Online TESOL Course Recommendation – A Job for Life?

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A TESOL course is the perfect option to complete if you want to teach English to students in your native country or online.

There are many teaching certificates out there, so it’s good to learn about them before choosing.

Online TESOL Course: The International Open Academy

The International Open Academy offers an accredited TESOL course at an excellent price. This is what many online English language teachers complete to teach English online.

This certificate is accredited by educational institutions such as the International Council for Online Educational Standards. It is accepted by many reputable online teaching companies which you can apply on our jobs board. This is a good way to get your foot in the door teaching English online.

Psst! The TESOL course is normally for $119 but you can get it for just $19 here. Please note: This discount may change at any time.

While it is a 120-hour TESOL certificate, teachers have reported completing it in just a few hours and getting a job teaching online in less than a week!

You will have to complete a short assessment at the end of each module to receive a teaching certificate. This can be used to apply to teaching companies.

tesol course steps to completion 1

Why choose the International Open Academy?

Some reasons to get your TESOL certificate with this provider:

  • ICOES internationally accredits this TESOL course
  • It is fully CPD/CE Certified
  • Receive an instant free PDF certificate upon course completion
  • Recommended by 95% of students
  • Complete it at any time with 24/7 access
  • 142102 students enrolled to date
  • Received a Trust Score of 4.7 on Trustpilot with over 849 reviews to date

It is beyond doubt the most affordable TESOL certificate you can get while still receiving high-quality instruction.

IOA Course Modules

Complete short assessments between the modules. Here is the breakdown of their TESOL course:

  • Module 1: Teaching and Motivational Learning
  • Module 2: Linguistics (such as phonology, syntax, phonetics…)
  • Module 3: Teaching Reading
  • Module 4: Teaching Writing
  • Module 5: Teaching Speaking
  • Module 6: Teaching Listening
  • Module 7: Pedagogy (such as exposition, modeling, and constructive criticism)
  • Module 8: Lesson Planning
  • Module 9: Classroom Management
  • Module 10: Job/ Interview Preparation and Planning
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What is a TESOL certificate?

TESOL stands for “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.” This qualifies you to teach the English language to non-native speakers in a native-speaking country.

An ESL teaching certificate, such as a TEFL or TESOL, is used to apply to online teaching platforms, such as iTutorgroup, Magic Ears, Gogokid, and Vipkid.

Many of the big online ESL companies are based in China, and as of November 2019, the Chinese Government requires that all teachers take a 120-hour ESL certificate.

You also need an ESL certificate if you want to teach the English language abroad in a foreign country.


What is a TEFL Certificate?

TEFL standards for teaching English as a foreign language. It refers to teaching English to non-natives in a foreign country.

A TEFL course is virtually the same as a TESOL course, and the terms are often used interchangeably when talking about ESL certificates. TESOL is the most common term used to describe ESL certification in the U.S., but anyone can complete either course and meet the minimum requirements to teach online.

Why Should I get a TESOL (or TEFL) Certificate?

Some people question the legitimacy of a teaching certificate such as TESOL. They ask if it is worth their time. Investing in yourself and your future is always worth your time.

Just to name a few of the benefits of an ESL teaching certificate:

  • You can teach English in your native English-speaking country or a foreign country
  • You can teach English online
  • Get a job in an English school or academy anywhere in the world
  • Shows initiative and looks good on your resume
  • You will never be without work as you can easily find work online
  • You can get paying clients whenever you require some extra cash
  • Great side-hustle, part-time or full-time job
  • Highly demanded, flexible jobs available

An ESL certificate will allow you to teach English in a variety of settings. You can teach students who need to pass exams, business professionals you meet on LinkedIn, or work in a summer school.

There are so many options, and you will eventually find your teaching niche, whether that be adults, teenagers, or children.

It may impress a future employer to see it on your resume. It is pretty essential in the ESL industry to have a teaching certificate.

Teach English Online

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Can you apply to online ESL companies without certification?

You can apply to online ESL companies without certification; however, there are a few disadvantages to this.

Firstly, you may reduce your risk of getting hired. Not only will you feel less confident when applying without your certificate, but you also run the risk of not getting the job when you are up against more qualified candidates.

Secondly, you may be offered a lower starting rate. Online teaching companies may provide you with a lower base rate because they will see you as a less qualified candidate. It can take a long time before you can negotiate a higher pay scale, so it’s best to try to go for the highest pay rate from the start of your application.

Thirdly, you are going to have to get the certificate anyway if you pass the interview. So really, you are just prolonging the wait and setting yourself up for a certain failure without your certification.

Do I need a bachelor’s degree to complete a TESOL?

A Bachelor’s degree is not enough anymore. In fact, you don’t even need a Bachelor’s degree to complete a TESOL course. You can teach English online without a Bachelor’s degree. Check out the #1 company for teaching English online without a degree.

The greatest advantage of a TESOL certificate, in my opinion, is that you will never be without work.

Whenever I needed to work for a few hours, I could always turn on my schedule or set up a few hours online.

Some companies pay every week, and some pay every month. The convenience means that I am never without work.

You don’t even need a degree to teach English online, although it is advantageous to have one. Check out the top online companies to teach English without a degree.

How much can I make with a TESOL Certificate?

Here is a suggestion. Don’t shy away from teaching English to children as many of the higher paying companies teach children.

You can make up to $10-$30 per hour just plugging a few hours in everyday teaching for an online ESL company.

When you gain experience, you can even become an independent teacher and teach at your own rates.

Whether you charge $30 per hour or $100 per hour is up to you. (It’s real and possible when you teach a niche group of people; I know teachers doing it).

You can have group lessons and make $150+ per hour. You can create your own lessons or design a course. Your potential is limitless.

I Completed a TESOL Course, I Am Now A Qualified Teacher Meme

How do I get a TESOL certificate?

The best TESOL certificates are 120-hour certificates or above. You can actually complete these courses in just a few hours.

The TESOL course is composed of many different modules to assist you to teach English. They cover topics such as classroom management, grammar, listening, and speaking tasks.

You need to read the modules and complete a written assignment after each module. Some TESOL courses may be online and others may involve some in-person training.

It is not difficult to complete; it will just require some willpower to finish the tasks. When you complete your TESOL course, you will receive your certificate. You can start applying for jobs immediately.

With the International Open Academy TESOL certificate, you can start to learn immediately, evaluate your learning progresses with end-of-module quizzes and once you’ve completed the course you will have immediate access to your TESOL certificate.

Can I Teach English Abroad?

I have heard of teachers who took the International Open Academy TESOL certificate to teach others overseas, and they got a job. I do not want to go so far as to recommend The International Open Academy for this. It simply does not cover enough material for teaching in a brick-and-mortar school.

If you want a more intensive course, I highly recommend The TEFL Academy, as they provide a level-5 qualification (similar to a diploma) in their 168-hour course.

However, I do recommend the IOA TESOL course for online English teachers if you want to get hired fast. When you have enough experience teaching online, there are other opportunities for growth in the ESL industry.

TESOL Career Opportunities

After you grab your TESOL certificate, check out our online teaching positions here. They can help you earn up to $26 per hour.

Backpacker Travelling and Teaching Abroad


With the coronavirus rampant, this has never been a better time to invest in yourself and learn. This job allows me to turn on my computer any day, at any time, and just teach.

Invest in yourself and become TESOL certified, and know that you can teach from anywhere in the world! Good luck!

Online TESOL Certificate

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