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A TESOL certificate is the perfect course to complete if you want to teach English to students in your native country or online. TESOL, a term coined as “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages,” is sought out in countries like the USA. Students come over to the United States to learn English and the TESOL certificate qualifies them to teach.

There are many teaching certificates out there so it’s good to learn about them before you choose. You can see a further explanation of the different types of teaching certificates here. I compare the TEFL, TESOL and CELTA certificate.

Why Should I get a TESOL Certificate?

Some people question the legitimacy of a teaching certificate such as TESOL. They ask if it is worth their time. Investing in yourself and your future is always worth your time. Just to name a few of the benefits of a teaching certificate (TESOL):

  • You can teach English in your native English-speaking country or a foreign country
  • You can teach English online
  • Shows initiative and looks good on your resume
  • You will never be without work as you can easily find work online
  • You can get paying clients whenever you require some extra cash
  • Great side-hustle, part-time or full-time job
  • Highly-demanded, flexible jobs available

A TESOL certificate will allow you to teach English in a variety of settings. You can teach students who need to pass exams, business professionals you met on LinkedIn or work in a summer school. There are so many options and you will eventually find your teaching niche, whether that be adults, teenagers or children.

It may impress a future employer to see it on your resume. It is pretty essential in the ESL industry to have a teaching certificate. A Bachelor’s degree is not enough anymore. In fact, you don’t even need a Bachelor’s degree to complete a TESOL course. You can teach English online without a Bachelor’s degree, although there are limitations. Check out the #1 company for teaching English online without a degree.

TESOL Graduate Certificate
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The greatest advantage of a TESOL certificate, in my opinion, is that you will never be without work. Whenever I needed to work for a few hours, I always could by turning on my schedule or setting up a few hours online. Some companies pay every week, some pay every month. The convenience means that I am never without work. You don’t even need a degree to teach English online, although it is advantageous to have one.

How much can I make with a TESOL Certificate?

Here is a suggestion. Don’t shy away from teaching English to children as many of the higher paying companies teach children. YouTube videos that show you how to teach kids can be overwhelming. Teachers have so many props and put on silly faces. Trust me, you can be yourself and still teach English to children. You do not need all those fancy props you see in videos online, although they help. The most important thing is that the student understands what you are saying in class. You should focus on making the class enjoyable for students.

When you gain experience, you can even become an independent teacher and teach at your own rates. Whether you charge $30 per hour or $100 per hour is up to you. You can have group lessons and make $150+ per hour. You can create your own lessons or design a course. Your potential is limitless.

I Completed a TESOL Course, I Am Now A Qualified Teacher Meme

How do I get a TESOL certificate?

The best TESOL certificates are 120-hour certificates or above. The reality is, is that these certificates can actually be completed in a much shorter time. The TESOL course is composed of many different modules to assist you teach English. They cover topics such as classroom management, grammar, listening and speaking tasks. You read the modules and complete a written assignment after each module. Some TESOL courses may be online and others may involve some in-person training. It is not difficult to complete, it will just require some willpower to finish the tasks. When you complete your TESOL course, you will receive your certificate. You can start applying for jobs immediately.

TESOL Review and Recommendation

There are a lot of TESOL courses out there, so which one do you choose? How can you choose one that is both accredited and affordable?

You will be glad to know that you do not have to go pricey at all. If you want to teach English online, I recommend The International Open Academy TESOL. This is a 120-hour certificate and is recently on sale for just $19.

Most Recommended TESOL Certification Program

The international Open Academy offer an accredited TESOL certificate at an excellent price. This is what many online English language teachers complete to teach English online. Top teachers in online teaching companies such as iTutor recommend this certificate. It can be used to apply for most online teaching jobs.

This certificate is accredited by educational institutions such as the International Council for Online Educational Standards. It is accepted by all reputable online teaching companies which you can apply on our jobs board. This is a good way to get your foot in the door teaching English online.

I have heard of teachers who took this course to teach others overseas and they got a job. I do not want to go so far as to recommend it for this. It simply does not cover enough material for teaching in a brick and mortar school. However, I do recommend it for online English teachers if you want to get hired fast. When you have enough experience teaching online, there are other opportunities for growth in the ESL industry.

This TESOL certificate is a 120-hour certificate but you can complete it much faster. Some teachers complete it within a weekend but you have as much time as you need to finish it. You will have to complete a short assessment at the end of each module to receive a teaching certificate. This can be used to apply for teaching companies.

The International Open Academy TESOL certificate is only $19 for a limited time. A certificate like this is required if you want to teach English online and this is perfect for just that. If you want a more intensive course, I highly recommend The TEFL Academy, as they provide a lot more information and tools for the online teacher.

TESOL Career Opportunities

After you grab your TESOL certificate, check out our online teaching positions here. They can help you earn over $20 per hour.

Backpacker Travelling and Teaching Abroad

What if I want to teach English abroad?

If you want to teach English abroad, I highly recommend this TEFL course. I completed it in approximately 6 weeks and got a job just one short week after completing it.  This is a greater investment but the course is in-depth. It will provide you with much greater knowledge than the TESOL course mentioned above. It will allow you to teach in any language school.


With the coronavirus rampant, this has never been a better time to invest in yourself and learn. This job allows me to turn on my computer any day, at any time and just teach. Sign up below to receive our emails and we will show you how you can do the same. Good luck!

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