Rocket Languages Review by Teacher and Student (2023)

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If you are considering using Rocket Languages for your language learning but are uncertain if you will gain benefit from it, this Rocket Languages review may be what you need to read to help you make up your mind!

As an online language teacher, I understand language learners’ struggle when learning English. I want to help them overcome that. In this review, I pair up with an intermediate-level student, Andrea Delher, to help give you guys an idea of how Rocket Languages can be used to improve your language skills.

What Is Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages is a program suitable for complete beginners to intermediate language learners. It has courses in 14 languages and has had unprecedented success, reaching over 2 million people taking their courses and glowing four and five-star recommendations. Their award-winning courses are trusted and implemented by businesses such as Deloitte, Pentel, and The Cheesecake Factory.

Rocket Languages was created by language experts who struggled with learning French in spite of all the courses, classes, and books they paid for. After interviewing several polyglots, and linguistic experts and conducting long hours of research, they made some fascinating discoveries that helped them significantly improve their language learning.

They made this newly founded knowledge available to the public through their Rocket Language courses which harness the power of efficient and results-driven learning.

Access their range of courses:

  • Rocket Spanish
  • Rocket Russian
  • Rocket Portuguese
  • Rocket Korean
  • Rocket Japanese
  • Rocket Italian
  • Rocket Ingles
  • Rocket Hindi
  • Rocket German
  • Rocket French
  • Rocket English
  • Rocket Chinese
  • Rocket Arabic
  • Rocket Sign Language

Access Rocket Languages

Summary Review of Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is an online language-learning software program that offers interactive courses in over 14 different languages. The program was created by language experts and offered a variety of features to help users learn a new language quickly and effectively.

One of the best things about Rocket Languages is that it offers both audio and visual lessons, making it ideal for both auditory and visual learners. The program also includes pronunciation practice exercises and flashcards which is essential for anyone trying to learn a new language. The community forum offers help and allows interaction between language learners.

One downside of Rocket Languages is that it comes with a high price tag. If you want to buy one or two levels of Rocket Languages, it’s best to get it in a sale. The benefit is that there is no monthly subscription fee, and you can buy lifetime access (with future updates) for a one-time price.

Overall, Rocket Languages is an excellent program for anyone looking to learn the foundations of a new language quickly and effectively. The program offers a variety of features that make learning easy and fun, and it is suitable for both auditory and visual learners.

What you can expect at Rocket Languages

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Both audio and visual lessons
  • Pronunciation practice exercises, such as roleplays
  • A variety of helpful features that make learning a new language interactive, easy and fun

Pros and Cons of Rocket Languages (All Courses)

Pros of Rocket LanguagesCons of Rocket Languages
Try-before-you-buy free accountLong lesson duration
User-friendly interface on laptop and phone
Practical, everyday-life lesson material
It may get boring at times
Innovative teaching methods and tools to improve fluencyRepetitive use of words and phrases
Integrates language learning with cultureNeed to pay for full access
Track your language learning progress
Writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation emphasis
60-day money-back guarantee

Pros of Rocket Languages

  • Free-trial available to try before you buy
  • User-friendly interface on laptop and phone
  • Both audio and visual lessons
  • Innovative teaching tools such as voice recognition for pronunciation
  • Practical, everyday-life lesson material
  • New teaching methods such as the ‘listen-repeat-listen-write’ scheme
  • Integrates language learning with culture
  • Keep track of your language learning progress
  • Simple yet effective grammar learning exercises
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Cons of Rocket Languages

  • Long lesson duration could be dull or tiring for the learner
  • There is a lot of repetition of the same word or phrases
  • A little pricey, with a subscription plan and one-time payment option

Rocket Languages Reviews

Rocket Language reviews are overall positive. Users of Rocket Languages app have given it a 4.6/5 star review average from 1.24K reviews. Users of Rocket Languages have found the program to be helpful and easy to use. The program offers a variety of features that make learning a new language quick and fun.

