Pinlearn Review: Create an E-Learning Platform

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Interested in creating your own e-learning platform but have no idea where to begin?

If you are not a coding wizard and want to skip out on expensive developers, you might want to check out Pinlearn.

Learn more in our Pinlearn review.

What is Pinlearn?

Pinlearn offers an eLearning marketplace software to sell courses, conduct and manage live classes. They offer the opportunity to clone other popular websites, like Udemy and Outschool, that have had massive success in the eLearning world.

Pinlearn offers advanced technology, a flexible API, and is easy to customize for those without experience coding.

Is Pinlearn legit?

Pinlearn is a relatively new site that I never heard of before, so I wanted to do some background checks to ensure its safety for my readers.

According to Whois, Pinlearn was created in August of 2016. They provide easy maintenance and lifetime upgrades of their script.

From the site examples they gave that use Pinlearn software, no two sites were the same. While it doesn’t appear like they have set up Khan Academy, Udemy, and Coursera, they compare their software to having similar capabilities.

Pinlearn is also said to offer services such as moodle installation, custom theme design, custom learning management systems, and e-learning software development.

To learn more about Pinlearn, you can request a free demo.

What can you use Pinlearn for?

If you want to get started on your business, Pinlearn comes with some great perks for choosing their software.

Sell Courses

Tutors can sell their own self-paced courses.

Add subjects and course categories to keep all the courses organized.

Tutors can create, upload and sell their own courses, similar to popular marketplaces such as Udemy.

The site admin can set a commission percentage on courses sold by tutors.

1-on-1 Live Classes

Tutors can view and manage their timetables when they log in.

Tutors can conduct 1-on-1 live classes via video conferencing and teach students using the interactive features on the site.

Parents and students can browse through the tutor profiles and subjects.

Group Webinar Classes

Tutors can conduct group webinars and classes in real-time.

Tutors can set their own entry fees, topics, descriptions, schedule, banners, and the number of participants from their tutor dashboard.

Internal Messaging System

An integrated messaging system that allows for smooth communication among tutors, their students, and the admin.

Payment Gateway

Accept payments via multiple revenue channels.


Brand the website as your own. It is not a Saas but self-hosted, which means you can host the website on any servers you wish. Add your own domain and logo and email signup form.

The open and unencrypted source code allows you to take control of the platform. This means that Pinlearn won’t be held responsible for any changes you make to the website.

Pinlearn Website

Udemy Clone Script

Udemy offers its Udemy Clone Script called “smart school script” that mimics Udemy’s marketplace business and incorporates features found in Coursera and Khan Academy platforms.

Who is it for?

With an EdTech platform, this is for budding entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Start up an e-learning marketplace
  • Integrate online corporate training for your firm
  • Sell online courses through the e-learning site
  • Integrate just-in-time job assistance within your company

Benefits of Using Pinlearn

  • Multilanguage
  • Coupons
  • Notifications
  • Calendar management
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Advanced search features
  • Gift a course/webinar
  • SEO optimized (so that it can rank on Google)
  • Mobile responsive
  • Course content protection (premium plan only)
  • 1-year support with updates
  • Free installation and setup
  • Unencrypted source code
  • Your own IP rights

One of the main benefits is that you can get your website up and running fast.

If you want to code the site yourself from scratch or get a developer to do it, you might be talking months to get it ready, at a hefty cost.

This is a way to get your site up and running fast, reducing the time cost.

Tech Stack

They develop the platform on the LAMP stack. It is backed up by technologies like:

  • My SQL
  • Laravel 5.3
  • Angular JS 1
  • Redis Cache
  • NGINX Web Server
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
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Which platforms does it support?

It is possible to create:

  1. A responsive web portal
  2. Mobile app for Android and iOs devices coming soon

5 Ways to Monetize Your Site

Possible ways to earn money from implementing this software:

1. Course Listing Fee

Tutors can list their courses for a small fee.

2. Featured Course

Additional fee for placing courses in the featured listings or homepage.

3. Commission on Sales

Earn a commission each time a class is booked, or a course is sold.

4. Commission on Different Categories and Tutors

Set different commission rates depending on the individual tutors and course category.

5. Banner Display Ads

Earn money from display ads on the site.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pinlearn is low-cost for an e-learning startup business.

The pricing plan starts at $399 for the regular site.

The pricing plan starts at $999 for the premium site.

What is the difference?

The regular site plan doesn’t allow tutors to sell their courses. There is no course content protection. Everything else operates as normal.

There are no monthly or yearly renewals, making it a lifetime investment. Site owners can upgrade to premium at a later date by paying the price difference.

You can also add the software to an unlimited number of domains.

Other Cost Considerations

Here are some of the other cost considerations you may need to factor in before making a purchase:

  • Website Hosting ($40-$300 per year approx.)
  • Domain ($14 per year approx.)
  • Logo or website banners (free or paid)
  • Advertisement costs (free or paid)
  • Further design or custom coding (free or paid)

Sites that Currently Use Pinlearn

Here are some sites to take a look at that use Pinlearn software. They have also left reviews, which you can find on Pinlearn.


Interested in using Pinlearn? Request your free demo here.

In Conclusion

If you are passionate about education and want to create a teaching business that enables you to earn a passive income, you might want to consider Pinlearn.

As you can tell from the current sites using it, Pinlearn offers an ed-tech platform that can work as the foundation of your business. The support available and the low one-time fee makes it an attractive offer.

Try it in the demo first, and see if it has the features for you. You could even purchase the regular version first before upgrading to the premium.

Have you any experience with using Pinlearn for your business needs? Let me know in the comments section.

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