20 Enchanting Renaissance Baby Names You’ll Adore for Generations to Come

Giving names to babies is one of the most important tasks for parents and caregivers. Who would not want a catchy name for their child, right?

The Renaissance

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The Renaissance era birthed timeless, elegant monikers that are rich in culture. In human history, some of the greats in the fields of literature, politics, arts, and sciences were born during this era.

Here are 20 unique baby names from the Renaissance era that you’ll surely love:

1. Isabella

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Isabella means “pledged to God.” It is a popular name that dates back to the Italian Renaissance era. The baby’s name oozes grace and sophistication. Bella is the perfect name for a perfect baby girl.

2. Alice 

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When you hear Alice, the fictional character you may think about is probably the one from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alice means ‘noble.’ The name is ranked #64 in the U.S. list of most popular baby names. Nowadays, there are other variations like Allison, Alicia, or Allie.

3. Leonardo

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Leonardo is a great name for your baby boy. It has been passed around for centuries, thanks to the artistic genius called Leonardo da Vinci. Additionally, the main character of the popular sitcom Big Bang Theory is Leonard — a nerdy scientist. 

4. Cecilia

Popular Baby Names for Girls

Before you think this name is a little too renaissance-cy, know there are cute variations like ‘Cece’ and ‘Lia.’ Cicilia is a baby name that grew popular after the death of Saint Cicilia. It holds a timeless elegance that has lasted through the years. 

5. Giovanni

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Giovanni is a classic Italian name. During the Renaissance, people widely used the name, and eventually became famous. The sound of the name alone exudes power and wealth. This baby name comes with a 100% recommendation. 

6. Carlo

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The beauty of this name is its rich heritage. Carlo originates from Italy, like every other Renaissance name, but it has other meanings in different languages. Carlo is a historical name for your baby. 

7. Caterina

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Caterina emanates authority and grace. It was used during the Middle Ages but gained popularity in Italy during the Renaissance. Over the years, there have been many prominent figures bearing this name. 

8. Francesco

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This name is a synonym for “free man.” A well-known person bearing this name was Francesco Petrarca, an Italian scholar. It’s a great name choice for a baby boy. 

9. Luca

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Disney released a fantasy film called ‘Luca’ in 2021. The name is popular in modern America but has been around since the Renaissance era. It is of Italian origin, and it means ‘bringer of light.’ Naming your child Luca is a magical choice. 

10. Alessandro 

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This name sounds right out of an old movie series. Alessandro became popular during the Renaissance term and has since spread across different cultures. A baby named Alessandro will probably radiate strength. 

11. Elena

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Elena is an enchanting baby name that means ‘light.’ During the Renaissance, it was a popular choice among the nobles. It has variants like Helena and Ellen, depending on your preferred choice. It remains a refined option for your baby girl

12. Lorenzo

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One of the most famous figures bearing this name is undoubtedly Lorenzo de’Medici, the Florentine art patron of the arts during the Renaissance. Lorenzo is a classic name and has been around in Southern Europe for centuries. Baby Lorenzo will likely be a future leader. 

13. Niccolo

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Like every other Renaissance baby name, this one is also of Italian origin. Niccolo Rondinelli was an Italian painter centuries ago and has since grown popular. It is a variant of the Greek name ‘Nicholas.’ Niccolo is an intellectual choice for your baby. 

14. Raphael

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Raphael was a well-known painter in the Renaissance era. He remains why the name spread across the world, even after centuries. If you name a baby Raphael, you’re granting them the gift of creative inspiration. 

15. Marco

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You may have played the famous ‘Marco Polo’ game without knowing where it’s from. The name can be traced back to the 13th century when a renowned Italian explorer called Marco Polo explored his travels. Baby Marco is sure to be adventurous. 

16. Ginevra 

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This name is lovely for a baby girl. Italians widely used Ginevra in the Renaissance period. It translates to ‘fair one.’ The name is uncommon, and so it’s not unusual that it evokes grace and refinement. 

17. Margherita

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Margaret, Greta, and Rita are all modern alternatives for you if the original name is overly packed. Margherita is an exquisite Italian name that means ‘Daisy.’ It highlights the natural beauty and elegance of your baby. 

18. Galileo

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This name is synonymous with scientific brilliance thanks to Galileo Galilei — the Italian astronomer and physicist. Naming a baby Galileo is a gift to any era. 

19. Lucia

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Locals revered the name Lucia in Renaissance Italy. It has carried a rich heritage and historical significance over the years. A baby named Lucia is bright and elegant.

20. Cosimo

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Notable mentions of this name are Cosimo de’Medici from Renaissance Florence and Cosmo from the kid’s show ‘Fairly Odd Parents.’ The meaning of the name could link to ‘Universe’ or ‘Order.’ Cute variants are Cosmo and Mo. 

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