Rocket Languages Review
Rocket Languages Review 2

Review of Rocket Languages by a Student

As a native English teacher, I didn’t feel I was the ideal candidate to evaluate Rocket Languages English (Ingles). I wanted to hear an outsider’s view of the site.

I got in touch with Andrea Delher, an intermediate English language learner from Latin America. I asked her if she could offer me an honest evaluation of Rocket Languages English (Ingles), and here’s what she had to say.*

*For this evaluation, I’ve fixed some syntax and grammatical issues. My inquiries are highlighted in bold.

Summarise your experience with Rocket Languages English (ingles)

  • I consider that it is a platform that offers a great experience to learn different languages, as in this case, English, because of the great variety of tools it offers and the ease of being able to study online from anywhere and mainly from my cell phone.
  • The Rocket Languages course seems to be excellent for learning English in an interactive and fun way because each lesson uses a well-structured scheme of listening, speaking, reading, and writing and, above all, constantly reinforces vocabulary and grammar, always supported by a presenter who accompanies throughout the lessons and that for me, has a great value.
  • The Rocket English course is very practical, with very dynamic lessons and content of the practical application in everyday life, with a method that is based mainly on pronunciation, which I consider very important.  

What you liked about the platform

  • The ease of the platform to navigate through. There is no way to get lost throughout each lesson.
  • As a student, I have great interactivity throughout the lessons and learning because I listen – I repeat, I hear – I speak, I listen – I write.
  • I like that the content is very well structured by sections, and it is very easy to access each of the available tools: Listen to the full Lesson, Practice This Conversation, Vocabulary, Flashcards, Hear It- Say It, Write It, Know It and Quiz.
  • I particularly liked how the presenter accompanied you, guiding you slowly and step by step through the lesson’s content.
  • The integration of culture into the language is a very important point within the course content.

What features did you like best and why?

  • The presenter’s accompaniment gives the explanations in each lesson, which I consider allows more clarity on the correct way to apply the grammatical forms of the English language.
  • I loved the part of the complete lesson in audio because it describes phrase by phrase in English and its meaning in Spanish. Then he looks up word by word and explains its meaning. Then follows the repetition part again and more slowly. At the same time, it explains the grammar part and how to apply it. I found it excellent because it takes me to step by step, from the word to the sentences and then to the conversation.
  • The vocabulary section. Listening and then repeating each word allows us to memorize and quickly increase our vocabulary.
  • The way of immediately grading the pronunciation we are doing is to know if we are doing well. I automatically know if I am doing well and how my learning is going.
  • I really liked the fact that the audio of each lesson showed everyday topics and situations of the US culture.
  • The voice recognition technology, to know if the pronunciation is good.

What you didn’t like about the platform:

Overall, I liked the Rocket platform for learning English, some of the things I didn’t like:

  • I found the whole lesson part to be very long (15- 29 minutes). I think this can be tiring and make you lose attention to continue studying the lesson.
  • In several parts of the tools, the word’s pronunciation in English is not written. It only appears as if it is written in English.
  • Sometimes, I find the repetition of some words excessive.

Were any of the features not helpful?

I consider that each of the tools on the site is useful, and together, they allow to achieve fast learning in a fun way.

Your experience using the lesson materials on mobile:

I did part of the lessons on my cell phone, and I can say that the experience was very good, the page loaded fast, and it was straightforward to navigate.

In addition, studying the lessons on my cell phone gives me the freedom to continue practicing the course wherever I go. In other words, it optimized my study time and shortened my English learning time.

The structure of the course on the website is very well laid out, and the mobile view is super easy to follow.

Rocket Languages Mobile

Did the lesson material suit your needs?

I consider that, yes, the didactic material adapts to my needs. Above all, it allows me to see in advance the content of each lesson, and I can select a particular one that I think fits my needs at a given time and study it as a priority.

What is the lesson material missing? (if anything)

The material is complete, and the block of tools is used to complement each other to optimize learning.

Is the platform easy to use?

Yes, the platform is easy to use, and you quickly become familiar with the different tools. The structure as they are organized is very good and easy to follow.

