Parents Confess The Darkest Secrets They Hid From Their Children

Secrets are a normal part of parenting. It’s not like you’re going to share your wild college stories with a toddler, after all.

Can You Keep A Secret?

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But part of the fun of a secret is getting to tell it. Throw in the ability to confess anonymously and people jump at the opportunity.

The Wildest Confessions

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Parents gathered on social media and shared their deepest, darkest secrets.

The confessions range from heartbreaking to hilarious, so proceed cautiously as we highlight the top wildest confessions.

1. Fate or Fluke?

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The first secret on the list comes from a parent who might have set up her daughter’s future without realizing it.

“My daughter was conceived at work, on airport property, in the back of a… Ford Focus while we were waiting for a [medical] flight to land.”

1. Fate or Fluke?

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Already scandalous, the secret gets a prophetic twist. Why? “[My daughter] knows nothing about this but tells me she wants to be a pilot when she grows up.” Talk about influencing fate!

2. Deadbeat Dads and Superhero Moms

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It takes two to bring a child into the world, but not every person wants to parent, and in instances when one parent fails, the other is forced to step up.

One daughter learned just how much her mother stepped up only after adulthood. “My dad cheated on my mother while she was going through cancer treatments. My mother asked for a divorce; he said go and take the kids.”

2. Deadbeat Dads and Superhero Moms

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Once the family split, the daughter still received gifts and letters from her dad. 

“My mom would smile and nod and get excited with me. I would call him and thank him. He never sent me [those things]. It was my mom all the years… [She] just put his name on them in similar handwriting. Went as far as writing return addresses on mail, too. My mom was a superhero of a single parent.”

3. Keeping It in the Family

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Adoption is complicated for both the parents and children involved. One parent learned a dark secret about two of his adopted children—one he hopes the kids never learn.

“Found out a year after the adoption that the biological parents were half-siblings who shared the same dad,” the parent wrote.

3. Keeping It in the Family

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“The bio parents found out after they had the first child and proceeded to have another. The kids are now 16 and 13 respectively and have zero clue that they are a product of inc**t.”

With their biological grandfather’s funeral on the horizon, “a big reveal” may be coming up.

4. A Semi-Confession

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One secret comes not from a parent or child but from a sibling put in a very awkward position.

“My parents told me my sister is adopted. They didn’t tell her. She’s 34.”

4. A Semi-Confession

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The sibling asked for advice, and one user humorously suggested that he “Buy the whole family DNA test kits for Christmas and watch the world burn.”

That would certainly make for an interesting holiday.

5. Her Firefighter Husband Nearly “Worked From Home”

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Fire safety is especially important when your husband is a professional firefighter.

Ensuring the stove is off, and hot devices are properly unplugged should be basic knowledge to prevent an emergency.

5. Her Firefighter Husband Nearly “Worked From Home”

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The wife and daughter duo forgot to turn off the hair straightener before leaving the house.

My husband is a firefighter and was at work the day we forgot,” The wife wrote.

5. Her Firefighter Husband Nearly “Worked From Home”

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 “I was mortified at how close he was to having to fight a fire in his own house. I was so mortified, in fact, of having him discover in full gear the forgotten flat iron that I went back to curly hair. And all I could do was look at my daughter and say, ‘This never leaves this room.’”

6. An Interesting Rite of Passage

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Marijuana is still illegal in many parts of the world, and most parents quickly punish their children for partaking.

One poster was grounded for smoking weed at various points in his life. That is until he turned eighteen.

6. An Interesting Rite of Passage

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“On my 18th birthday, my father walked into my room with a bag of weed [and] a bunch of rolling papers and showed me the entire hidden portion of our house (not on [the] blueprints [and] accessed through the hidden door) that he used to grow weed.”

7. The Price of Freedom

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“When [my mom] and my dad got divorced, things were very, very messy, and my dad would do sh—- things to dodge paying for my care,” one user shared.

The dad ended up owing thousands of dollars in childcare, and instead of suing, the mom found a creative way to get the abusive guy out of both of their lives forever.

7. The Price of Freedom

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“She offered him a deal: keep the money but relinquish custody officially. I’d still get to see him if and when I wanted, but he would give up all legal rights as a guardian. Because he hated paying my mom THAT MUCH, he took 2k over me.”

8. Special Delivery

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Cheaters never prosper, though one couple seemed to get past the hurdle for decades.

“My father found out when he was in his 40s that his father was not his biological father. His mother (my grandmother) literally cheated on her husband with the milkman.”

9. It’s Midnight Somewhere

All The Time or All The Times

Kids want to rebel, so let them. Or rather, trick them.

“I’ve been changing every clock in the house on New Year’s Eve to 3 hours early. At 9 p.m., we celebrate the new year, then hang out for an hour. He thinks he’s breaking every rule and has a great time.”

10. Love Wins in the End

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Marriage is never easy and, unfortunately, often ends in divorce. Years before becoming parents, one married couple decided to call it quits.

“We got divorced. Years later, things still weren’t working out fantastically for both of us, so we got back together.”

10. Love Wins in the End

happy family members

The pair have kids and are happily together now.

On the outside, they’re the perfect nuclear family… Except the kids don’t know that mom and dad are technically still divorced. “We never did get around to getting remarried…”

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Final Thoughts

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Secrets are part of the human experience. For better or worse, there are some things people keep to themselves forever… or until the opportunity to share online comes up.

Whether or not you’re taking your secrets to the grave or consider yourself an open book, hopefully, these parents’ secrets entertained you! 

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