Nanny Buys Books For Kid Which Parent Refuses To Pay For Because It Was a Lot More Than Expected

A single parent elicited over 12,500 reactions and more than 1,400 comments on social media for their story about not wanting to reimburse the nanny for the books she bought the daughter.

The original poster (OP) of this story is a single parent who has a daughter with autism. As a recipient of state benefits, OP is entitled to receive assistance such as care.

This is why Ruby (12) has had a nanny, known as Tessa (22), to help out with her after school for more than a year. The nanny and the daughter share a close bond.

Tessa, the nanny for Ruby, recently returned from a family vacation out west. Ruby enjoys reading Star Trek and other books from the thrift store and bookstores, each costing between 50c and a couple of dollars.

Tessa Bought Some Books For Ruby Without Thinking

During this trip with her family, Tessa found some books that would suit Ruby’s taste. When Tessa asked if Ruby wanted them, she said yes without knowing the books’ cost.

Ruby received an allowance for books from OP, so paying Tessa back was never a problem.

Expecting one or two books to add to Ruby’s collection, everyone was shocked when Tessa turned up with 35 books the following day.

Tessa then told Ruby that they cost $50, which was way more than what Ruby expected to pay back.

She Wanted To Get Her Money Back

When Tessa asked OP if she would cover the cost, OP refused because they were unaware of the agreement between them, and Tessa hadn’t asked permission to buy so many books.

The parent held firm in their decision, stating that she should have clarified the amount and double-checked with them beforehand as this cost was “unexpected.” This was upsetting for both Tessa and Ruby.

OP later went and checked Ruby’s texts to try to figure out where the misunderstanding lay. It turned out that Tessa never told Ruby how many books she would buy or the cost of the books. Tessa only said that she found “some” books for Ruby.

OP Refused The Request

After careful consideration, OP decided not to refund Tessa, despite her being a student. She said: “I know Tessa is a student and does not have a ton of money, so am I the a***ole for not paying Tessa for the books?”

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Reactions on Social Media

Reactions have been mixed, with some users sympathizing with the nanny while others feel that it’s inappropriate to give a reimbursement.

One person received more than 48,400 ‘upvotes’ for their response: “Sometimes it’s better to salvage an important relationship than to be right. Pay for the books. Let Tessa know that you can’t do so in the future without talking about it. Tell her how much you appreciate her thoughtfulness, now and always.”

“Get your daughter a library card,” another person said.

Is It Worth Fighting About?

“As the old saying goes… would you rather be right? Or would you rather be happy?” one person questioned. “Some battles just aren’t worth it.”

For others, finding Tessa was like finding a needle in a haystack. “OP, I absolutely see your side. But it’s so hard to find someone to take care of our kids,” they wrote.

“Tessa clearly loves your daughter. She’s not just a nanny. She’s your daughter’s friend. She’s an ally. She is someone your daughter can trust and talk to…please do not let this push Tessa away.”

Commenters Were Divided

“You are an a***ole… You’re stingy. You’re blessed with a very thoughtful nanny who thinks of your child even when she’s not at work,” one person responded. “There was a misunderstanding about the cost. All you had to do to behave decently was pay her…”

“Your decision may have just cost you a nanny,” another person noted.

Others disagreed. “You are not the a***ole. It was inappropriate of her to ask a TWELVE-year-old if she wanted the books. Of course, she’s going to say yes! …It was also inappropriate of her not to ASK YOU.”

They Reached an Agreement

In the end, the parent and nanny reached an agreement that would allow Ruby to repay OP for the books they had purchased over time while also setting expectations for future scenarios.

The parent ultimately apologized to Tessa and agreed to pay her for the books, allowing both parties to move forward respectfully.

These events have demonstrated the importance of communication between parents and caregivers when it comes to making decisions regarding spending habits. ​​​​​

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