Qkids Pay and Review (2023 Update)

Read the updated review, salary and requirements for Qkids. Everything you need to know in 2020.

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Unfortunately, we’ve just received word that Qkids classes are coming to a close.
There is no point in signing up at this time.
Check out Cambly or our other online teaching opportunities here.

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Qkids is a very popular online ESL teaching platform, with over 800,000 Chinese young learners and thousands of English teachers. Qkids has a fun and dynamic course for Chinese kids aged 4 – 12 years. So far we have heard great reviews from teachers who work at Q Kids.

Qkids List of Requirements


Salary – How Much Does Qkids Pay?

  • Starts at $16 per hour but works out as $20 per hour if you get the bonuses
  • $8 base pay per lesson
  • $4 base pay standby lesson (10 minutes, no teaching required)
  • $1 Performance Fee per lesson
  • $1 Attendance Bonus per lesson
  • Pay date: 15th of each month.
  • Payment is in USD.

Reviews – What do Teachers Think of Qkids?

Pros of Qkids

Current and former Teachers that review Qkids have a lot of positive things to say about the company. It is a very popular online ESL option for teachers in the U.S. and Canada. The staff are supportive and the work hours are flexible. During the summer when the students are off, they are said to have more working hours available.

Cons of Qkids

Teachers report that the early hours are a negative. They also say that new teachers don’t get as many hours at first, since older teachers get priority. However, after working there for a few months, your scheduled hours are filled.

These reviews are helpful when you are making your decision. But Qkids is definitely the highest rated online ESL company you can find on the internet, as teachers are genuinely happy working there.

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  • 1-4 students, 30 minute lessons
  • 10 minute breaks between lessons
  • Lesson material provided


  • Schedule is set weekly which makes it quite flexible

Peak Hours (BJT)

  • Every day – 6:30pm-9:00pm (UTC+8)
  • Plus Friday and Saturday hours – 8:30pm-11.40pm (UTC+8)
  • You can cancel the class with up to 24 hour notice
  • You can check the hours for your timezone by clicking here.

Application Process

  • Submit Application
  • Screening of application
  • Demo interview 1
  • Demo interview 2
  • Trial Class and Background Check
  • Contract

Demo Interview 1

In the first demo interview, you demonstrate your technical proficiency using the Qkids platform. There are also some questions about teaching and student interaction. They will ask questions such as: how you would teach an older child versus a younger child? How much teaching experience do you have? Training and teaching resources are provided to help you pass.

Demo Interview 2

The second demo interview is a 25-minute Q&A to demonstrate teaching skills and personality. When your perform your demo class, the teacher will be the student and you have to teach them. If you pass the first and second interview, you get paid $16 for both demo interviews. You may also receive a bonus if you have a good teaching background and perform particularly well.

Trial Class and Feedback

You will have 2-5 lessons with students before your contract is finalized. This is a good opportunity to get feedback to see where you can improve and what you are doing well.

Please Note!

TPR (Total Physical Response) is body language applied to online ESL classes. The teacher uses TPR to explain English concepts or instruct the ESL learner. It is necessary to incorporate TPR to help young learners understand the lesson.


Teachers are responsible for their own taxes as independent contractors


Qkids is one of the best online ESL companies out there and we highly recommend it. When you apply today, we will put you in contact with a Qkids Teacher Representative. They will help you with the onboarding process. We also have a set of downloadable classroom props to use when teaching English online.

Teach English Online with Qkids for Great Work-Life Balance

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