Premier TEFL Reviews in 2023: Legit or Scam?

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Premier TEFL is a leading TEFL provider and a globally recognised certificate that qualifies its students to teach the English language.

Why get a TEFL certificate?

  • You don’t need a degree to teach the English language, although it is preferred
  • English is the most studied language in the world, and the market trends show that it will continue to grow
  • Job opportunities for native and native-like speakers of English
  • Teach and travel, with job vacancies in over 100 countries
  • Teach online with the ultimate flexibility of working from home
  • Experience of a lifetime, with part-time and full-time opportunities available all over the world
  • A very fulfilling and rewarding career

What should a TEFL course include?

  • Minimum 120 hours of training and courseware
  • Accreditation from an independent recognized body
  • Suitably qualified trainers with demonstrable experience who can help prepare you for teaching
  • Job assistance and tutor support to help you from the beginning of the course to finding your first teaching job
  • Assessed teaching practice is a plus

There are many courses out there, but so much misinformation about the ESL industry. Finding a high-quality course is an important step in starting your career as an ESL teacher.

Not all TEFL courses are accredited or provide the valuable learning experience they advertise. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do your research and make sure the TEFL course is all that it claims to be.

For example, you can check the course is level-5 by asking the company to provide the link to the Register of Regulated Qualifications. Do your research!

Don’t know if the Premier TEFL is right for you? This guide will help you!

What is Premier TEFL?

Premier TEFL is a company that provides training for those who would like to become English language teachers.

They have a wide range of courses to choose from, suitable for everyone looking for entry-level jobs to high-demand specialization.

Their fast-track courses help students earn their certification in as little as three weeks. The site also features level-5 TEFL Courses, which take longer to complete but will give better job opportunities in a competitive job market.

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Who can take Premier TEFL course?

Premier TEFL welcomes native and non-native speakers to apply.

While degree holders have the most options in terms of where they can teach abroad, non-degree holders can teach in over fifty countries and online, so there are still some wonderful opportunities.

Non-native teachers have also found a job without any issues. Non-native speakers must have an advanced C2 level of fluency, according to CEFR standards. Premier TEFL allows you to test your English level on the site to ensure that you are qualified.

level test banner

What will you learn?

Learning experiences vary, depending on the course you choose to do. If you choose the 168-hour Ofqual Regulated TEFL course, you can expect to learn:

  • How to teach reading, speaking, writing, and pronunciation
  • Classroom Management
  • The nuances of teaching English language learners
  • Using social media to engage students (like Tik Tok, Facebook and Buzzfeed)
  • Confidence and knowhow you need to teach your first class
  • How to plan and deliver effective lessons that meet learning goals and objectives
  • English Grammar terminology and effective strategies for teaching it
  • How to lesson plan for young learners
  • Top job picks plus how to find a suitable job online or abroad

Employers expect TEFL teachers to have completed at least a 120-hour course to work in international schools. Premier TEFL also offers short courses, such as the business English or young learners course, that enable teachers to learn additional or specialized teaching skills.

What are Premier TEFL programs?

If you want to save money and start your teaching career now, you may want to take up their paid jobs and internships.

Premier TEFL offers many packages for teachers who wish to get certified and begin their careers as soon as possible.

Paid TEFL Internships

Teachers can relocate and learn on the job by completing a TEFL internship. This gives them the price of a Premier TEFL course for free.

They provide visa assistance to most countries, and many countries accept fluent and native speakers.

This is one way of earning your TEFL certificate, but the monthly internship earnings are quite low for some positions.

TEFL Scholarships

Another option is to apply for a TEFL scholarship. Scholarships come with some benefits, like teacher accommodation, transfers, and meals. TEFL training is included free of charge, and most scholarships are free; however, a small fee may apply.

TEFL Jobs — Paid

Premier TEFL can also set up newly qualified teachers with a paid job abroad. The locations mentioned include mainland China, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

A minimum 120-hour TEFL certificate is required.

Benefits of The Premier TEFL Course

If you decide to do the level-5 course, you get these benefits:

  1. Internationally accredited: Their level-5 course is a government-regulated teaching certificate, which is the same level as a CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL qualifications, but a fraction of the price.
  2. Better Pay: Most well-paid jobs require teachers to have a level-5 TEFL certificate.
  3. Teach Anywhere: You will be certified to teach English abroad and online. You don’t need to speak any language other than English!
  4. Tutor Support: get in-person advice and support from experienced DELTA tutors about the coursework and assessments
  5. Job Hunting Advice: how to search and find the best jobs
  6. Flexible study schedule: students have 6 months from the time they enroll to complete the course.
  7. Money-Back Guarantee: if you are not happy, get your money back within 14 days.
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Level-5 Certification

Premier TEFL provides a level-5 qualification, which is the same level as a CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL.

