Mom’s 1-Star Complaint About Bus Transportation Backfired Spectacularly

In a viral post on social media titled “School bus isn’t a chauffeur … SMH,” one person who has since deleted their account posted a screenshot of an online review.

In the review, an unnamed woman complains about the inconvenience of walking her child to the bus stop, only to be lambasted by, not only the school’s transportation director, but over 240 social media users in the comments. 

The School Does Not Seem To Care About Student Safety

In the one-star review, the woman said she felt as though she was “having to protest for better bus transportation” and complained that the school is “very inconsiderate of their students’ safety.”

“The school transportation director insist[sic] on picking my 6-year-old up in the mornings from across the street of a busy intersection near a plaza parking lot. Instead of putting[sic] her up in front of my apartment complex entrance,” the woman said.

“No one showed any concern or care about the situation.”

Transport Director Insists Routes Are Planned To Save Time

“Our school is a charter school that serves students from all over [redacted] and surrounding counties. We carefully plan our routes to be efficient, attempting to keep the travel time as short as we can with such long distances,” the transport director said in a response to the review.

The director explains that due to having such a large area of service, stops must be chosen to maximize the number of students that can be picked up at one time in order to make things equitable for any student who attends the school. 

The Requested Additional Stop Is Not Ideal

“The stop you requested was not a safe place for the bus to sit and wait, so we could not add that to the route,” the director goes on to say, before closing by pointing out how silly the woman is being.

“However, we hope that having a bus stop in the parking lot so close to your home allows you to conveniently bring your child to the stop instead of having to come all the way to the school.”

Director Left No Room For Her Reply

“That last line is serious r/MurderedByWords material,” top commenter u/black_dragonfly13 said, referring to a popular subreddit focused on verbal takedowns that defines a murder as “a response which completely destroys the original argument in a way that leaves little to no room for reply.”

Bus Stop or Drive Your Kid to School

“Great point. ‘Bus stop, or you can drive your own kid to school,’’ said one commenter in response to black_dragonfly13.

“[This] whole subreddit is essentially a display of people who are defective in the ‘compromise’ part of their brains. Have they always been a section of mankind? Have modern conveniences made the problem worse, or just more visible?”

There’s No Shame On The Internet

Other commenters stated that the problem is a combination of increased visibility, and the anonymity granted by the internet.

“I’m sure there are plenty of narcissistic a–hats in the world who are truly full of themselves and won’t change,” said one person.

“[But] I also think you find a large number of people are just dipsh–s online but would never say something like what’s in the OP directly to someone’s face. A big part of social structure is fear of repercussions [sic] (even just social shame), and the internet really removes that in a lot of ways.”

Technology Makes Us Entitled

“I think there is quite a bit of that. With modern technology, everything happens quickly and at the press of a button. Uber fetches me at my doorstep, so now I want to extend that to everything else,” said one user, responding to the question of modern convenience worsening entitlement.

“I do feel, though, that there is a group of people who feel entitled and are just generally ungrateful. It’s always about what you can do for me. Giving back or being considerate of others is for losers.”

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Some Think The Mom Has Valid Points

Not all commenters agreed with the opinion that the woman leaving the review was being entitled.

One user commented saying that they agreed the woman was entitled until they read the original post. 

He Was Almost Killed In An Accident

“I was d–ned near killed when I was 15 because my school bus company refused to pull onto the other side of a very busy road,” a user said.

“My guardians both worked and were unable to supervise their teenage ward full-time (because I wasn’t f—— 10), and my bus was quite early in the morning.” 

“I sustained very serious injuries, including a severely traumatic brain injury, spent three weeks in a coma and three months in rehabilitation, although it should have been at least six months and it was cut short due to overcrowding.

It’s true, a school bus isn’t a chauffeur service, but the safety and lives of children and young people is way more important than keeping the f——- journey short.”


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