Pros of Rocket Languages

  • It provides a wide variety of innovative teaching tools, such as voice recognition for the pronunciation part, which allows us to know if we are doing well in the pronunciation of the language.
  • The lessons are highly interactive and focus on improving vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • The content used in the lessons is very practical and of very common use in everyday life, which motivates learning.
  • The listening-repeat-listen-write scheme allows for faster learning and significantly improves vocabulary.
  • It allows me to improve my conversation skills in an accelerated way.
  • In the content, it has as an important point regarding the integration of the culture into the language.
  • I know at every moment how my progress in learning the English language is going.
  • The grammar part is treated in a simple way and very well explained step by step, which makes it easily understandable and comprehensible.

Cons of Rocket Languages

  • Some lessons are very long (15-29 minutes) and sometimes boring, making you lose interest in the lesson.
  • In the first lessons, there is a lot of repetition of the same word or phrase, making it tiring and boring.
  • In several parts of the tools, the pronunciation of the word in English is not written. It only appears as if it is written in English.

Would you recommend this platform to your friends?

Yes, I would recommend this platform to my friends. I think it is a very well-structured learning platform for English and other languages, with a great variety of didactic tools that emphasizes pronunciation and vocabulary knowledge, as well as grammar in a pleasant and easy-to-learn way.

Any other comments?

I really believe that it is worth investing in this course because if we are interested in learning the language and we have this platform, the goal is within our reach.

Thank you very much to Andrea for her review!

Access Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages Feature Walk-Through

Start by signing up at the Rocket Languages home page:

Rocket Languages Sign Up

Access the courses’ lesson material on your dashboard:

Rocket Languages Dashboard

Choose a lesson from the list of modules to complete:

Rocket Languages Ingles

Each lesson is broken down into subsections on the left. Spend some time navigating the lesson and completing the prescribed exercises. Your progress is shown on the top of the screen, and you can compare that to other language learners:

Rocket Languages Lesson
Rocket Language Lesson Part 2

Is Rocket Languages free?

No, Rocket Languages is not completely free. The program offers a free trial account that has limited access. If you want to continue learning, you will need to purchase a subscription in order to continue using the program.

How much does Rocket Languages cost?

A subscription to Rocket Languages varies, but it can cost anywhere from as little as $59.98 for one level to $449.85 for all levels. This can be paid as a one-time fee or over a 6-month payment plan. All future updates on course material are available to you regardless of when you buy.

Who should use Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is best suited for people who want to learn a new language quickly and effectively. Rocket Languages is for you if you are motivated and ready to take your language skills to the next level and take accountability.

Who should not use Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages is not available in many languages. Therefore, if you don’t know some English or Spanish (for Rocket Ingles), it may be difficult. Also, the platform offer live classes so you need to put the effort in yourself.

Can Rocket Languages help beginners?

Rocket Languages is recommended for beginners. It can give you a certain foundation in the language that will help you advance your studies.

Can Rocket Languages make you fluent?

Rocket Languages has its benefits to help your overall progress with a language, but it won’t be enough to reach fluency. Consider speaking to a native speaker to help you fine-tune your language skills.

Rocket Languages Alternatives

There are tons of alternatives to Rocket Languages. Check out:

Is Rocket Languages worth it?

Overall, Rocket Languages is worth it to teach you a new language. The program offers an unlimited free trial account, after which you will need to purchase a subscription to continue using the program.

The subscription can be paid as a one-time fee or over a 6-month payment plan. All future updates on course material are available to you regardless of when you buy.

Rocket Languages will not make you fluent. However, it can give you a certain foundation in the language that will help you advance your studies. The program offers a wide range of courses, is interactive, and provides feedback on your pronunciation.

Final Thoughts on Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is not a perfect solution, but it can help you learn a new language. Rocket Languages is for you if you are motivated and ready to take your language skills to the next level and take accountability.

Thank you very much for reading our review of Rocket Languages! We hope you found it helpful.

How has your experience with Rocket Languages been? Let me know in the comments!

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