Refusing To Give Up Her Extra Seat Because She Needed The Room On The Flight

The holiday season is always a chaotic time for travel. With so many people flying or driving all around the country to see family and friends, tempers can flare, and things may go wrong.

The early bird catches the worm in these situations, and one woman refuses to let her careful planning go to waste for someone else’s convenience.

A Plus-Sized Woman Shared a Post on Social Media

In her post on social media, a thirty-six-year-old woman wrote about her experience flying back from Thanksgiving weekend at her parents. As a plus-sized woman, the Original Poster (OP) was accustomed to booking more than one seat on most public transportation.

For her early morning flight back home, she spent extra money and booked two adjacent seats “so whoever had the third seat in [her] row would not have to be squished up in [her] business.”

She Just Wanted a Peaceful Flight

OP had no issues with the flight to her parents. She and the stranger in her row shared the middle seat, ate snacks together, and even visited each other’s Animal Crossing islands.

On the other hand, the flight home was a completely different story.

When she boarded the plane, OP settled into her pair of seats and got ready for takeoff.

A gentleman approached and tried to sit his pre-teen daughter in the “empty” middle seat—where OP said that her “bum was taking up a good third of the space.”

It Was Not Possible To Sit in The Middle Seat

She politely informed the man that the seat was booked and therefore his daughter couldn’t sit there. She put her hand on the other two-thirds of the seat for emphasis.

The man immediately complained. He vented to OP that he hadn’t been able to book seats together and that he needed to sit with his daughter. OP merely shrugged and said she was sorry, but “it wasn’t [her] problem, [and] that wasn’t his seat.”

The Man Complained To The Staff

Irritated, the man proceeded to wave down a stewardess. He complained about the situation and demanded access to the middle seat.

OP then gave her side of the story and showed the stewardess her pair of tickets for good measure. The stewardess acknowledged OP’s right to the seat but offered to compensate her for the extra ticket.

Needing both seats due to her size, OP turned down the offer and waved to her “bum [that] was partway into the middle seat.”

The Stewardess Tried To Find an Alternative Solution

The stewardess left to track down a passenger willing to trade. She returned ten minutes later with a female passenger. The woman, one half of a married couple willing to trade seats, called OP selfish. She made sure to shame OP for not helping “a dad in need.”

OP did not balk at the insult. She told the woman, “I booked early, and I booked two seats together because, to put it plainly, I’m fat. His two seats were separate seats. How exactly do you propose I split my fat a** in half to sit one half in one seat and the other half in his other seat?”

The woman turned scarlet and called OP disgusting. OP threw in that the father’s lack of planning was not her emergency. “She scowled at me for the entire rest of the flight,” OP wrote.

She Called Her Parents To Hear Their Views

After landing, OP called her parents to recount the tale. Her own father found the whole thing hilarious—her mother, not so much. Her mother agreed that OP should have been more willing to help the dad when she had two seats.

OP turned to social media to ask if she was wrong in this scenario.

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Social Media Users Shared Their Support

Comments to OP’s post supported her. “These airplane issues are getting out of hand. It’s very simple. You book a seat; you are entitled to it. People can ask you to change, but if you say no, that’s it. End of story,” one well-received response read.

Another user commended OP for her considerate planning: “You put forth the effort so that you would not be an inconvenience to anyone else due to your current body type. And you spent a lot of extra money to do so; I’m sure several hundred dollars overall.”

Several users also aired their frustration with airport travel etiquette on the post. Many had experiences of people being inconsiderate—one user even had a woman pretend a random passenger was her child just so she could steal the user’s extra seat!

Overall, planning early and being prepared is the only way to travel—especially during the busy times of the year.

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