Outschool Review: Teachers Earning 10K Per Month?

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Outschool has been a rising star when it comes to online learning as more students flock to learn new and exciting things. 

After reading this outschool review, you will know how to have a successful career and become a top teacher! Read until the end.

How Does Outschool Work?

Outschool is amazing for teachers or those who have a skill or craft that they would like to share with others. Expect all kinds of classes at Outschool, from English classes to science or math. You really can spread your wings as Outschool gives you the creativity and freedom to teach whatever your heart’s desire. These classes are for online learners up to the age of 18.

Teaching at Home with Outschool

Teaching with Outschool

  • Classes meet once or multiple times per week.
  • You set your class duration, age-range, and class size.
  • You can expect many kids per class; you can set the range. 
  • Children can see you in a live video chat class.

The great thing about Outschool is that you are rewarded for your creativity and diligence. You can have large classes so you can make the most of the class and see the financial benefit I’ve witnessed teachers with upwards of sixteen kids in their sessions!

You can set a price per learner and see the benefit of having many students in your class. Just make sure you find the sweet spot; don’t sacrifice quality learning for a larger audience. Younger students usually require smaller, intimate groups than larger classes.

Teacher Requirements

  • Outschool is available to teachers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. I sure hope it becomes available in Ireland soon.
  • No formal credentials required.
  • Background Criminal check required.

Technical Requirements

  • Outschool is supported on the updated versions of major browsers, such as Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Ad blocks and privacy plugins will interrupt your experience with Outschool 
  • Laptop with Microphone and webcam
  • A stable internet connection, at least 1Mbps download, and 1Mbps upload speed
  • Outschool uses Zoom as its video chat platform

Outschool Pay: Is it possible to Make Over 10K per month?

Interestingly, I came across a blog post that said they were making 10k per month with Outschool, once they had built up their reputation on the platform. Here’s how they did it:

  • 10-15 hours of live Zoom classes per week
  • Also provided courses that were pre-recorded, that students could watch at any time
  • Preferably 15 learners per class
  • Have to factor in other time-consuming tasks, such as feedback, communicating with parents, preparing materials, etc.

Please note, these results are not typical. You have to build up a reputation and a good client base first. Check out Jade’s blog which provides more information about how she was able to generate over $10k per month, working just 10 hours of live classes per week.

Take Inspiration from the Best-Selling Classes!

You might be able to top the list. Right now, the top 10 most popular classes are:

  1. Beginner Multiplication
  2. Python Programming
  3. Forensic Science
  4. Economics, civics and social studies
  5. Art Class with History, Math and Lit
  6. Veterinary Medicine
  7. Video Game Design 
  8. Hacking Web Games
  9. Spanish for Young Learners
  10. College Prep Writing

As you can see, you can get really creative here and design something unique. Typically classes are packaged as a 10-week course, which the student pays for upfront. You can have short-form introductory classes that meet 1-4 times, or you can have semester-long classes.

Again, you have some freedom when setting rates and course packages. Check out some of the best tips when creating the ultimate classes for Outschool here. Make sure you create your own unique lessons, don’t copy other teachers!

Tips for Writing Up Your Outschool Class

Class Sizes

The benefit of Outschool is that you can host classes with a large number of learners. Outschool recommends fewer students in classes with very young learners. Teachers can conduct larger-sized classes with older students. Flexible schedule classes can have up to 18 learners per class.

How to Write your Class Listing For Outschool

Include the following information in your listing to maximise your results and receive more student sign-ups.

Know Your Audience

Although you will be creating classes for children, the parents are the ones who will be reading your class listing and paying for the program. Provide the information necessary to impress the parent and encourage them to sign up.

Appealing Title

Make your listing attractive and reel your reader in to find out more about the course. The title should be informative rather than informal. It should be specific so the reader understands what the course is about before checking for further details.

Photo for your listing

Have a photo that represents the course that you are offering. This should be your own photo or one licensed for commercial use. You can find images on the Creative Commons Website here.


Make sure to fill all the pertinent information in the summary. This should only be a one-sentence concise summary. 


What age are the students you plan to teach? Students mixing in class should be of a similar age, so the age-range section gives you the freedom to decide who the lessons are suitable for.

Class Experience

This will give the parent more information of what they can expect from your classes. 

Topics you will cover

Provide plenty of information to avoid anticipated problems and reduce uncertainty. You can include information on the following:

  • Class structure
  • Teaching Style
  • How learners will interact and learn
  • Prior learning or experience required.

Learning Goals

State the outcomes the students can expect from the course and the key takeaways. How will these classes benefit the students moving forward?

Homework and Assessment 

Do you plan to give the students any homework or will they have an assessment at the end? These are just some things to think about.

Outschool Reviews

Other Considerations: Teacher Review

What are the things to know when it comes to Outschool and how can you benefit from its learning environment? Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of working with Outschool.

Outschool Benefits

You, as the teacher, have great control over your lessons. Teachers love Outschool because they have a lot of freedom to showcase their skills and impress young students. You can get creative with your course that you think your students will love. You have a motivated student base ready to learn, so you just have to show up and teach the lessons. It’s also free to create your profile and list your classes. There is unlimited earning potential, as you set your own rates and decide how many hours you work.

Outschool Cons

Similar to other freelance platforms, you will have to pay a 30% service fee from student enrollments. You receive your payment after your class begins via Paypal. While you may encounter some fees, the work is done for you at Outschool by providing potential students for you to teach. If you want to compare Outschool to other freelance teacher platforms, click here to see our Preply Review.


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Are You A Parent?

If you have kids and would like to try Outschool, enjoy free $20 credit for your child’s first class by sending me a message with your email through the contact page.

Where to Find More Information

Is Outschool a viable option for earning money as a stay-at-home parent or traveling? We think so. An article on Forbes talks about the founder Nathoo’s vision that inspired Outschool and how Outschool became the innovative, digital platform of today. Outschool mission is to essentially provide a safe environment for children, where they can learn more with other kids from around the globe. If you would like to learn more about Outschool, check out their website here.

The sky is the limit with Outschool. Make sure you choose a subject you are passionate about, and you can provide classes that can inform, educate, and inspire. Teachers with classes like these attract the most students. If you would like to sign up for Outschool, you can do so here:

Outschool for Teachers with No Degree

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