13 Biggest Ways Moms Waste Money and How To Avoid It

With constant costs running bills high, finding budget hacks is always appreciated. One member of Mumsnet wanted to know how she could sort out her credit card and reduce spending.

Things That Are A Waste Of Money

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“What are things you used to spend money on that you’ve realized aren’t worth it?” she asks. “I used to buy the expensive Brabantia bin bags,” she explains.

“A few months ago, realized it was a complete waste of money and now buy regular bin bags.” 

Things That Are A Waste Of Money

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“I also bought a home gel nails kit and do my own manicures/pedicures,” she writes. 

Her examples have prompted hundreds of responses, all with individual suggestions of ways others have saved some cash.

1. Clothes

homecoming queen

Clothes were a standout contender, with many commenters listing it as their biggest buying problem.

“I’ve spent a fortune on stuff I didn’t like that much and didn’t end up wearing. I just live in what I have now!” One response stated. 


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The original poster replied, “I already have a wardrobe full of clothes, and I don’t really need anything else, no matter how much I would like it!”

2. Cleaning Products

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Fabric softener was listed, as were expensive dishwasher tablets. Cleaning products continually showed up as individuals enthused how the “basic stuff” works just as well.

3. Toilet Paper 

girl holding toilet paper

“Toilet paper,” one user said. “Now I buy the supermarket’s own brand or whatever is on offer. Works just as well!”

4. Makeup

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“Makeup,” many suggested, with one saying she just uses “one from the pharmacy, which I actually think is better than some of the pricey ones I used to use!” 

5. Hair Dye

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Hair dye was also frequently mentioned, with more than one person affirming that “a good cut” sufficed well enough without needing to go above and beyond. 

One person explained that they had “saved thousands,” saying that they felt very foolish for all the thousands they’ve wasted “trying to force my hair into a color it does not want to be.”

6. New Cars

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“New cars are an absolute waste of money,” a user expressed. “One day, we just decided to sell our expensive cars and buy two old run-arounds.” 

They went on to explain, “I thought I’d really miss the fancy cars…but I just really don’t. We were pouring money down the drain.”

7. Cafes and Restaurants

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“Buying food and coffees when I’m out,” one commenter said, going on to explain that in place, they bought muesli bars to take with them.

8. Home Decor

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Many listed home décor as a source of waste, emphasizing that it all ended up being “clutter” anyway. 

9. Mugs

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“Mugs,” someone said, assuming that you have enough already.

10. Seasonal Decorations

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“Cushions and seasonal decorations,” said another, noting that while Christmas was fine, Halloween and Valentine’s Day décor was a bit unnecessary. 

11. Subscriptions

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Subscriptions were frequently brought up, many specifying streaming services that they rarely or never watched any more.

12. Books

boy with many books

On the topic of entertainment, books were mentioned various times, many suggesting that ebooks read via a phone app or Kindle were a more economical choice. 

“Libraries,” another person said, “less wasteful!”

13. Shower Gel And Liquid Soap

child having bubble bath

“Shower gel and liquid soap,” one person said.

“Bar soap is better for the environment, is generally cheaper, it’s better for my skin, and lasts ages as long as you have a dish that drains them properly.”

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Final Thoughts

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All in all, the suggestions circulated firmly around the things people deemed ‘excessive.’ 

For some, it was as simple as cutting out additional clothing, beauty treatments, entertainment, or fancy cars. For others, household items could be minimized, replaced, and even discarded altogether. 

Final Thoughts

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With the global economy weak and the cost of living increasing exponentially, as one user says, “every little bit counts.”

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