This Mom Found an Unconventional Solution For Her Child’s Bully Problem

A concerned mother, upset about her daughter being bullied, took an unusual step to protect her child. She decided to hire two kids to confront and stop the bully.

Harmful Effects Of Bullying

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It is impossible to overstate the harm of bullying. It can leave lingering psychological scars years after the incidents.

Many adults carry emotional wounds from childhood bullies, and while some might forgive and forget, others may be left wanting revenge.


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One girl learned how her mother ensured her bully thought twice about messing with her again: by hiring bigger bullies. The girl, now an adult, shared about her life growing up in the 80s.

Everyone Knew Each Other

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She lived in a small neighborhood of condos. The buildings lacked AC, so most people opened their doors to let in the occasional spring breeze. This also meant that most neighbors knew each other or at least caught glimpses into one another’s lives fairly frequently.

One Family Caught Her Attention

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When the girl was in third grade, she started noticing things about one set of neighbors in particular.

The family in question had five children, one of whom happened to share a class with the girl. The boy had failed two grades and was fairly bigger than the other children.

The Neighbor’s House Seemed Chaotic

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The boy had no reason to notice his classmate until one fateful day. “I was walking to my friend’s condo to see if she could come out to play,” the girl explained, “and I heard some screaming and pounding, and I just happened to look because it startled me when I saw [the boy’s] little sister fly across the room.”

Noticing The Maltreatment

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Horrified, the girl rushed home and told her mom, who immediately called Child Protective Services (CPS). Even though everyone knew of the abuse, it was the first time someone witnessed it firsthand.

All five children were taken away by CPS officials, “but this is the 80s and back then it was common [for parents] to just promise [they] won’t do it again and get [their] kids back, so they’ve been taken away multiple times”.

The Boy Realized She Was Responsible

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Eventually, the children were returned. Through the rumor mill, the boy found out whose mom called CPS. He was angry and decided to punish the girl for disrupting his home life.

“At the bus stop before school, he sucker punched me,” the girl shared, “I was down on the ground”.

Everyone Saw It

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She had no plans to tell on him, but the entire bus stop witnessed the assault. One of the kids told his mother as soon as school let out. That mom promptly told the girl’s mom.

That’s when things got interesting.

Should She Report The Incident?

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The girl’s mom could have simply called the school and reported the incident. She could have addressed it with the boy directly. But none of those solutions felt like proper fixes.

The Preferred Solution

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“My mom goes to the worst area of Detroit [and] hires 2 kids the same age as him for $20 each to come and beat him up and [tell] him not to even look at me again. Then drops them back off.” The girl wrote. “That’s how Italians deal with things.”

The Internet Reacts

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Commenters found the story hilarious and made all sorts of mafia comparisons. “She literally hired them for their first mercenary job,” one person joked. Another wrote, “Now this is a mob story I can get behind. Your mom is a bad a**.”

Is Violence The Answer?

school bullying

While some people might say violence is not the answer, it was highly effective in this instance. “I will die on the hill if the only way to stop a bully is to beat the s*** out of them,” one social media user wrote before sharing stories of his own bullies.

“This was the 80s & that’s more how it worked then. And it was the only thing that worked.” A second user added, “Some people only learn their lessons by others willing to actually challenge them.”

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