Online English Teaching Jobs Without TEFL (3 Popular Options)

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No TEFL certificate? No problem!

If you are considering online English teaching but don’t yet want to commit to a TEFL course, that is okay!

A TEFL course can take weeks or even months to complete, and you might want a shortcut.

So, is it possible to teach English online without a TEFL? The answer is YES; it is possible, although it has a great limitation. By not having a TEFL course, you might only be eligible for lower-paying jobs, or companies might pay you less because you don’t have a TEFL certificate.

While you can teach English online without a TEFL, you might want to consider getting a TEFL certificate if you want more job opportunities open to you.

Not to worry, though. There are still some suitable options for those who want to teach without a TEFL. Here are some recommended online ESL teaching jobs which don’t require a TEFL:

Cambly Tutor Signup

Option 1: Cambly

Cambly is an online ESL company based in California. They are open to students from across the world on a 24/7 basis. They are a well-known establishment that doesn’t require teachers to have a TEFL certificate.

Cambly is probably your best bet without a TEFL course if you want to start teaching online. You can sign up here and get started on your application. It should only take fifteen minutes to complete.

Cambly Pay

Cambly pays $10-$12 USD per tutoring hour. Cambly pays every week via Paypal.

Cambly Requirements

Teachers need a laptop with a webcam and headset.

You must be a native or near-native English speaker. Cambly mainly hires from the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa.

Cambly doesn’t require teachers to have a degree or a TEFL certificate. This makes it an excellent place for new teachers to get started.

You have to be at least eighteen years old as you will teach adults. They have a lot of students from countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan, Turkey, and other parts of Europe.

Cambly Lessons

Teach as much or as little as you want! There are no minimum weekly teaching hours.

Cambly has relaxed, conversational lessons that have no predefined structure. This means that you don’t have to teach anything specific, and there are optional lesson slides on the platform made available to you should you want to use them.

Cambly tutors usually ask students at the beginning of the class what they would like to focus on. This sets the class up for a good discussion.

Cambly students can choose to book you often. You can arrange a schedule to suit you and the students so you can meet frequently.

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Cambly Application Process

The Cambly application process is easy– all you have to do is fill out your Cambly profile. Read our guide to help you with the application process.

Record an introduction video that is viewable to the student. Make sure your intro video is over one minute long.

Your intro video is important because it helps Cambly decide if you are a good fit for their teaching position. Make sure you smile, look at the camera, and sit in a quiet, clean location.

Wait until Cambly approves your application, and you can get started teaching!

Cambly Kids

You can also teach for Cambly Kids. However, you must apply separately to Cambly Kids. Cambly Kids pay higher at $12 USD per hour.

Cambly Kids doesn’t require any formal qualifications or experience. No teaching experience necessary!

See more information about Cambly in our review.

Preply Tutor Signup

Option 2: Preply

Preply is an educational platform where tutors can provide private online lessons to students and charge their own rates.

Teachers are not restricted to teaching English alone; they can teach various subjects, such as calculus, public speaking and other languages.

Preply also enables 24/7 teaching, with students accessing the platform from across the globe.

Preply is open to native and non-native teachers.

Preply Pay

According to Preply, the average hourly rate for an online tutor is $18.30. However, the average hourly rate for a tutor could be as low as $10 or as high as $38.90, depending on the subject.

Preply takes between 18%-33% commission for the classes. The level of the commission depends on the number of teaching hours a teacher has each month.

They also charge 100% commission for the first class a new student has with a teacher.

Preply pays via Payoneer, Paypal and Skrill.

payoneer bonus

Preply Requirements

No teaching experience or qualifications are required to teach at Preply! Preply makes it easy for teachers to join the platform no matter where they are from.

Preply Lessons

Teachers are responsible for planning their private lessons for their students.

However, Preply also has its own curriculum that teachers might find helpful.

Preply is also currently establishing its own learning plan. This means tutors will have ready-made lesson plans for students from beginner to advanced. A placement test will be used to determine the level of the student, so all the work is done for you!

According to Preply, having structured learning plans has doubled the student retention rate and prevents one-off lessons.

Preply Application Process

To apply for Preply, you need to set up your Preply profile. This should include a profile description, a picture, and a video of you.

You will also need to provide your availability.

Wait until Preply verifies your profile, and you can start teaching. You should receive an update on your application within three days.

See more information about Preply in our review.

Teach English Online

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native camp

Option 3: Native Camp

If you are a non-native speaker without a TEFL certificate, you may like to consider Native Camp.

Native Camp is one of the largest online ESL companies in Japan, and they operate 24/7 with students from around the world.

Native Camp accepts both native and non-native teachers, and it is a particularly popular platform with Filipino teachers.

Native Camp Pay

Native Camp is said to pay between $2-$8 USD per hour, with the rate depending upon work performance. In addition, there are incentives for working a certain number of hours each month.

New teachers receive a $45 bonus if they teach one hundred classes in their first two weeks.

Payments are made on the 15th of every month via bank transfer.

Native Camp Requirements

Teachers need a laptop with a webcam and headset for conducting lessons.

No minimum teaching hours are required, and teachers don’t need any experience or a TEFL certificate.

They require an intermediate level of English.

Native Camp Lessons

Native Camp lessons are twenty-five minutes and follow a script. Teachers can stick as close as possible to the lesson plan and the script. All teaching materials are provided.

Native Camp Application Process

Register on their website and take an English proficiency test. You need a score of 70% to pass the proficiency test.

Self-study the lesson material and do a demo class online.

When approved, you can fill out your Native Camp profile and start teaching!

See more information about Native Camp in our review.

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Drawbacks of Not Having a TEFL Certificate

There are certainly many limitations when you don’t have a TEFL certificate.

  • Most online ESL companies require a minimum 120-hour TEFL course
  • Some ESL companies may give you a lower starting rate if you don’t have a TEFL
  • Some companies have their own in-house TEFL that you can complete instead, but other ESL companies might not accept this TEFL certificate
  • Students might prefer to work with a tutor who is TEFL-qualified

Typically certified TEFL teachers can earn between $15-$25 USD teaching English online. Non-native teachers make about $10-$20 USD teaching online.

Affordable Alternative

We’ve got you covered if you don’t want to spend much time or money on a TEFL course!

A very popular choice for TEFL teachers is the International Open Academy TEFL course.

This course gives you a 120-hour certificate, although it can be completed much more quickly.

This course will give you a TEFL certificate number which you can give to ESL companies. It is accepted by all major online ESL companies that we recommend and is one of the most popular TEFL courses for teachers.

We have partnered with the TEFL provider to give you a huge discount on the course. Get the discount now–> International Open Academy TEFL Course.

In Conclusion

Teaching English online is possible even without a TEFL certificate, although your choices might be pretty limited. However, if you enjoy teaching online and want to consider it as a long-term option, consider taking a TEFL course to broaden your opportunities and serve more students!

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