Mom Humiliates 18-Year-Old Daughter For Not Being Married Yet— Telling Her She Needs To Pay Her Own Way

At 18, Hailey pursued university independently, expecting parental pride. A trip to Mexico unveiled her mother’s disapproval of her choices.

She’s the Only single Daughter

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Hailey is the youngest of three sisters. Both her older sisters, Hannah and Hope, got married at eighteen. Now in their mid-twenties, the sisters have their own lives and children. They built their own holiday traditions, and no one spent Christmas with their parents.

bringing a family tradition back

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This year, Hailey’s first year of undergrad, the sisters had a change of heart. The family used to go on vacation together every year, and Hailey’s mother wanted to resurrect the annual travels. She planned a trip for herself and Hailey’s father. She told her daughters she was “planning a wonderful vacation to Mexico”.

Her older sisters Joined

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Hope immediately asked to tag along. She’s expecting a baby soon and it would be her and her husband’s last child-free trip. Since Hope’s husband makes good money, the middle sister offers to pay her own way. Her mother was more than happy to let the couple join.

Well, where one sister went, the other soon followed. Hannah and her husband dropped their three kids off with the in-laws and, also agreeing to pay their way, added their names to the trip’s growing roster.

What About Her?

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Hailey realized her whole family would be away for the holidays. Her first Christmas back from college would be spent entirely alone. Naturally, she reached out to her mother and asked if she too could join.

Now, Hailey doesn’t have a great job. She is paying her way through school with a fast-food job. No second income. No husband to support her. She assumed her parents would pay her way.

Her mother had different views.

reality bites

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Hailey chose not to get married. This caused “a bit of a contentious period” with her mother, who felt the girl wasn’t thinking enough about her future. Hailey’s mother told her she “could come if she must”. However, she made it clear that Hailey would have to foot the bill. “This was a couples’ vacation,” her mother said, “And if she must come, she must pay for her own room.”

She’s Her Least Favorite Daughter

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It was a cruel, inconsiderate statement. Hailey worked incredibly hard to make ends meet. Her sisters were quite a few years older and had husbands who paid for everything. Hailey had always felt like her mother’s least favorite child, and this unfair situation further cemented that belief.

Her mother didn’t think of it as unfair, though. Quite the opposite, she argued that it made sense for Hailey to pay since her sisters were paying.

She Tried to Compromise

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Hailey managed to piece together about half the cost of the trip. She pitched this to her mother, asking the woman to meet her halfway. She wasn’t in as good a financial position as her sisters—surely half was reasonable. But when she presented the offer to her mother, the woman shut that down.

“That is one of the simple truths of not being married yet,” her mother reminded her upon rejecting the partial payment.

It was not worth it

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Despite Hailey’s father arguing to support his daughter, her mother refuses to budge. Hailey decided that, ultimately, the vacation was beyond her means and not worth putting up with her mother’s demeaning, old-fashioned views.

Social Media Users react

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Social media commenters addressed their outrage at Hailey’s mother directly. “Your daughter is 18. She’s a college freshman. Of course, she doesn’t have money to pay for a foreign vacation,” one person raged at Hailey’s mom.

“And as for your vile toxic “think of your future” garbage, she is thinking of her future. That’s why she’s in college, getting an education. Her future doesn’t have to be secured by latching on to some man at the earliest possible moment.”

What Are You Thinking?

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Others were baffled by the mother’s backward thinking. “So you want your 18-year-old daughter to get married, so she’ll have someone to pay for vacations?”

She’s Built Different

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Regardless of the mother’s disparaging statements, Hailey’s hard work impressed many. “She doesn’t even have the chance to make as much as [her sisters], since she’s in school and has no combined income. Even so, she has her own job and is paying for college on her own, and she even offered to pay for half of it. She clearly has a strong work ethic.”

What Happens Next?

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It remains to be seen whether Hailey will join the family or not. Seeing the support for Hailey and the disdain for the mother’s harsh treatment could change things for the better. Perhaps all Hailey’s mother needs is a reality check in the form of internet shaming.

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