Mom Cancels Homework So Her Child Can Live a Stress-Free Life: Was She Wrong?

A mom revealed that she had opted her third-grade daughter out of homework due to the physical and mental stress it causes her. The mother noted that her daughter is already at school seven hours a day, so she doesn’t need to have additional work in the evenings.

In the video, the mother reveals that public elementary schools cannot legally mandate homework. She decided to exempt her daughter from it because it “stresses her out” and “causes her complete anxiety.”

“We’re not doing this to be difficult; we are doing this for her mental well-being,” the mother explained.

Family Time and Hobbies Are More Important

So what will the daughter be doing instead in the evenings? According to the mother, the daughter has thirty minutes to do any additional work outside of school. This will compose of twenty minutes of reading, followed by ten minutes of working on whatever homework was provided.

“For us, it is important after spending that much time at school that she has time to do things she enjoys and then when she comes home, family time,” the mother stated.

The mother claims to value her daughter’s education, but “forcing her” to do 1-2 hours of homework each night is “not an option” for their family.

Giving Homework Can Negatively Affect Kids

According to a study, students in high-achieving communities who devote too much time to homework suffer from greater stress and physical health issues and struggle to find a work-life balance. They also spend more time alone and fail to build important social skills.

Spending more than two hours on homework per night can be counterproductive, as per the findings of the research conducted by a Stanford researcher.

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The “No Homework” Rule Has Helped Her Daughter in the Past

The mother observed that her daughter did not have to do homework last year, and the family noticed an improvement in her mental health and overall well-being. The family hopes to continue those standards moving forward.

Social Media Responds to the Video

The video was met with mixed reactions from viewers. Some praised the mother for her decision, while others felt skipping homework would result in poorer academic performance.

One user commented, “Yes, I agree it should be like this… kids are feeling overwhelmed hours at school to come home and not work!”

“Does any working parent go home after an 8-hour shift and do more work? Heck no. So why are kids expected to do more after school?” one person questioned.

One user argued, “I disagree with this! I feel that homework teaches responsibility, and if parents get more involved with their children and create incentives.”

“I’d rather time my children are home with me be spent enjoying time together, not doing more school work after being in school for 7 hours,” one person responded.

“Less homework means less practice and lower grades,” another user responded.

As for this mother and her daughter, opting out of homework appears to be the right choice.

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