Putted or Put? Which is Correct?

Putted or put? Which one should you say?

Putt and put are two different words, with different meanings and pronunciations.

Put means to place something somewhere, whereas putt means to strike (the golf ball) lightly so it moves nearer to the golf hole.


Put means to place something somewhere.

If you want to use the past tense of put, we would say “put.” This is because put is an irregular verb.

For example, you could say:

I put the ham sandwich in the fridge yesterday.


First of all… What does putt mean?

Putt means to strike a ball gently so that it rolls along the green into or near the hole.

Putt is a term related to golf. Putted is acceptable as the past participle of the verb “to putt.”

For example, you could say:

I putted the ball successfully into the hole.

What is the past tense of put?

The past form of the verb put is put.

What tense is putted?

Putted is the past tense of the verb putt.

Can we say puts?

Puts comes from the infinitive verb put and it occurs in the third person singular present tense. For example, he puts on his shoes before he leaves the house.

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