You can often see cheap courses listed on sites such as Groupon, claiming to be level-5 courses. Unfortunately, these courses are usually not the level they claim and are misleading.

Level-5 refers to a level that passes the UK government’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RFQ).

A recognized level-5 course can be compared to a diploma of higher education (DipHe) or a foundation degree.


Premier TEFL is approved by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK), which is regulated by Ofqual (UK government department),.

They are accredited by ODLQC (The Open and Distance Learning Quality Council), and ACDL (Accreditation Council for Distance Learning).

See more information about Premier TEFL’s accrediting bodies here.

168-Hour Course

All regulated Level-5 courses are at least +150 hours long.

The TEFL Premier’s courses provided a 168-hour course as a minimum.

This will help their students stand out in the competitive teaching marketplace.

According to their course page, it takes at least 6-10 weeks to complete.

Internationally Recognized

Premier TEFL is internationally recognized, and its students have worked across the globe as teachers. Teach almost anywhere English is demanded. Some of the top spots include China, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand.

Some students even consider online teaching. This enables them to work from home or make an income while traveling.


Job Assistance

Premier TEFL gives their students job advice and access to their top job picks, which is one less worry for students once they graduate.

Students are qualified to apply for paid, scholarship or volunteer positions.

Tutor Support

Premier TEFL gives its students support from professional DELTA-qualified EFL teachers. The trainers are ready to pass down their knowledge to new students and guide them with the assessments.

Virtual Teaching Practice

If you decide to purchase the TEFL courses with teaching practice, you will gain some virtual teaching practicum. While some of the courses’ contents are delivered online, the rest is completed in a virtual Teacher Studio on Zoom.

This teaching practice, conducted in a small group session, will help you understand how a typical class is run, and how to plan and prepare lessons.

Disadvantages of Premier TEFL

What you need to consider when purchasing the course.

Six Months to Complete the Course

Those who sign up for the course have to complete it with a six-month time frame, which may not be suitable for everyone.

A word of warning; if you leave all the work until the end of the six months, you may not get it completed on time, and you won’t be able to complete the course after the six month.

The Difference Between the Courses isn’t Very Clear

Besides the fact that some courses are longer than others, it is not very clear what additional benefits the courses offer—a clearly laid out table with the features of each course and the differences between them would be beneficial.

The Price

The courses can be quite expensive, with the most expensive course being 893 euros (roughly over 1000 USD); however, they seem to have some sales on occasion, so you may be able to get the course at a lower price.

Premier TEFL Reviews

Premier TEFL reviews have revealed glowing positive reviews on many websites, with course reviews averaging a 9/10 star rating.

Here are the most recent reviews you can find on independent review sites. I have removed their names for privacy purposes:

Premier TEFL Reviews
Premier TEFL Reviews from Trustpilot
Premier TEFL 4 Star Review
Legit Premier TEFL Reviews

It seems as though customers are on first-name terms with the staff, which is a superb way to build a sense of community among Premier TEFL and its course takers.

Is Premier TEFL Worth Buying?

Teaching English as a foreign language gives teachers the perfect opportunity to converse with other cultures and see different parts of the world. It also provides jobs for those who want to stay at home and teach online.

Premier TEFL provides a highly accredited course that enables teachers to take a break from their current lifestyle and take up part-time or full-time opportunities teaching.

However, their course doesn’t suit everyone. Those who wish to complete the course need to be self-determined and motivated to complete it in its entirety before the 6-month deadline.

The courses take some time to complete, so make sure you can plan accordingly. Time and patience are of the essence, even when teaching!

While there are some fast-track or quick-fix TEFL courses, the government-regulated level 5 courses are worth more for those who are serious about teaching. They are of better quality and look more impressive on resumes.

View their online TEFL Courses here:

In Conclusion

That concludes our Premier TEFL review.

Premier TEFL provides a wonderful opportunity to qualify as a TEFL teacher. They are internationally recognized, so you can choose whether you wish to teach abroad or online when you get your TEFL qualification. I wish you the very best of luck with your TEFL journey!

What is your experience with Premier TEFL? Leave your comment below!

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