Nine-Year-Old Sister Sent to Boarding School And Never Returns; Her Brother Suspects Foul Play

A 14-year-old boy recently recruited Redditors in the search for his missing sister, who he had not seen in seven months. According to their parents, the little girl had been sent to boarding school, only to never return. With the internet’s help, the teenager then uncovered a crime that could only be described as “seriously terrifying.”

“I want to preface this by saying we are not bad kids,” the teenager wrote in his online post, before supplying the important background details. “I’m being vague because I don’t want this traced back to me if the situation is as bad as it seems.”

The Background

For context, the boy and his little sister (aged 9) are the only children of an interracial marriage—half white, half Asian. Although the siblings were born and raised in the United States, the entire family relocated to Asia when their paternal grandfather fell.

When they first arrived four years prior to the incident, they originally moved in with the grandparents to help with the elderly man’s care.

They Faced Some Issues

The culture shock that the siblings experienced made the transition difficult: “Me and my sister worked hard to learn the language. Despite her age, she actually caught on better than me, and I was so impressed with her.”

However, their biggest issue upon arrival was their paternal grandmother’s treatment of the little sister. While the older woman often spoiled her grandson by buying him gifts like clothes and games, she rarely paid attention to his younger sibling. “My grandma would really look down on my sister … In that time of me getting spoiled, my sister got reprimanded for everything she did, I swear, it was super unfair,” the teenager recalled.

“I love my sister and didn’t like it one bit,” the 14-year-old insisted. “My mom said it’s cultural, and I shouldn’t make a fuss, but it was hard when grandma really started making it obvious.”

They Decided To Stay in Asia

When the grandfather passed a year prior, the parents made the decision to remain in Asia since the children had fully adapted to the language. At that point, the grandmother became very explicit in her dislike of her youngest grandchild: “Grandma spoke to everyone about how rude and unladylike my sister is, and my parents went along with it when I completely think that’s wrong!”

His Sister Disappeared

But the real mystery began seven months before the teenager’s post when the grandmother took the little girl out of the house for an excursion. “My parents said she’d be at boarding school for the summer,” the teenage boy revealed, “JUST the summer.”

But summer came and went without any sign of his sister’s return. After three months, the anxious teenager confronted his parents, demanding to know when his little sibling would return. “My dad … said she loved boarding school so much she didn’t want to come back yet,” the boy wrote, and asked the internet, “Is that how boarding school works?”

After five months of no contact, the dad began to remodel the little sister’s room into a personal office space. “We actually got into a big fight over it, and I ended up with more chores, but he never answered why he was doing it if she’d be back soon,” the teenager remembered in his post.

The Situation Haunted Him

Seven months into his sister’s mysterious disappearance, the 14-year-old boy made a chilling discovery. While searching through boxes in an attic, the teenager uncovered his sister’s phone in a box full of her personal belongings. “Why wouldn’t she have her phone?” the boy wondered uneasily.

“I really just want to know if there’s anything I can do; no one will tell me which boarding school she’s at, I’m told not to worry about it because I’m a child,” the teenager pleaded at the conclusion of his post. “I can’t stop remembering the way my mom cried that day. It makes me shiver; I’ve been imagining the worst.”

The Boy Listened to The Advice on Social Media And Took Action

Following the advice of fellow online users, the teenage boy contacted a resource devoted to helping young victims of human trafficking. Knowing that his parents and grandparents would be investigated, he chose to go and stay temporarily with the family of a young Redditor friend. Although the proper authorities attempted to return him to his home, the house was found empty since the entire family was taken in for questioning,

In his chilling, final update, the teenager revealed that his 9-year-old sister had been found—and not at a boarding school. “My sister was living close to 700 km [434 miles] away, … nearly a whole day’s drive,” the boy wrote. “It wasn’t summer school, or boarding school, or anything like that. My dad sold her to get married.”

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The Issue Prevails in South Asia

According to UNICEF, there are 290 million child brides in South Asia, despite the illegality of the practice. Both the father and grandmother have been arrested, while the siblings have been placed in their mother’s care since she allegedly “wasn’t in on [the plan] until it was a decent way in.”

The Redditor Gave His Thanks

“On a more depressing note, my sister doesn’t speak much, but she seemed to cheer up after I let her read my post,” the teenager added in his update. “She said she felt abandoned and alone, among other things, but seeing how I and plenty of strangers gave their hearts for her made her very happy, so thank you all.”


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