Turn Childhood Memories into Cash With These Most Valuable 90s Toys

Children enjoy toys, and parents appreciate them as well. Engaging toys offers a dependable solution to keep kids busy and give parents some rest.

Valuable 90s Toys

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What if we told you that some of the toys you played with in the past could do much more than collect dust?

That’s right. Prepare to search your attic; you might own one of these vintage toys. 

1. A Furby

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These furry (furby) creatures range from $200 – $1000 depending on the rarity. A Millennium edition Furby can cost about $4,500 from its original $45. Talk about a price hike. They look creepy, but they are worth a fortune, and remember, the rarer – the better. 

2. LEGO Sets

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Children from every generation have loved Lego bricks for centuries. Sealed Lego sets from the 90s could be worth hundreds of dollars. For example, the 6399 LEGO Monorail Airport Shuttle Toy sells for an estimated $8,379 today. Owners are about to have a field day with this. 

3. Pokémon Charizard Trading Card

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Pokémon was all the rage in the 90s. Now, they can actually earn you a fortune. There are plenty of other Pokémon cards that can fetch you a couple of thousand, but getting a first-edition holographic Charizard is hitting a pot of gold. The cards sell up to a staggering $100,000. That’s a lot for just some cards.

4. A G. I. Joe

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This particular G.I. Joe toy is an action figure doll identified by Leopard prints on its collar and legs. It’s called ‘Pimp Daddy Destro.’ The creator made it as a joke in 1997, and only a few hundred were ever produced and sold at $40. Well, it now costs around $6000. The action figure has become a pimp daddy indeed. 

5. Beanie Babies

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You probably had loads of these little toys if you were a kid in the 90s. But which one is worth it? Good mentions are the original nine beanie babies like Spot the Dog and Patti the Platypus. The essential thing is for the toy to have the representative ‘TY’ tag. Some limited edition Beanies have sold for up to $10,000 on eBay. Realistically, they go for about $600-800 depending on the rarity, which is still high for a teddy bear. 

6. Magic: The Gathering Card

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Here’s another score for the card lovers. An original Magic card could fetch you thousands of dollars. The Alpha Edition Black Lotus has sold for $800,000 before, which isn’t even the most expensive, and The One Ring netted $2 million. Pretty unbelievable, right? These cards must have some serious replay value. 

7. Barbie

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Barbie girls in the 90s and now stay winning. The prices of collectible Barbie dolls range from $150-200. A limited edition collectible from the 90s is a Barbie doll called ‘Pink Splendor Barbie’ which has sold for $1000. Well, it deserves it— look at that pink dress. But that’s not all; Barbie dream houses and accessories are also valuable. 

8. Power Rangers

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Instead of your old Power Ranger collecting dust on your shelves, you could sell it to collectors for a few hundred dollars. A ‘Lost Galaxy 14k Megazord’ is one of the rarest ever made in the action figure collection. Toy collectors will pay large amounts for the vintage toy, especially if it comes with the original packaging. 

9. Hot Wheels

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It’s not even surprising that Hot Wheels are on this list. There are likely a few Hot Wheels tucked away in your family home. Among the different editions, the Blue Card ‘Funny Car’ is very popular with collectors. The creator released only a few Blue Card editions, and they could sell for around $3500. In its blister packaging, the toy’s value could equate to a real-life used vehicle.

10. Super Mario

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Most editions of the game sell for a couple hundred. Collectors bought a rare copy of Super Mario Bros. Game for a whopping $2 million in 2021. Game designers made the vintage game in 1985. Toy collectors are willing to pay large amounts for distinct Super Mario video games. This toy could make you a fortune if you’re fortunate enough to find it.

11. Polly Pocket

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In the 90s, a Polly pocket was a $10-$20 investment. No one could have thought the cute little packages would sell for three or even four figures (if rare). The toys have greatly increased in value for a hunk of plastic. 

12. Sky Dancers

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Thanks to their angelic wings, they made it to the list of the most valuable vintage toys. Authentic Japanese Sky Dancers from the 1990s can fetch prices as high as $200. They’re cute, and they fly, so we’re not mad.

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