7 Harmful TikTok Trends That You Don’t Want Your Kid Involved In

Trying to fit in? Teens and tweens may want to follow the latest trends so they can show off to their friends. However, sometimes these trends get out of control.

The Worst TikTok Trends

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As a platform that captivates millions of young users worldwide, TikTok provides a space for creativity and connection.

However, with its rapid rise in popularity, disturbing trends have also emerged. These trends, often disguised as harmless fun, may pose substantial risks to the safety and well-being of children and teenagers.

Let’s shed light on the ten dangerous TikTok trends that parents should know to effectively guide and protect their children in the digital age.

The Blackout Challenge

boy holding breath

The Blackout Challenge, or Choking Challenge, encourages participants to hold their breath until they faint. They may use household items to restrict breathing.

The Blackout Challenge

child drowns

The challenge was extremely harmful, as it cut off the oxygen supply to the brain. This leads to brain damage and even death.

Several children have tragically lost their lives due to this challenge, leading parents to pursue legal action against TikTok.

The Borax Challenge

The Borax Challenge is a dangerous trend on TikTok that encourages people to consume borax in order to supposedly improve their health. 

The Borax Challenge


Some users falsely claim that drinking or bathing in borax, the chemical found in household cleaners, can cure illnesses like chronic fatigue, joint pain, inflammation, kidney stones, and erectile dysfunction. Some claim it can even help you lose weight.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims; ingesting large amounts of borax can be very dangerous, risking a host of side effects including vomiting, diarrhea, organ damage, or cancer.

Benadryl Challenge


The Benadryl challenge involves ingesting large amounts of over-the-counter medication in an attempt to achieve a “high”. The challenge can cause hallucinations, seizures, coma or even death due to overdose.

It is especially dangerous for teens with some pre-existing health conditions, as it can put them at risk of serious harm.

Unfortunately, this challenge has already caused deaths and hospitalizations of several teens in the US.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

girl with big lips

The Kylie Jenner lip challenge was a TikTok trend where users placed their lips inside a shot glass and sucked the air out of it to make their lips look bigger.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

lip filler

A dangerous alternative to lip filler, this trend has resulted in bruised and swollen faces, as well as blisters that require medical attention. It can even cause permanent damage to the mouth.

Experts have warned people not to try this trend, as it can be very dangerous and cause serious damage to the lips b bursting blood vessels and causing blood clots.

Coronavirus Challenge

coronavirus mask

The Coronavirus Challenge is a highly dangerous and irresponsible trend that circulated on TikTok during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This trend involved people licking toilet seats, door knobs, or any public surface to supposedly ‘prove’ that they were not afraid of the virus.

Coronavirus Challenge

teen showing tongue

This reckless act not only exposed the participants to the risk of contracting and spreading the virus but also conveyed a grossly misleading and harmful message to impressionable viewers.

Medical experts and authorities had strongly condemned this behavior and emphasized the importance of hygiene and social distancing in curbing the spread of the virus.

Chroming Challenge

deodrant spray

Is getting high on deodorant “safer” than taking drugs? Some young people may think so, as deodorant is legal, right?

The Chroming Challenge is a TikTok trend that involves inhaling a large amount of aerosolized deodorant, which can be fatal.

Chroming Challenge

girl in hospital

Teens have been known to record themselves participating in this challenge and posting videos on their social media accounts.

This dangerous trend has resulted in a host of consequences, such as brain and kidney damage, cardiac arrest, fainting, hospitalization, and even death.

Salt and Ice Challenge

ice pack

The Salt and Ice Challenge is another social media trend that has been around for a while; not necessarily rampant on TikTok, but you can find videos of it.

The challenge involves putting salt on your skin and then placing an ice cube over it. The combination of extreme cold and salt causes a burning sensation that some find fun to do.

Salt and Ice Challenge

second degree burn

However, this can have serious consequences due to the extreme temperatures involved. It has been known to cause painful blisters, permanent scars, and even third-degree burns that require medical attention.

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