The ‘About Me’ Time Warp: Signs That High School Was the Peak of These People’s Lives

Some students thrive in their high school years. They have the perfect combination of beauty and social prowess that allows them to excel in high school and achieve great levels of popularity.

Other students are not quite so lucky, struggling to fit in and remaining largely unnoticed. For such students, the end of high school can be a relief as they head off into adulthood, finding new opportunities to explore.

For certain people, high school was the peak of their lives. They don’t quite have the same successes after graduation and in their personal and professional lives.

The people of Reddit recognize this and joke about people who “peaked” in high school. In this discussion which garnered over 36,000 ‘upvotes’ and approximately 15,000 comments, users shared some obvious signs that high school was indeed the peak of someone’s life.

1. They Still Act Like Bullies

bullying teens

“Still acting like a typical ‘Mean Girl’ when they’re damn near (or past) 30,” one user, cpsg1995 racked up more than 22,700 upvotes for her comment.

“They just graduate from mean girl to mean woman,” another user responded.

One user recalled a time she met one of the “popular girls” from school who was now working as a cashier in the mall. When she was about to make a purchase and said, “Hi,” the girl said, “Ew aren’t you that nerd from school?” Surprised by the commentary, she paid for the item, said nothing, and left.

2. They are Jealous of Their Children

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A person who may have “peaked” in high school remembered attending an award ceremony for his son’s football success.

Regretfully, he acknowledged that what his son had accomplished was something he should have achieved himself, yet instead found himself in the position of watching his son accept the award.

The person listening was struck by how the man’s need to be “the star” got in the way of his ability to appreciate and be proud of his son’s accomplishments.

“That’s a really depressing mindset to have, especially with your own child,” one person said.

One user explained that her mother used to get jealous of her when she was just eight years old. “I always felt guilty when I was good at stuff because I assumed I was making people feel bad.”

3. They Constantly Share Old Photos

teens selfie

“Regularly reposting the same picture of the one notable moment they had in high school,” one user said.

The people who share photos of themselves from high school on social media cannot seem to move on. Redditors overwhelmingly sided with this opinion, as evidenced by the sheer number of upvotes.

4. They Haven’t Updated Their Facebook Bio

class of 2005

Some people who peaked in high school will use the “About” section of their profile to list they went to “School of Hard Knocks,” as it were, and the profile will still say that they are “fluent in sarcasm.”

“Just admit that you’re an a***ole that no one likes,” one user responded.

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5. They’ll Talk About it Constantly

women talking

One commenter recalled the last time she saw her ex-stepmother, who was in her mid-40s and still talking about how she had been a cheerleader in high school and won a beauty walk (in a town of just 500 people).

Another person knew someone in her late thirties who continued to brag about the time she was both homecoming queen and prom queen, as well as head of the cheerleading squad.

“She has a display case of tiaras she won. Even has one she keeps in her car and wears while she’s driving because she’s ‘Queen of The Road,'” the person commented.

6. They Want to Organize High School Reunions

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Whether or not you actually attended your high school reunions, these reunions may be a sign that someone has peaked in high school if they are constantly trying to organize them and invite their former classmates.

Users agree that high school reunions are pretty pointless due to social media. “Once upon a time, your last day of high school was literally the last time you ever saw or heard from most of your classmates unless you went to a reunion,” one person said.

Thanks to social media, however, that is no longer the case.

7. They Say, “Life Doesn’t Get Better”


One person shared that she was often told that life doesn’t get any better than it is in high school. They said their teacher advised them not to believe anyone who tells them that high school is the best time of their life. They likely peaked in high school!

“You’ll have more fulfilling relationships, more freedom, and as the years go by, more discretionary income,” one user said. “And just when you think it can’t get any better, your children grow up, move out of the house, and leave you with the freedom and time and money to do damn near anything you want.”


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