Women Reveal Why They Didn’t Take Their Husband’s Last Name After Marriage

Having the husband’s last name after marriage has always been a common societal tradition. However, there are wives who are not fond of this “outdated” idea.

Why not Take Your Husband’s Last Name?

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A netizen with the twitter profile @_MercyFul tweeted, “I’d really like to hear the reasoning behind women who won’t take their husband’s last name.”

Many users were more than willing to share their thoughts. Here are the top opinions as to why wives didn’t take their husband’s last name:


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“My husband didn’t even take his last name?” –chrissy teigen (154.3k likes)


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“My name is my name, his name is his name.” –bored. (12.8k likes)


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“It would feel like losing a part of myself. Also, why should I take his and he not take mine. Who created this tradition? Men did.” –Gücci (4.3k likes)


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“Because no one can eclipse my sun honey. You must step to the side and stand beside me and not in front of me. My equal, not my owner.” –Doreen (4.3k likes)


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“Your question doesn’t make sense worldwide or cross-culturally. Women in other countries might ask ‘why WOULD you give up your own name?’ In Spain, China and Korea it’s usual practice to keep your own name.” –Em (3.7k likes)


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“It’s my Ph.D, not his lmfao.” –stream guts (2.4k likes)


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“I just like my last name. Simple.” –BORN TIRED (1k likes)



“My input in this is. Traditions are overrated. If you don’t believe in gender-specific roles and conventional roles in marriage.” –Uncle Iroh (1k likes)


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“Paperwork. And new social. And with new social, new ID, new driver’s license, new bank accountinfonewnumberstoremembernewsignituretopracticenewwaytointroduceyourselfnewblablabla… Skip all that. Keep what you got.” –2 (667 likes)


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“I’m a physician. It was my mom’s dream for me to be Dr. James. Even when I get married, I will always be Dr. James, for my momma.” –Shawnté James (664 likes)


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“Is part of my identity and dilutes my pre-wife accomplishments, felt taking hubby name devalues me, independence, identity, and successes.” –Keri-Lynn Power (628 likes)


My Wife and I or My Wife and Me

“I’m not working my a– off for 9+ years for people to call me Dr Someone-Else’s-Name” –Anjali. (438 likes)


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“It honestly never occurred to me to take his name. I’m still the same person. Why would I change my name?” –Robynn (228 likes)


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“My parents did not immigrate to another country for me to be successful and take some man’s last name. No ma’am. She’s keeping her foreign name, thank you very much.” –nahal (176 likes)


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For me, two big reasons:

1. I’m the only one left in my family with my last name, so the family name dies when I get married if I give it up.

2. I built my career & reputation as Dr. Willett, and that’s how I’m known in circles. I don’t want to have to get “re-known”.

Jessica K. Willett, MD (150 likes)


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“I keep meaning to take my husband’s. I like it a lot. It’s waaaay fancier sounding than mine. I’m not a fancy person who is ‘organized’ and can ‘get sh– done,’ though, so we’re celebrating our 8th anniversary this year with different names. Whatever.” –Tenletters (131 likes)


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“His last name better be pizza or chicken nuggets for me to change mine.” –Julia Hamburger (nice username indeed – 122 likes)

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Key Takeaways

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It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the decision of not taking your husband’s last name after marriage. It is a personal decision that can vary greatly from one individual to another.

Key Takeaways

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Furthermore, the decision should be based on what feels right for the couple involved in the marriage.

What matters the most is that both husband and wife communicate openly and respect each other’s choices and feelings about the matter.

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