Attendees Expected to Pay For “Gross” Food at Kid’s Birthday Party

For most parents, an invitation to another kid’s birthday party comes with a set of reasonable expectations: there will be games, there will be presents, and there will be food.

One TikTok user was surprised, however, when they took their kid to a birthday party and discovered they had to (literally!) pay the price.

In July, Kaci Hancock, who uploads videos under the handle @bougiewhitetrash, was unexpectedly asked to pay for her kid’s food at another child’s birthday party. The incident allegedly took place at Conroe’s Incredible Pizza, located in Conroe, Texas. 

Mandatory Food Bill

When playtime was over, and it came time to eat, Hancock had to spend $9.99 on her child’s all-you-can-eat meal. She expressed her dismay on a social media post that has gone viral, accumulating over 700,000 views and 300 comments since it was uploaded.

“Took my kid to a birthday party,” Hancock wrote in white text over images of the buffet. “Adults had to pay $9.99 each since the pizza buffet is mandatory.”

Was It Even Worth It?

Pictures and videos of the buffet reveal a rather barren and unappetizing selection of main courses and sides, where savory dishes like tuna fish salad are served alongside desserts like banana puddings. A walk-through of the venue shows pizza platters with very few slices left, the remaining ones haphazardly thrown atop each other.

Hancock even shared a photo of a tray full of what resembled neon-yellow goop and brown pie crust, with the skeptical heading, “‘APPLE’ cobbler.”

“I ate saltines,” the frustrated mom concluded at the end of her video.

In the caption, Hancock described the food as “#gross” and “#inedible”—something evident even without images of the hot dog station, which the mom says she forgot to photograph.

@bougiewhitetrash I forgot to get a picture of the hot dog station. #gross #inedible #birthdayparty #traphousepizza #pizza #unwanted #covercharge ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Social Media Users Responded to The Video

Fellow TikTok users were not only shocked by the substandard quality of the food but also by the fact that Hancock was even expected to pay at all.

“Since when do the birthday parents not take a total headcount and cover the cost?” wondered social media user Arri B. (@xbaisdenx). They added in a follow-up comment: “If you can’t afford a party, throw it at home or keep it in budget.”

Although most would expect the parents to foot the bill for their children’s birthday parties, some users accepted that the current cost of living crisis means making adjustments in party-planning. Even Hancock herself recognized that her issue was really with the dismal quality of the food offered: “I’m not digging on the family—I’m talking about the gross food at the place.”

“That apple cobbler,” commented another user (@brick_shaped). 

To which Hancock replied:  “I wondered, since it appeared to be radioactive, that if I ate some, I might become a superhero. I didn’t test that theory.”

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Multiple TikTok users recognized Conroe’s Incredible Pizza as the venue featured in the video for its signature decoration and culinary offerings. “I knew it was the one in Conroe. My standards are low, but dang, was it bad when we went a few years ago,” wrote another user.

Conroe’s Incredible Pizza advertises itself as an “all-you-can eat buffet and family entertainment” venue on its Facebook page, where the business frequently shares images promoting its senior specials and other discounts. According to their website, their menu offers “piping hot pizza” and “something new and fresh” every day for their main courses. Their desserts, including the infamous cobbler, promise to “satisfy every sweet tooth.”

“You can call that ‘thing’ at the end a lot of things,” declared one disgusted TikTok user. “‘Apple cobbler’ is not one of them 🤢”

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