Preply Job Review: Tutor with Preply in 2023

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Preply is an online learning platform for students who want to have one-on-one lessons with motivated and engaging tutors.

Students can choose a tutor based on the tutor profiles available, have a session with them and purchase a package of 6, 12, or 20 hours with that teacher. Preply takes a commission from each tutors’ earnings.

Teach your native language on Preply and earn up to $25 per hour. Teach from anywhere in the world. Sign up now!

Before we comment on Preply review for teachers, we also want to mention the advantages of being a Preply student.

Preply Student

  • One-on-one lessons
  • Suit any budget
  • They have tutors that suit a wide range of levels and needs
  • There are many tutors to choose from
  • Students can learn at any time that suits them
  • Safe and secure platform
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you are not happy with your trial lesson you can get a full refund or a new teacher replacement

Want real language practice with a native speaker? Enjoy 50% off your lessons at Preply, for a limited time only!

About Preply

Teaching with Preply makes it easy for teachers to have a stream of students while offering personalized lessons.

Tutors can set their own hourly rate, teach their own material, and set a flexible schedule.

Preply is not just limited to ESL teachers, you can teach other languages, university subjects, arts, and hobbies.


The only requirement is to be passionate about teaching!


Preply doesn’t require the teacher to have any set qualifications however it’s good to add whatever qualifications you have on your profile.

Preply recommends turning off any ad-blocking apps you have on your device as they may interfere with the platform.

You will also need to have a computer, a computer webcam, and a microphone or headset. You will need a stable internet connection.

If you have any technical issues which cause you to be late or miss the class, you can report the issue to the Preply team.

Class Types

  • One-on-one classes
  • Tutor adults, children or both

Examples of Classes You Can Offer

  • Languages
  • Art
  • Music
  • Acting Skills
  • Science
  • Business skills
  • Computer skills
  • Photography
  • Law
  • Writing

Choose from over 100 subjects to teach.

Remember, there are a ton of places you can get teaching materials online. Consider all the free and paid lesson plans you can find online if you want to teach English with Preply.

You might also want to share a textbook or your own preplanned slides.

Preply Review Summary: Pros and Cons

Pros of PreplyCons of Preply
They find you studentsThe first class with a student is free
Set your own ratesHigh commission fees
Video training and other resources providedSlow account approval (up to 5 days)
Lower fees the more you teach

Preply Review for Teachers

As a freelance platform, Preply is praised by teachers and provides a steady stream of students.

We will look at some of the positive ways that teachers can use Preply and explore some of its downfalls here.

Pros of the Teaching Platform

Connects you to a marketplace of learners: Preply provides students from all over the world, which takes out the angst of marketing yourself as a teacher.

Control over your schedule: There is a lot of freedom for you to set your own rates and teach the things you are interested in.

More coverage: If you are an active and determined teacher who teaches a lot of classes, Preply will make you even more visible in students’ search results.

Training: Preply has its own video platform. They even provide video training to teachers to help them navigate the platform and charge higher rates.

Pay and rates: As you conduct more lessons, you will also pay less in commission to Preply on your earnings.

Teach English Online

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Cons of using the Teaching Platform

Free Lesson: Preply will take a 100% commission fee on your first lesson payment with every new student. This means that you will be teaching the first lesson with a student completely free.

After that, Preply follows this commission-based structure which varies from 18%-33%.

Preply justifies these rates to keep the platform running and attract more potential students to the platform.

Slow Account Approval: Another issue to note is that Preply manually approves teacher accounts, so you may have to wait approximately five days for them to get back to you.

You will need to fill in at least 70% of your profile details in order to be approved.

Online Tutor at Preply

Preply Pay

  • Teachers set their own rates, earn an average of $15-$20 per hour,
  • Preply have a secure platform to accept payments from students
  • Teachers can transfer their earnings from Preply to their bank account
  • It is free for teachers to register; however, fees (18%-33%) will be charged on earnings from the platform

Preply will list you on the platform and charge you a commission on your lessons with students. Payments are secure, and students can purchase packages of 5, 10, 15 or 20-hour lessons.

Payment is not released to the teacher until they have taught the lesson. You can then withdraw this money to your bank account.

For better exchange rates, you might also consider setting up a Payoneer account, which has fewer fees than Paypal. The most popular tutors on Preply typically earn $550 per week. 

Tutors set their own rates, and the most popular tutors do very well on the platform. Of course, factors that affect pay include your availability, your chosen hourly rate and your profile picture quality.

Weekly, most popular tutors on Preply earn up to $550

Teach your native language on Preply and earn up to $25 per hour. Teach from anywhere in the world. Sign up now!

Teacher Email Signup

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Commission-Based Structure

Teachers are not required to pay for marketing to attract students. They will not have to pay any fixed fees to sign up.

