text. Simply turn on the text tool and select the size and colour. You can add an effect to the text, such as having the text flash on your screen or scroll from left to right.

If it helps, you can blur your screen before you add text so you can see it a little better. You could also paint the background white, so that you can write more easily.

Manycam Text

6. Green Screen Feature

The Chroma Key, or Green Screen Feature, can be applied to any background. You can check out there Manycam’s help and support to find out more about this feature. This shows you how to set up your Green Screen if you are a Vipkid or iTutorgroup teacher.

Manycam Green Screen

It’s the most reliable way in Manycam to remove your entire background and add whatever effect you wish. 

It will save you from buying expensive video equipment, if you do enjoy making this kind of content. Manycam is much more affordable.

loading videos
Loading Videos…

7. The Time Feature

The time feature is suitable if you have bored students and want to create a game, or race.

Simply add the time, turn the timer on and start the countdown! I like to use this when I am getting students to summarize a story they’ve learned and add some fun. There is also a stopwatch and clock, so if you want, you can use these too.

Manycam Time

Download Manycam

8. Lower-Thirds

Lower thirds is used to display your credentials, such as your name and title, on the bottom of the screen in real-time. This may not be a feature that teachers need but still worth knowing about. 

Manycam Lower Thirds

9. Recording

Manycam Video Sources

Manycam has a huge list of supported video sources for broadcasting, in comparison to similar apps:

  • Webcam
  • Game
  • IP Camera
  • Mobile Apps
  • Media Files
  • YouTube URL
  • Web source URL
  • RTMP
  • Desktop

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Recording Modes

There are 5 recording modes for the desktop app:

  • Fullscreen
  • Area under cursor
  • App window
  • App area
  • Custom area (unavailable in the Free version)
Manycam Desktop Settings

You can add some effects to the desktop screening, such as animated mouse clicks. There are also options to select a color and draw over the desktop screen when you purchase Manycam Pro. The hardware acceleration feature allows you to reduce CPU load during recording.

ManyCam Pricing

You can start with the free version and see if Manycam is for you before you consider upgrading.

Individuals (Annual)$0$39 $27$69 $49$99 $69
Individuals (Lifetime)$0$79 $54$149 $97$199 $129
Picture in picture 1 modeYesYesYes
Desktop captureLimitedYesYesYes
Lower thirdsYesYesYesYes
No Manycam watermarksNoYesYesYes
Video recordingYesYesYesYes
Mobile app includedYesYesYesYes
NDI SupportYesYesYesYes
Add custom watermarkNoYesYesYes
RTMP Stream11UnlimitedUnlimited
MJPEG IP CameraYesYesYesYes
Virtual BackgroundsNoNoYesYes
Background BlurNoNoYesYes
Chroma KeyNoNoYesYes
Priority supportNoNoNoYes

How do I use ManyCam?

You don’t need another monitor to use ManyCam, I just pull it up while I’m speaking to students on the same laptop. It may take some time to get used to it, so I suggest learning a little bit each day to get the hang of it.

To avoid tech issues and stop my laptop from slowing down, I set my Manycam to 25fps and 1080p. Play around with these settings if you are having trouble.

Find out more information about how to use Manycam here: Manycam for Online Teaching.

Teach English Online

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Why should I use Manycam?

A lot of teachers may not feel they need this extra tool but it really does make a difference to your teaching. Any time you have students resistant to learning, Manycam is a godsend. It really makes you stand out from other teachers, and you don’t have to rely on physical props- the props are essentially built into Manycam itself!

  • Students Want to Learn: It encourages students to learn, even students resistant to learning
  • No More Boring Lessons: It creates a more spontaneous lesson, even when you have poor lesson material
  • Rewards System: You can use it as a rewards system. Award them with emojis, virtual ice-cream and more
  • No more Props: It replaces props, you no longer have to lug around printed props and realia!
  • Perfect for Travelling: more professional-looking background, so you don’t have to prepare your physical background!
  • Entertaining: Students are more engaged and have fun
  • Unique Teaching Style: Students are more likely to remember you and your unique teaching style
  • Get More Students: Can provide teachers with a competitive edge
  • Makes Teaching Easier: useful and efficient for every class
  • Teaching Platforms: compatible most teaching platforms, including, but not limited to- Cambly, iTutor, Dada, SayABC, VIPKid etc.

How to install

After installing, Manycam will automatically detect your available audio devices and webcams.

They are running a special offer at the moment with minimum of $10 off, while I paid full price.

Please follow all the technical guidelines: How Do I Use Manycam in 2022

ManyCam Review

I highly recommend ManyCam, especially if you are an online teacher. Make sure that your computer has at least an i5 processor and 8GB RAM. You can start by downloading the free version and then upgrade to remove the ManyCam logo and get the additional features.

If you are serious about succeeding as an online English teacher, I don’t know why you wouldn’t get this. It makes my job much easier and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made as a teacher. When it’s time to renew my subscription, I will probably get the lifetime one.

I’d give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars because it can take some time to get used to and it’s a struggle finding picture effects without using the search tab to find exactly what you’re looking for. It also slows down my computer sometimes, when I am trying to load too many things at once.

Manycam Review

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