Roll Call or Role Call: Which is Correct?

Roll call or role call is an important part of any large gathering. It is a process in which each attendee is called out individually to identify themselves and their presence. This practice can help ensure that everyone who has registered for the event is present, as well as allow leaders to document attendance quickly.

So which is correct— Role call or roll call? While the words are homophones, meaning they sound the same, there is only one correct spelling. Roll call is the accepted spelling.

What is the Meaning of “Role”?

Roll can be used as a verb or noun, and it means to turn over a surface or object with a circular motion. It can also mean a document or list of names, as in roll call.

Example Sentences of “Roll”

  • I rolled the kite up tightly so it would fit in my backpack.
  • The bakery sold out of cinnamon rolls quickly.
  • The teacher took a roll of the students’ names in class.
  • The dog rolled on its back in delight when it saw its owners.
  • Roll call is an important part of every meeting at our school.

What is the Meaning of “Role”?

Role is used as a noun, and it refers to the function or position that someone has in a group or organization.

Example Sentences of “Role”

  • I am trying out for the role of Romeo in the school play.
  • My role in the band is to play the drums.
  • The teacher asked the students to role-play a conversation between two characters.
  • She is playing a major role in helping us organize our event.
  • I got the role of the lead actor in the movie!
  • Everyone needs to understand their roles within the team.

What Does Roll Call Mean?

Roll call is used in a variety of contexts, from schools to organizations. It’s an effective way for leaders and supervisors to identify the people present at any given event quickly. It is used as part of attendance taking, especially when manual sign-in or check-in sheets are not available.

Examples of Sentences with “Roll Call”

  • The teacher took a roll call of the students in class.
  • We must take a roll call before we can start the meeting.
  • Roll call is an important part of every meeting at our school.
  • The team leader will be responsible for taking roll calls at each practice.
  • The manager asked us to line up for a roll call before we started the shift.
  • I was late, so I had to wait outside until the roll call was finished.

What Does “Role Call” Mean?

Role call is an incorrect spelling of roll call. While the two words sound the same, roll call is the only correct spelling when referring to the process of calling out names individually to document attendance.

Other common spelling mistakes we often see in writing include kindergarten vs. kindergarden and too vs. to.

Similar Mistakes To “Role Call” and “Role Call”

When using roll and role in sentences, don’t get caught up in these spelling mistakes!

Let’s roll vs let’s roll

The correct spelling is “Let’s roll”, an informal idiom which implies that you are ready to go.

Role play vs Roll Play

A “role play” is used to describe a situation where people act out roles in order to practice something. On the other hand, “roll play” is not an accepted word.

Role Model vs Roll Model

A “role model” is used to describe someone who serves as an example for others. A religious figure, such as Jesus Christ, may be described as a “role model” for Christians. “Roll model”, however, is not an accepted spelling.

On the Roll Vs On the Role

The correct spelling is “on the roll”, an informal phrase which means that someone or something is successful and accomplishing its goals.

Role a Dice Vs Roll a Dice

The correct spelling is “roll a dice”, which means to throw a die or dice like you do when playing a board game.

Full-time role or roll

The correct spelling is “full-time roll”, which means that someone is working on a regular, full-time basis (approximately 40-hour workweek).

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is correct: Roll Call or Role Call?

Roll call is the accepted spelling.

Do Teachers Call The Role or Roll?

Teachers call the roll.

What does roll call mean?

Roll call is the process of calling out names individually to document attendance. Teachers, supervisors, and leaders often use it to identify who is present at an event.


In conclusion, while both roll and role are commonly used words with similar pronunciations, only one spelling is correct regarding the phrase roll call.

Roll call is used for taking attendance or identifying individuals present at a gathering. It is an important part of any large event, allowing leaders to identify those in attendance quickly.

So the next time you go to a meeting or school assembly, remember the correct spelling: Roll call.

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