The amount the teacher pays is in proportion to the rate they charge and the number of hours they teach.

As time goes on, teachers can charge more and pay less in commission to Preply.

Preply commission-based model looks like this:

Number of HoursCommission at Preply (%)

Get Started on Preply

Preply have a series of videos on Youtube to help you get you started. Check them out here!

Preply Application Process

Tutors can set up their profiles and submit them for approval on the Preply website.

Preply will be in touch in a few days. Include a photo, video, and description of the services you provide for account approval.

How to Create your Profile on Preply

To get your account approved, make sure to fill out all details of your profile on Preply. You will need to have at least 70% of your profile complete before you can be approved on Preply.

Preply has its own video platform, so lessons will be conducted on Preply. You cannot include your contact details, as students will contact you on the platform.

Refrain from adding any personal contact details that could slow down your profile from getting approved.

What You Should Include in your Profile

  • Photo and Video
  • Written Description of what you offer
  • Reviews
  • Your Availability

A photo and video of yourself

You should create an attractive and informative profile with a profile photo and video of yourself. Your photo should be professional, similar to a Linkedin profile picture.

An introductory video is a great way to introduce yourself to the student and form a good first impression.

Keep your video 50 to 100 seconds in length. You can make your video on your smartphone or computer and talk about your qualifications and skills. Read more about producing a successful introductory video here.

Description of the Service you Provide

You want to ensure the students can find you when searching for you.

Including a detailed description will help the student discover your profile and decide if you are the right teacher for them. Show how you can best help them succeed.

Collect Reviews

Students can leave a review after you have taught them. By having testimonials on your profile, it will leave you with more credibility as a teacher and increases your popularity.

You can request students to leave a review at the end of your lesson. Students are also reminded by email to give their teacher a rating, so often students leave reviews without you asking.

Online English Teacher Setup

What to Avoid!

I’ve seen some teacher intro videos and want to tell you what you should not do. Invest in a proper setup. This doesn’t have to be expensive

I recommend purchasing a laptop stand so you can talk to students at eye level.

Another thing that really improves the quality of your videos is an HD webcam. Are you in the dark? Consider purchasing a light that is not too overpowering.

Have a suitable background, preferably a plain background. Think if you were on Youtube; nobody would want to watch you if you have a poor-quality video and no expertise in what you are talking about.

Having a presentable video can make or break your profile, so I highly recommend taking the time and small investment necessary to set up your station.

A more professional video and nicely kept profile will justify higher prices. Check out my post, where I discuss the necessary things teachers need to teach online.


  • The schedule is completely flexible
  • Set your own hours of availability
  • 24/7 schedule flexibility because students are from around the world
  • Work as many or little hours as you like
  • No minimum hours required 

Preply has a very flexible schedule that will cater to all teachers’ needs. You can set your schedule as you like and teach the time slots filled by students.

It’s advantageous to work more hours for a lower commission rate.

Cancellation Policy

  • You can cancel lessons with up to four hour notice
  • You can hide your profile on the platform if you want to take a break from teaching new students


Preply is a suitable solution for native and non-native English teachers who want to teach students independently.

Teachers increase their visibility on the platform by teaching many classes and receiving positive feedback.

Teachers can create their own course bundles, charge their own rates, and set their own schedules to encourage students to sign up.

Preply is a recommended platform for independent, resourceful teachers. Take action and create your dream schedule with Preply!

Preply Language Teaching


Common questions that tutors have.

Is Preply safe?

Yes, Preply is a safe way to earn money as an online tutor. While they have high commission fees, it gets better the more teaching hours you work. In general, tutors have had positive experiences using the platform.

How much do Preply tutors make?

Tutors make about $15 – $20 per hour on average. According to Indeed, the average salary for Preply Tutors in the United States is $550 per week.

How are the lessons conducted?

The lessons are conducted on the Preply platform. You can use Skype or Zoom for video but their own internal platform is preferred. You can share material and send messages.

How can you get more students?

Promote on Other Websites or Social Media: If you use social media, you may be able to generate more students by linking your Preply profile. Spread awareness of your tutor profile and encourage others to sign up via Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or some kind of advertising site.

Leverage Video: You should also create a video introduction as this can help you get many more students! You can upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and place the link in your Preply profile.

Blog: create a simple blog that showcases your teaching skills and tips for language learners. You can create something simple using Google Sites or some kind of hosting.

Teach on another platform: use multiple platforms to increase your earnings. Check out our other jobs listed in the useful links section below for more details;

Teach your native language on Preply and earn up to $25 per hour. Teach from anywhere in the world. Sign up now!

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Use Wise to accept payments from overseas. Wise has the lowest exchange rates that I am currently using right now. Get Wise.

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