Mother Raising An Autistic Family Receives Shocking Surprise From A Stranger

In a viral TikTok video posted last month, TikTok influencer @boowitchy shared a heartwarming story of a stranger coming to her aid while shopping for groceries for her family. 

A Different Kind Of Influencer

Boowitchy, whose real name is Beth, lives in Manchester and usually talks about raising an autistic family and witchcraft to her 21,400 followers.

But this video was different.

Only £41.65

Opening with a shot of a small pile of groceries on her kitchen counter, with the caption “£41.65 for a week food shop for 4 people.”

“I was doing the food shop today,” Beth tells her audience through tears. “And this is what we’ve got for a family of four for a week.”

People In The Queue Were Staring

But the small amount of groceries isn’t what made Beth cry.

“I got to the till, and I didn’t have enough. There were people staring at me. And as I tried to decide what we need more than something else […] somebody came forward and paid the extra.”

“Am I A Bad Mom?”

The woman who paid asked Beth to speak outside the store, and the influencer feared the worst.

“I thought she was going to shout at me or call me names; I thought she was going to be really awful to me.”

An Outpouring of Kindness

But far from berating Beth for not being able to afford groceries, the woman offered even more support. 

“The woman was really nice; she gave me some money to see me through the week,” Beth recounts, after a pause in recording to gather herself. “And she gave me a massive hug and said she’d been in the same position before.”

The woman assured Beth that having money troubles did not make her a bad mother and that there were many people who had gone through similar troubles and could relate. 

Commenters Offered More Support

Commenters on the video turned out in a big way to support and reassure Beth, as the video racked up 1,100 comments and counting. 

“Please NEVER ever think you’re a bad mum for struggling. You are doing your best for your family and that is all you can do,” said jamielearyder.

User daniellethomas651 agreed, saying, “You are NOT a bad mum, things are so hard right now, the struggle is real, you’re not the only 1 so don’t ever think u are less than, chin up, big hugs.”

They’ve Been In The Same Situation

Other commenters shared stories of times they’ve been in similar dire straits.

“I remember telling my kids they couldn’t have a 35p donut in Lidl. It was heartbreaking!!” commented user5662205737279. “Don’t be proud to try a food bank; they are great.”

“Bless, I’m in that position myself, and I’ve still paid for an old man’s shopping who had pennies in his hands,” said mumof1andanangelbaby. “Cost of living crisis is killing us.”

A Hard Time For Everyone

“The struggle is real. I work FT & have to choose between paying bills & buying food,” commented pinkamy04 in a three-comment thread.

“Lucky if I can get a week’s worth to last a month & I don’t even have kids. Like, the price of every single thing u need has gone up soo much yet wages NEVER go up. Food is all about profits than the fact ppl NEED it to live.”

Pay It Forward

While many offered support, several commenters suggested that the best way Beth could honor the stranger’s gift would be to do the same for someone else in the future, telling her to “pay it forward.” 

Annehyslop798 said, “[T]hat was one of god’s angels just pay it forward when you get a chance xx.”

Beth responded to Annehyslop798, saying, “100% will the moment I am back on my feet x.”


This article was produced by TPR Teaching.

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